NJ Pine Barrens and Surrounding Areas Vascular Plant List

by Russell Juelg, Pinelands Preservation Alliance

- with special acknowledgement to Gerry Moore -
- acknowledgement is also due, especially, to Lena Jonsson and PPA volunteers -

This list is a work in progress. There are ongoing challenges due to biogeographic, taxonomic, and nomenclatural ambiguities and problems. The author appreciates any corrections or suggestions.
Mike Baker has added the Common_Name, Family, Common_Family, Genus_Species, Category, Duration, Wetland_Indicator and County_2 columns. Please forward any corrections or suggestions on these columns to Mike Baker.

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1886 plants selected
Lycopodiella × copelandii (Eig.) Cranfill ~Lycopodium x copelandii Eiger ~1Lycopodium chapmanii Underwood ~141.1L. inundatum L. var. elongatum Chapm.; L. x chapmanii Underw. ex Maxon in partL. alopecuroides x appressum. Stone apparently did not distinguish the hybrid, though he was aware of the variations.
Huperzia lucidula (Michx.) Trevisan }Lycopodium lucidulum Michx. }2.1Lycopodium lucidulum Michx. }140.1Shining clubmoss
Lycopodiella alopecuroides (L.) Cranfill ~Lycopodium alopecuroides L. ~2.2Lycopodium alopecuroides L. ~141.3Foxtail clubmoss
Lycopodiella inundata (L.) Holub ++Lycopodium inundatum L. ++2.3Lycopodium inundatum L. ++140.2(SPA?) Stone misapplied the name to material referable to both L. appressum and L. x copelandii. Later, L. inundatum was discovered from GL. -Moore, 2007. The OC record shown by M&F would be within the PB, as shown by Stone, but not within the SPA.S2G5(CA, GL, MI, OC)Bog clubmoss
Lycopodiella appressa (Chapman) Cranfill ~Lycopodium appressum (Chapm.) Lloyd & Underw. ~3.1Lycopodium chapmanii Underwood ~141.2L. inundatum var. bigelovii Tuckerm.Southern clubmoss
Lycopodiella caroliniana (L.) Pichi Sermolli var. caroliniana ~++Lycopodium carolinianum L. ~++3.2Lycopodium carolinianum L. ~++142.1Pseudolycopodiella caroliniana (L.) Holub(SPA) Restricted to the Outer Coastal Plain.S3S4G5T4AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OCSlender clubmoss
Lycopodium obscurum L. ^Lycopodium obscurum L.^3.3Lycopodium obscurum L. ^142.2Ground-pine
Lycopodium dendroideum Michx.Lycopodium (obscurum L.)3.3not found0L. obscurum L. var. dendroideum (Michx.) D.C. EatonApparently confused w/ L. obscurum in G&C.
Lycopodium clavatum L.Lycopodium clavatum L.3.5Lycopodium clavatum L.143.3Running clubmoss
Lycopodium tristachyum Pursh ++Lycopodium tristachyum Pursh ++4.1Lycopodium tristachyum Pursh ++143.2Diphasiastrum tristachyum (Pursh) Holub(SPA?)S3S4G5AT, BU, CU, MO, OC, SAWiry ground-cedar
Lycopodium digitatum Dill. ex A. Braun {/Lycopodium digitatum Dillen. {/4.2Lycopodium flabelliforme (Fernald) {/143.1Lycopodium complanatum L. var. flabelliforme Fern.Southern ground-cedar
Selaginella apoda (L.) SpringSelaginella apoda (L.) Spring5Selaginella apus (L.)143.4Meadow-spikemoss
Isoetes engelmannii A. BraunIsoetes engelmannii A. Braun6.1Isoetes engelmannii A. Br.144Engelmann's quillwort
Isoetes melanopoda Gay & Durieu ex Durieu \_++Isoetes melanopoda Gay & Durieu \_++6.2not found0(PNR?)SHG5ECMBlack-footed quillwort
Isoetes riparia Engelm. ex A. Braun var. riparia ++Isoetes riparia Engelm. ++6.3Isoetes riparia Engelm. ++145.4Isoetes riparia var. canadensis Engelm.(SPA?)S3G5?T5?QBU, (CA), (CU), (CM), MIRiverbank quillwort
Isoetes riparia Engelm. ex A. Braun var. riparia =Isoetes riparia Engelm. =6.3Isoetes canadensis (Engelm.) =145.2Riverbank quillwort
Isoetes riparia Engelm. ex A. Braun var. amesii (A.A. Eat.) ProctorIsoetes riparia Engelm. =6.5Isoetes saccharata Engelm.145.3Not mentioned in M&F. Ranked SNR.Riverbank quillwort
Isoetes tenella L?manIsoetes echinospora Durieu6.6Isoetes echinospora braunii (Durien)145.1Isoetes muricata DurieuSpiny-spore quillwort
Equisetum hyemale L. var. affine (Engelm.) A.A. Eat.Equisetum hyemale L.8.1Equisetum hyemale affine (Engelm.)138.3Common scouring rush
Equisetum fluviatile L.Equisetum fluviatile L.8.2Equisetum fluviatile L.138.2Water horsetail
Equisetum arvense L. 0Equisetum arvense L. 08.3Equisetum arvense L. 0138.1Common horsetail
Botrychium matricariifolium (A. Braun ex Dowell) A. Braun ex KochBotrychium matricariifolium A. Braun10.1Botrychium neglectum A.Wood122.4Daisy-leaved grape-fern
Botrychium lanceolatum (Gmel.) Angstr. var. angustisegmentum Pease & MooreBotrychium lanceolatum (S.G. Gmelin) Angstrom var. angustisegmentum Pease & Moore10.2not found0NPL. S. Jersey records are on the ICP.S3G5T4(GL), (MO)Lance-leaved grape-fern
Botrychium multifidum (Gmel.) Trev.Botrychium multifidum (S.G. Gmelin) Rupr.11.1not found0NPL. "Recent records only in Warren County." -M&FS2G5E(MO)Leathery grape-fern
Botrychium dissectum Spreng. =^Botrychium dissectum Speng. var. dissectum =^11.2Botrychium obliquum dissectum Spreng. <^123.2Taxon has intergrading morphological forms. -M&FLace-frond grape-fern
Botrychium dissectum Spreng. ^Botrychium dissectum Spreng. var. obliquum <^11.3Botrychium obliquum Muhl. ^123.1Taxon has intergrading morphological forms. -M&FLace-frond grape-fern
Botrychium virginianum (L.) Sw. 'Botrychium virginianum (L.) Swartz '11.4Botrychium virginianum (L.) '123.3Rattlesnake-fern
Botrychium oneidense (Gilbert) House ++Botrychium oneidense (Gilbert) House ++11.4not found0Botrychium dissectum var. oneidense (Gilbert) Farw.; Botrychium multifidum var. oneidense (Gilbert) (PNR?) M&F show one old site in southern GL that appears to be on the OCP and near the PNR boundary.S2G4QCA, (GL), (MO)Blunt-lobed grape-fern
Ophioglossum arenarium E. G. Britton ++Ophioglossum vulgatum L. var. pycnostichum Fern. ++11.4Ophioglossum arenarium E.G. Britton ++122.3"The status of this taxon remains unresolved, although it is usually considered a form or synonym of O. pusillum." -M&F(CM)Adder's-tongue
Ophioglossum pusillum Raf. {+Ophioglossum vulgatum L. var. pseudopodum (S.F. Blake) Farw. {+11.5Ophioglossum vulgatum L.{+122.1SPA.S3G5AT, BU, (CA), (CM), (CU), (GL), (MI), (MO), (OC), (SA)Adder's-tongue
Ophioglossum vulgatum var. pycnostichum Fern. ++Ophioglossum vulgatum var. pycnostichum Fern. ++11.5Ophioglossum vulgatum var. pycnostichum Fern. ++122.2(PNR?) Known to be extant from at least two sites, (Snyder, pers. com., 2003; Gordon, pers. com., 2006).S1G5ECM(1X), CU, SAAdder's-tongue
Osmunda regalis L. var. spectabilis (Willd.) Gray `Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis (Willd.) A. Gray `12.1Osmunda regalis L. `124.1Royal fern
Osmunda cinnamomea L. var. cinnamomea `Osmunda cinnamomea L. var. cinnamomea`12.2Osmunda cinnamomea L. `124.2Var. glandulosa is S2.Cinnamon fern
Osmunda cinnamomea L. var. glandulosa Waters ++Osmunda cinnamomea L. ++12.3Osmunda cinnamomea L. ++124.3(SPA?) "discovered?at Clementon..in 1908" -M&F.S2G5TNR(CA)Cinnamon fern
Osmunda claytoniana L.Osmunda claytoniana L.12.4Osmunda claytoniana L.125.1Interrupted fern
Lygodium palmatum (Bernh.) Sw. 0^\+Lygodium palmatum (Bernh.) Swartz 0^\+13.1Lygodium palmatum (Bernh.) Swartz 0^\+129.1SPA.S2G4BU, (CA), (GL), MI, MO, (SA)Climbing fern
Schizaea pusilla Pursh ~\+Schizaea pusilla Pursh ~\+13.2Schizaea pusilla Pursh ~\+125.2SPA.S3G3AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OCCurly-grass fern
Polypodium virginianum L.Polypodium virginianum L.14Polypodium vulgare L.129.2Common polypody
Dennstaedtia punctilobula (Michx.) T. MooreDennstaedtia punctilobula (Michx.) Moore15.1Dennstaedtia punctilobula (Michx.)136.1Hay-scented fern
Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn var. latiusculum (Desv.) Underwood ex Heller `Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn var. latiusculum (Desv.) Underw. `15.2Pteridium aquilinum (L.) `130.2Bracken
Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn var. pseudocaudatum (Clute) HellerPteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn var. pseudocaudatum (Clute) Heller15.3Pteridium aquilinum (L.) pseudocaudatum Clute130.3Bracken
Adiantum pedatum L.Adiantum pedatum L.16Adiantum pedatum L.130.1Northern maidedhair fern
Cheilanthes lanosa (Michx.) D.C. Eat.Cheilanthes lanosa (Michx.) D.C. Eat.17not found0NPL. M&F do not include the record Hough shows for GL.S2G5(GL) ?Woolly lip-fern
Asplenium platyneuron (L.) B.S.P. ^Asplenium platyneuron (L.) Oakes ^20Asplenium platyneuron (L.) Oakes ^132.1Ebony spleenwort
Deparia acrostichoides (Sw.) M. KatoAthyrium thelypterioides (Michx.) Desv.21.1Asplenium acrostichoides Sw.132.3Silvery Glade Fern
Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth ssp. angustum (Willd.) Clausen ^Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth var. michauxii (Spreng.) Farw. ^21.2Asplenium filix-foemina (L.) Bernh. ^132.2Lady-fern
Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth ssp. asplenioides (Michx.) Hult?n ^Athyrium filix-femina (L.) Roth var. asplenoides (Michx.) Farw. ^21.3Asplenium filix-foemina (L.) Bernh. ^132.2Lady-fern
Cystopteris tenuis (Michx.) Desv.Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh. var. mackayi Lawson22Filix fragilis (Linn.)135.3"only one old record on the Outer Coastal Plain (from masonry of an old well)." -M&FMO BU CA GL ATUpland brittle bladder-fern
Woodsia obtusa (Spreng.) Torr. ssp. obtusaWoodsia obtusa (Sprengel) Torr.23not found0Blunt cliff-fern
Gymnocarpium dryopteris (L.) Newman ^++Gymnocarpium dryopteris (L.) Newman ^++24Phegopteris dryopteris (L.) ^++136.3Thelypteris dryopteris (L.) Slosson(SPA) Once in s. Jersey, from an old well at Calico -Stone.S2G5(BU)Oak fern
Phegopteris hexagonoptera (Michx.) FThelypteris hexagonoptera (Michx.)25.1Phegopteris hexagonoptera (Michx.)136.2Broad beech-fern
Thelypteris noveboracensis (L.) Nieuwl.Thelypteris noveboracensis (L.) Nieuwl.25.2Dryopteris noveboracensis (L.)133.2New York fern
Thelypteris simulata (Davenport) Nieuwl. ~Thelypteris simulata (Davenp.) Nieuwl.~25.3Dryopteris simulata Davenp. ~134.1Massachusetts fern
Thelypteris palustris Schott var. pubescens (Lawson) Fern. 0^|||Thelypteris palustris Schott var. pubescens (Lawson) Fern. 0^|||25.4Dryopteris thelypteris (L.) 0^|||133.3Marsh -fern
Dryopteris marginalis (L.) GrayDryopteris marginalis (L.) A. Gray26.1Dryopteris marginalis (L.)134.4Marginal wood-fern
Dryopteris cristata (L.) GrayDryopteris cristata (L.) Gray26.2Dryopteris cristata (L.)134.2Crested wood-fern
Dryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eat.) DowellDryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eat.) Dowell26.3Dryopteris cristata clintoniana Eaton134.3Clinton's wood-fern
Dryopteris intermedia (Muhl. ex Willd.) GrayDryopteris intermedia (Muhl.) A. Gray27.1Dryopteris spinulosa intermedia Muhl.135.2Fancy wood-fern
Dryopteris carthusiana (Vill.) H.P. FuchsDryopteris carthusiana (Villars) H.P. Fuchs27.2Dryopteris spinulosa (Retz.)135.1Toothed wood-fern
Polystichum acrostichoides (Michx.) Schott ^Polystichum acrostichoides (Michx.) Schott ^28Polystichum acrostichoides (Michx.) ^133.1Christmas-fern
Matteuccia struthiopteris (L.) TodaroMatteuccia struthiopteris (L.) Todaro29.1Matteuccia struthiopteris (L.)137.1Ostrich-fern
Onoclea sensibilis L.Onoclea sensibilis L.29.2Onoclea sensibilis L.137.2Sensitive fern
Woodwardia virginica (L.) Sm. `Woodwardia virginica (L.) J.E. Smith `29.3Woodwardia virginica (Linn.) `131.1Virginia chain fern
Woodwardia areolata (L.) T. Moore `Woodwardia areolata (L.) Moore `29.4Woodwardia areolata (L.) `131.2Netted chain fern
Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr.Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr.34Tsuga canadensis (L.)150.2Hemlock
Pinus strobus L.Pinus strobus L.35.1Pinus strobus L.146White pine
Pinus taeda L. _\+Pinus taeda L. _\+35.2Pinus taeda L. _\+150.1PNR. "First discovered in New Jersey ... early in 1897, at town Bank, Cape May County," -Stone. Populations of this and the Pitch-Lob hybrid have been established at various locations in south Jersey, in plantations, and they are producing offspring.S2G5(CM), CU, SALoblolly pine
Pinus serotina Michx. _\++Pinus serotina Michx. _\++35.3Pinus serotina Michx. _\++149(PNR?) "This southern species was first detected in New Jersey by Mr. Charles D. Lippincott ... near his home at Swedesboro ... though Mr. Bayard Long, who visited the locality in 1909, was the first to identify them" -Stone.S2G5{CM, CU, GL, SA}Pond pine
Pinus rigida P. Mill. ~Pinus rigida Miller ~35.4Pinus rigida Mill. ~148Pitch Pine
Pinus virginiana P. Mill. 0^Pinus virginiana Miller 0^36.1Pinus virginiana Mill. 0^147.1Virginia pine
Pinus echinata P. Mill. `Pinus echinata Miller `36.2Pinus echinata Mill. `147.2Shortleaf pine
Taxodium distichum (L.) L.C. Rich. _Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich. _36.3Taxodium distichum (L.) _151.1Bald cypress
Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) B.S.P.~Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) BSP ~37.1Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) ~151.2Atlantic white cedar
Juniperus communis L. var. depressa Pursh ++Juniperus communis L. var. depressa Pursh ++37.2Juniperus communis L ++153.2(PNR?) Stone expressed doubt in a footnote. Hough says, "current sight record from Cape May County; old record from Monmouth County." PH has a specimen from OC.S3G5(MO, CM), OCCommon juniper
Juniperus virginiana L. var. virginiana 0,{^Juniperus virginiana L. var. crebra Fernald 0,{^37.3Juniperus virginiana L. 0,{^153Red cedar
Magnolia virginiana L. `Magnolia virginiana L. `39.1Magnolia virginiana L. `446.3Sweet bay
Magnolia tripetala (L.) L.Magnolia tripetala (L.) L.39.2Magnolia tripetala447Umbrella-tree
Liriodendron tulipifera L. 0'Liriodendron tulipifera L. 0'39.3Liriodendron tulipifera L. 0'448.1moist, well-drained, rich soilTulip-tree
Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal \Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal \40Asimina triloba (L.) \448.2NPLS1G5E(AT), BU, GL(1)Pawpaw
Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees `Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees `41.1Sassafras sassafras L. `459.3Sassafras
Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume var. benzoin 0,{Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume 0,{41.2Benzoin aestivale (L.) 0,{460.1mostly rich, moist woodsSpice-bush
Saururus cernuus L. 0Saururus cernuus L. 042Saururus cernuus L. 0390.1Lizard's tail
Asarum canadense L.Asarum canadense L.43.1Asarum canadense L.418.2Wild ginger
Aristolochia serpentaria L. ++Aristolochia serpentaria L. ++43.2Aristolochia serpentaria L. ++418.3(PNR?)S3G4(MO) OC (BU, CA, SA, CU, CM)Virginia-snakeroot
Nelumbo lutea Willd. \Nelumbo lutea (Willd.) Pers. \44Nelumbo lutea (Willd.) \446.1NPL. "Very local, but abundant where found" -Stone. Some authorities consider the plant to be introduced, via Native Americans. -OlsonS1G4EBU(1X), CA(1X), SA(1&1X)Lotus-lily
Nuphar microphyllum (Pers.) Fern. \+:Nuphar microphylla (Pers.) Fern. \+:45.1Nymphaea variegata Engelm. >\+:444.2Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm. ssp. pumila (Timm) E.O. Beal \+SPA.SHG5T4T5EBU(1X), CA(1X), CM, CUSmall yellow pond-lily
Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm. ssp. variegata (Dur.) E.O. Beal ~Nuphar variegata Durand ~45.2Nymphaea variegata Engelm. ~444.2Spatterdock
Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm. ssp. advena (Ait.) Kartesz & GandhiNuphar advena (Aiton) Aiton f.45.3Nymphaea advena Soland444.1Spatterdock
Nymphaea odorata Ait. `Nymphaea odorata Aiton `45.4Castalia odorata (Dryand) `445subsp. tuberosa, apparently recorded only in n. Jersey, is S2White water lily
Brasenia schreberi J.F. Gmel. ~Brasenia schreberi J.F. Gmelin ~46Brasenia purpurea (Michx.) ~443Water-shield
Ceratophyllum demersum L.Ceratophyllum demersum L.46.3Ceratophyllum demersum L.446.2aqu; "Ponds and slow streams in the Middle and Cape May districts, and at several stations north of our limits?" (Stone).Hornwort
Ceratophyllum echinatum Gray \++Ceratophyllum echinatum A. Gray \++47Ceratophyllum demersum L. \++446.2(SPA?) "Mr. Bayard Long tells me that he thinks our local material represents two forms, probably C. demersum and C. echinatum, but that the character of foliage and spines on the fruit do not seem sufficient to warrant recognition" -Stone.S1G4?E(BU), CM, MOHornwort
Caltha palustris L.Caltha palustris L.48Caltha palustris L.450.1Marsh-marigold, Cowslip
Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) Nutt. 'Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) Nutt. '49.1Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) '451.3Black snakeroot
Actaea rubra (Ait.) Willd. var. rubraActaea rubra (Aiton) Willd.49.2Actaea rubra (Ait.)451.1NPL. PH has specimens from MO.S3G5T5MO**Red baneberry
Actaea pachypoda Ell.Actaea alba (L.) Miller49.3Actaea alba (L.)451.2White baneberry
Anemone quinquefolia L. 0Anemone quinquefolia L. 052.1Anemone quinquefolia L. 0453.1Wood-anemone
Anemone canadensis L. \Anemone canadensis L. \52.2Anemone canadensis L. \452.3NPL. "Very rare and local. Known from several stations north of our limits, and from Red Bank, Gloucester County" -Stone.SXG5(CM), GLCanadian amenone
Anemone virginiana L. var. virginiana 'Anemone virginiana L. '52.3Anemone virginiana L. '452.2Tall amenone
Hepatica nobilis Schreb. var. obtusa (Pursh) SteyermarkHepatica americana (DC) KerGawler53Hepatica hepatica (L.)453.2Hepatica
Clematis virginiana L. 0'Clematis virginiana L. 0'54Clematis virginiana L. 0'454.2damp to dryDevil's darning needles
Ranunculus bulbosus L. ><Ranunculus bulbosus L. ><56.1Ranunculus bulbosus ><450.3Buldous buttercup
Ranunculus acris L. ><Ranunculus acris L. ><56.2Ranunculus acris ><450.2Common buttercup
Ranunculus pensylvanicus L. f.Ranunculus pensylvanicus L. f.57.1Ranunculus pennsylvanicus L. f.456.3Bristly crowfoot
Ranunculus recurvatus Poir.Ranunculus recurvatus Poiret57.2Ranunculus recurvatus Poir.456.2Hooked crowfoot
Ranunculus hispidus Michx. var. hispidus 0'Ranunculus hispidus Michx. 0'57.3Ranunculus hispidus Michx. 0'457.1Hispid buttercup
Ranunculus hispidus Michx. var. nitidus (Chapman) T. DuncanRanunculus hispidus Michx. var. nitidus (Elliott) T. Duncan57.4Ranunculus septentrionalis Poir.456.4Hispid buttercup
Ranunculus abortivus L.Ranunculus abortivus L.58.1Ranunculus abortivus L.455.3Small-flowered crowfoot
Ranunculus ambigens S. Wats.Ranunculus ambigens S. Wats.58.2Ranunculus obtusiusculus Raf.455.2Water-plantain
Ranunculus pusillus Poir. var. pusillus \+Ranunculus pusillus Poiret \+58.3Ranunculus pusillus Poir. \+455.1SPA.S2G5T4?BU, (CA), MI, (SA)Low spearwort
Ranunculus flabellaris Raf.Ranunculus flabellaris Raf.58.4Ranunculus delphinifolius Torr.454.3NPL. Hough cites an unspecified MO record, as do Snyder & Vivian. Stone and Keller & Brown cite Britton (p. 36), who cites a report by Rev. Samuel Lockwood for a Freehold station.S3G5(MO)Yellow water-crowfoot
Ranunculus sceleratus L.Ranunculus sceleratus L.59Ranunculus sceleratus L.456.1Cursed crowfoot
Ranunculus cymbalaria Pursh [\+Ranunculus cymbalaria Pursh [\+59.1Oxygraphis cymbalaria (Pursh) [\+457.3PNR.SHG5EAT(1X), (CM), MO(3X), OCSeaside crowfoot
Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix var. trichophyllus \++Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix var. trichophyllus \++59.2Batrachium trichophyllum (Chaix) \++457.2Ranunculus aquatilis L. var. capillaceus (Thuill.) DC.(SPA?) "This once widespread species is apparently in serious decline in the state" -S&V.S2G5T5(BU), (CA), (GL), (MO), (SA)White water-crowfoot
Ranunculus ficaria L. ><Ranunculus ficaria L. ><59.4not found0Adventive.Lesser-celandine
Aquilegia canadensis L. 0{Aquilegia canadensis L. 0{60Aquilegia canadensis L. 0{452.1Canada columbine
Thalictrum thalictroides (L.)Anemonella thalictroides (L.) Spach.61.1Syndesmon thalictroides (L.)454.1Rue amenone
Thalictrum dioicum L.Thalictrum dioicum L.61.2Thalictrum dioicum L.458.1Early meadow-rue
Thalictrum pubescens Pursh 0Thalictrum pubescens Pursh 062Thalictrum polygamum Muhl. 0458.3Tall meadow-rue
Thalictrum revolutum DC. 'Thalictrum revolutum DC. '62.1Thalictrum revolutum DC '458.2Skunk meadow-rue
Hydrastis canadensis L.Hydrastis canadensis L.63not found0NPL. "A decrease in undisturbed, deciduous woodlands and commercial harvesting of the rhizomes for herbal medicine have contributed to a decline of this species." -FNA.SH.1G4ECAGolden seal
Podophyllum peltatum L.Podophyllum peltatum L.63.2Podophyllum peltatum L.459.1May-apple
Jeffersonia diphylla (L.) Pers. ++Jeffersonia diphylla (L.) Pers. ++64.1not found0(PNR?) Snyder (in a footnote) cites a David Fables specimen label indicating the Ocean County site (Pine Lake Park) was destroyed in 1936.S1G5EOCTwinleaf
Menispermum canadense L. 'Menispermum canadense L. '65Menispermum canadense L. '459.2Moonseed
Papaver dubium L. ><Papaver dubium L. ><67Papaver dubium ><460.2Blindeyes
Chelidonium majus L.Chelidonium majus L.67.1Chelidonium majus460.3Greater celandine
Dicentra cucullaria (L.) Bernh.Dicentra cucullaria (L.) Bernh.68Bicuculla cucullaria (L.)461.2Dutchman's breeches
Corydalis flavula (Raf.) DC.Corydalis flavula (Raf.) DC.69Capnoides flavulum (Raf.)461.3Short-spured corydalis
Platanus occidentalis L.Platanus occidentalis L.70Platanus occidentalis L.474.2moist or w.Sycamore
Liquidambar styraciflua L. ,{Liquidambar styraciflua L. ,{71Liquidambar styraciflua L. ,{474.1Sweet gum
Hamamelis virginiana L.Hamamelis virginiana L.71.2Hamamelis virginiana L.473.2Witch-hazel
Ulmus americana L.Ulmus americana L.72.1Ulmus americana L.412.6moist, fertile soilAmerican elm
Ulmus rubra Muhl.Ulmus rubra Muhl.72.2Ulmus fulva Michx.413.1moist woodsSlippery elm
Celtis occidentalis L. ,{Celtis occidentalis L. ,{72.3Celtis occidentalis L. ,{413.2usu. moist fertile soilNorthern hackberry
Celtis tenuifolia Nutt. \++Celtis tenuifolia Nutt. \++73.1Celtis georgiana \++413.3(SPA?) "Old records confused, because species has also been called C. occidentalis var. georgiana" -HoughS2G5(AT), (BU), (CA), (CM), (GL), (SA)Dwarf hackberry
Humulus lupulus L. var. lupulusHumulus lupulus L. var. lupulus73.2Humulus (---)382.1Hops
Humulus lupulus L. var. lupuloides E. Small ++Humulus lupulus L. var. lupuloides E. Small ++73.3Humulus sp. ++382.1(PNR?) Stone has only "Humulus" in his key, and treats as a non-native. Hough shows the binomial all over the state, but indicates, "rare."S3S4G5T5(AT, BU, CM, CU, GL, MO)?Hops
Humulus japonicus Sieb. & Zucc.Humulus japonicus Siebold & Zucc.73.4Humulus (---)382.1Japanese hops
Cannabis sativa L. ssp. sativa ><Cannabis sativa L. ><74.1not found0naturalized/escaped/cultivated--sev. Sp. PossibleHemp
Maclura pomifera (Raf.) Schneid.Maclura pomifera (Raf.) C.K. Schneider74.2not found0Osage orange
Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) L'H?r. ex Vent. ><Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) Vent. ><74.3Broussonetia papyrifera ><414.3Keyed, in Stone, on page 383, as well.Paper-mulberry
Morus rubra L. var. rubra 0{Morus rubra L. 0{75.1Morus rubra L. 0{414.1rich woodsRed mulberry
Morus alba L. ><Morus alba L. ><75.2Morus alba ><414.2rich woodsWhite mulberry
Urtica dioica L. ssp. dioica ><Urtica dioica L. var. dioica ><75.3Urtica dioica ><414.4Stinging nettle
Urtica dioica L. ssp. gracilis (Ait.) Seland.Urtica dioica L. var. procera (Muhl.) Wedd.75.4Urtica gracilis Ait.415.1naturalizedStinging nettle
Laportea canadensis (L.) WeddellLaportea canadensis (L.) Wedd.76.1Urticastrum divaricatum (L.)415.2Wood nettle
Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. |||Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Swartz |||76.2Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) |||415.4Disturbance indicator in Pinelands.False nettle
Pilea pumila (L.) Gray var. pumilaPilea pumila (L.) A. Gray76.3Adicea pumila (L.)415.3Clearweed
Parietaria pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd. {Parietaria pensylvanica Muhl. {77Parietaria pennsylvanica Muhl. {416.1NPL. An 1870 record, at Sandy Hook. (Stone, Hough).S3S4G5(MO)Pellitory
Juglans cinerea L. }++Juglans cinerea L. }++78.1Juglans cinerea L.}++397.2(PNR?) Old s. Jersey records considered by Stone (in a footnote), "hardly likely to have been native." "In rapid decline due to butternut canker disease, with no known remedy" -NatureServe.S3S4G3G4(BU), (CA), (GL), MI, (MO), (OC)Butternut
Juglans nigra L.Juglans nigra L.78.2Juglans nigra L.397.1rich, moistBlack walnut
Carya cordiformis (Wangenh.) K. KochCarya cordiformis (Wangenh.) K. Koch.78.3Hicoria cordiformis (Wang.)399.1Bitternut-hickory
Carya alba (L.) Nutt. ex Ell.Carya tomentosa (Poiret) Nutt.79.1Hickoria alba (L.)398.2dryMockernut-hickory
Carya ovata (P. Mill.) K. KochCarya ovata (Miller) K. Koch.79.2Hicoria ovata (Mill.)398.1Shagbark-hickory
Carya ovalis (Wangenh.) Sarg.Carya ovalis (Wangenh.) Sarg.79.3Hicoria microcarpa (Nutt.)399.2Sweet pignut-hickory
Carya glabra (P. Mill.) Sweet var. glabra 0^Carya glabra (Miller) Sweet 0^79.4Hicoria glabra (Mill.) 0^398.3Pignut-hickory
Carya pallida (Ashe) Engl. & Graebn.Carya pallida (Ashe) Engler & Graebner79.5not found0moist or dryPale hickory
Comptonia peregrina (L.) Coult.`Comptonia peregrina (L.) J.M. Coulter `80.1Comptonia asplenifolia (L.) `396.2Sweet fern
Myrica gale L.Myrica gale L.80.2not found0Gale palustrisNPL. Britton: "Camden and Gloucester :--C. E. Smith" (p. 220). No comment in Keller & Brown or Stone. Taylor (p. 267) indicates these records are unconfirmed. Hough includes the counties on her map and merely says, "old records from the coastal plain."S3G5(CA, GL)Sweet gale
Morella caroliniensis (P. Mill.) ^Myrica heterophylla Raf. ^80.3Myrica carolinensis Mill. ^395.3Southern bayberry
Morella pensylvanica (Mirbel) Kartesz, comb. nov. ined. {{^Myrica pensylvanica Mirbel {{^80.3Myrica carolinensis Mill. {{^395.3frequent in PB; also N, CM; Coast: abundantNorthern bayberry
Morella cerifera (L.) Small _Myrica cerifera L. _81Myrica cerifera L. _396.1moist or w.Wax-myrtle
Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. 0'Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. 0'81.2Fagus grandifolia Ehrhart 0'402.2American beech
Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh. 0Castanea dentata (Marshall) Borkh. 082.1Castanea dentata (Marsh.) 0403.1dry, rich, acid soil; stump sprouts; records in every countyChestnut
Castanea pumila (L.) P. Mill. \Castanea pumila (L.) Miller \82.2Castanea pumila (L.) \403.2(SPA?)S1G5E(CA), GL(1), SA(1)Chinquapin
Quercus ×brittonii W.T. Davis (pro sp.) [ilicifolia × marilandica]Quercus ×brittonii W.T. Davis (pro sp.) [ilicifolia × marilandica]82.3Quercus x brittoni Davis412.2
Quercus ×rudkinii Britt. (pro sp.) [marilandica × phellos] 0Quercus x rudkini Britton 083Quercus x rudkini Britton 0411.2
Quercus ×giffordii Trel. [ilicifolia × phellos]Quercus ×giffordii Trel. [ilicifolia × phellos]83.1Quercus ilicifolia × phellos412.1
Quercus ×heterophylla Michx. f. (pro sp.)Quercus ×heterophylla Michx.83.2Quercus x heterophylla Michaux411.1rubra X phellos; "This tree is frequent throughout West Jersey, south to Cape May....Perhaps the so-called Q. heterophylla is not all of similar origin." -Stone
Quercus × humidicola Palmer [bicolor × lyrata]Quercus ×humidicola E.J. Palmer [bicolor × lyrata]83.3Quercus lyrata x bicolor (?)412.5
Quercus ×willdenowiana (Dippel) Beissner, Schelle & Zabel (pro sp.) [falcata × velutina]Quercus ×willdenowiana Zabel [falcata × velutina]83.4Quercus "velutina (or coccinea) and Q. triloba"412.3
Quercus alba L.`Quercus alba L. `84.1Quercus alba L. `408.2White oak
Quercus stellata Wangenh. `Quercus stellata Wangenh. `84.2Quercus stellata Wang. `409.1Post oak
Quercus lyrata Walt. \Quercus lyrata Walter \85.1Quercus lyrata Walter \409.3NPL. "Sites are known in Salem and Cumberland Co." -S&V.S1G5E(BU), (CU), SA(1)Overcup-oak
Quercus michauxii Nutt. \++Quercus michauxii Nutt. \++85.2Quercus michauxii Nutt. \++410.2Quercus prinus L. [misapp.](SPA)S3G5BU, (CA), CM, (CU), (GL), (OC), (SA)Swamp chestnut-oak
Quercus macrocarpa Michx.Quercus macrocarpa Michx.85.2Quercus macrocarpa408.3In a footnote, Stone rejects records from Ventnor and Quaker Bridge. Hough shows it in three n. counties and BU & CM. Heritage rank indicates "exotic."Bur-oak
Quercus prinus L. `Quercus prinus L. `85.3Quercus prinus L. `410.1Chestnut oak
Quercus bicolor Willd.Quercus bicolor Willd.85.3Quercus bicolor Muhl.409.2"Swamps and meadows in the northern counties, southward in the Middle district, mainly along the Delaware river, local and not very common within our limits" (Stone).Swamp white oak
Quercus muehlenbergii Engelm.Quercus muehlenbergii Engelm.85.6Quercus acuminata410.4Quercus prinoides Willd. var. acuminata (Michx.) GleasonNPL. Stone refers to this in his footnote on Q. acuminata (two records: Mullica Hill and Bridgeton--which he doubts). Hough includes under Q. prinoides without distinguishing the distribution.S3G5(GL, CU)Yellow oak
Quercus prinoides Willd. `++Quercus prinoides Willd. `++85.7Quercus prinoides Willd. `++410.3(SPA)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CU, MO, OC)Dwarf chestnut oak
Quercus imbricaria Michx. \Quercus imbricaria Michx. \86not found0NPL. "Apparently Wenonah is the only native site documented in New Jersey." -Snyder, 1994S1.1G5E(BU, CM, CU) ? GL*Shingle-oak
Quercus phellos L. 0^,{Quercus phellos L. 0^,{86.1Quercus phellos L. 0^,{408.1Willow-oak
Quercus marilandica Muenchh ~Quercus marilandica Muenchh ~86.2Quercus marilandica Muench. ~407.2Black-jack oak
Quercus ilicifolia Wangenh. ~Quercus ilicifolia Wangenh.~86.3Quercus ilicifolia Wang. ~407.1Scrub oak
Quercus nigra L. ++Quercus nigra L. ++86.4not found0(PNR?)S1G5ECM, CU(1)Water-oak
Quercus pagoda Raf.Quercus pagoda Raf.86.7Quercus pagodaefolia406.2Stone admits, under Q. triloba, which he considers inseparable, that "Dr. Britton credits Q. pagodaefolia to our range." This ref. not found in the catalog nor in Taylor. G&C, NatureServe, USDA: in NJ. FNA: barely into VA.Cherrybark-oak
Quercus falcata Michx. 0^Quercus falcata Michx. 0^87.1Quercus triloba Michx. 0^406Southern red oak
Quercus velutina Lam. ^Quercus velutina Lam. ^87.2Quercus velutina Lam. ^405.4Black oak
Quercus rubra L. 'Quercus rubra L. '87.3Quercus rubra L. '405.1Northern red oak
Quercus palustris Muenchh. 0Quercus palustris Muenchh. 087.4Quercus palustris DuRoi 0405.2mostly lowlandsPin oak
Quercus coccinea Muenchh. ^Quercus coccinea Muenchh.^87.5Quercus coccinea Muench. ^405.3Scarlet oak
Quercus sp.not included87.6Quercus prinus x acuminata (?)412.4"Several curious chestnut Oaks occur at Mullica Hill, Swedesboro, etc., with very deep acute marginal dentations on the leaves, resembling those of Q. acuminata, but obviously not that species." -Stone. See Q. muhlenbergii.Oak species unspecfied
Corylus americana Walt.Corylus americana Walter88.1Corylus americana Walt.400.2Hazel-nut
Ostrya virginiana (P. Mill.) K. KochOstrya virginiana (Miller) K. Koch88.2Ostrya virginiana (Mill.)400.1Hop-hornbeam
Carpinus caroliniana Walt. ssp. virginiana (Marsh.) Furlow 0'Carpinus caroliniana Walter 0'89Carpinus caroliniana Walt. 0'399.3Hornbeam
Betula lenta L.Betula lenta L.90.1Betula lenta L.401.1Stone cites Pinchot's claim of 42 trees in a cedar swamp in the Pine Barrens (Ann. Rept. State Geol. N.J. 1898) and declares it "must have been a mistake in identification." Ted Gordon, however, says he has confirmed Pinchot's claim.Sweet birch
Betula nigra L. 0'Betula nigra L. 0'90.2Betula nigra L. 0'401.2"common in the Northern and Middle districts and rarely on the coastal streams below the head of tidewater, and on ponds at Cape May Point." -Stone.River birch
Betula populifolia Marsh. ~Betula populifolia Marshall ~90.3Betula populifolia Marsh. ~400.3Gray birch
Betula papyrifera Marsh. var. papyriferaBetula papyrifera Marshall var. papyrifera90.3not found0NPLS2G5T5(BU)Paper birch
Alnus serrulata (Ait.) Willd. `Alnus serrulata (Aiton) Willd. `91Alnus rugosa (DuRoi) `402.1Smooth aspen
Alnus incana (L.) Moench ssp. rugosa (Du Roi) Clausen ++Alnus incana (L.) Moench var. americana Regel ++91.1not found0Alnus incana (L.) Moench var. americana Regel(PNR?) A. rugosa formerly included both A. incana (n. and ICP) and A. serrulata (statewide) -Hough.S3S4G5T5(BU, MI, OC, SA)Speckled aspen
Phytolacca americana L.Phytolacca americana L.92.1Phytolacca decandra L.434.2Pokeweed
Sesuvium maritimum (Walt.) B.S.P. ((\+Sesuvium maritimum (Walter) BSP ((\+94.1Sesuvium maritimum (Walt.) ((\+435PNR. "Occasional on the sea beaches" -Stone. CA records apparently all from ballast at Pettys Island -NJNHP specimen log.S2G5AT, CA, CM, {MO}, {OC}, {SA}Sea-purslane
Opuntia humifusa (Raf.) Raf. var. humifusa 0,{^Opuntia humifusa (Raf.) Raf. 0,{^94.2Opuntia opuntia (L.) 0,{^573Prickly pear
Chenopodium rubrum L. ((\+Chenopodium rubrum L. ((\+97Chenopodium rubrum L. ((\+429.2PNR. CA records are from ballast -NJNHP Specimen LogS1G5EAT(1)*, CA(1X), CM*, (MO)Alkali-blite
Chenopodium ambrosioides L. ><Chenopodium ambrosioides L. ><97.1Chenopodium ambrosioides ><427.3Mexican tea
Chenopodium album L. var. album ><Chenopodium album L. ><98.1Chenopodium album ><427.2Lamb's quarters, Pigweed
Chenopodium standleyanum Aellen ++Chenopodium standleyanum Aellen ++98.1Chenopodium boscianum Moq. misapplied? ++429.1Chenopodium gigantospermum Aellen var. standleyanum (Aellen) Aellen; Chenopodium hybridum L. var. st(SPA?)S2G5(BU, CM)Woodland-goosefoot
Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. var. macrocalycium (Aellen) Cronq. ++Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. var. macrocalycium (Aellen) Cronq. ++98.2not found0(PNR?)S2G4AT* CM, MO* OC*Pitseed goosefoot
Chenopodium pratericola Rydb. ((++Chenopodium pratericola Rydb. ((++99.1Chenopodium leptophyllum (Moq.) (misapplied) ((++428.2(PNR?) Hough (following Stone?) uses the name C. leptophyllum, which applies to a western species.S2G5(AT), (CA), (CM), CU, (MO)Desert goosefoot
Cycloloma atriplicifolium (Spreng.) Coult.Cycloloma atriplicifolium (Sprengel) J.M. Coulter99.2Cycloloma atriplicifolium428.1Winged pigweed
Bassia hirsuta (L.) Aschers. ((Bassia hirsuta (L.) Aschers. ((99.3Bassia hirsuta (Linn.) ((432.3Naturalized along the coast.
Bassia hyssopifolia (Pallas) Kuntz ><Bassia hyssopifolia (Pallas) Kuntze ><99.4not found0Adventive, recent, along coast, CM, at least.Five-hook bassia
Atriplex cristata Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd. ((Atriplex arenaria Nutt. ((101.1Atriplex arenaria Nutt. ((430.1Crested saltbush
Atriplex prostrata Bouch?r ex DC. {{[Atriplex hastata L. {{[102.1Atriplex hastata L. {{[429.3"Common along the coast and Delaware river shore. Elsewhere as a weed on waste ground." -StoneTriangle orache
Sarcocornia perennis (P. Mill.) A.J. Scott ((Salicornia virginica L. ((102.2Salicornia ambigua Michx. ((431.2
Atriplex subspicata (Nutt.) Rydb. ++Atriplex littoralis L. ++102.2not found0(PNR?) Apparently a recent addition to NJ. "Potential unexplored habitat for this species is extensive." -Snyder, 1994S1.1G5EAT
Salicornia bigelovii Torr. ((Salicornia bigelovii Torr. ((102.3Salicornia biglovii Torr. ((431.1Dwarf glasswort
Salicornia maritima Wolff & Jefferies ((Salicornia europaea L. ((102.4Salicornia europaea L. ((430.2
Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort. ssp. maritima ((Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort. ((103.1Dondia maritima (L.) ((432.1White sea-blite
Suaeda linearis (Ell.) Moq. ((Suaeda linearis (Ell.) Moq. ((103.2Dondia linearis (Ell.) ((432.2Southern sea-blite
Salsola kali L. ((Salsola kali L. ((104.1Salsola kali L. ((433.1Saltwort
Amaranthus blitoides S. Wats. ><Amaranthus blitoides S. Wats. ><105Amaranthus graecizans ><433.4
Amaranthus pumilus Raf. ((+Amaranthus pumilus Raf. ((+106Amaranthus pumilus Raf. ((+433.2PNR.S1G2EAT, CM, MO(1X), OC(1X)Seaside amaranth
Amaranthus albus L. ><Amaranthus albus L. ><106.1Amaranthus graecizans ><433.4Tumbleweed
Amaranthus retroflexus L. ><Amaranthus retroflexus L. ><106.2Amaranthus retroflexus ><433.3Redroot
Amaranthus hybridus L. ><Amaranthus hybridus L. ><106.4Amaranthus hybridus L. ><433.4Smooth pigweed
Amaranthus cannabinus (L.) Sauer ((Amaranthus cannabinus (L.) Sauer ((108.1Acnida cannabina L. ((434.1Tidalmarsh amaranth
Froelichia gracilis (Hook.) Moq.Froelichia gracilis (Hook.) Moq.109.2not found0Slender Cottonweed
Portulaca oleracea L.Portulaca oleracea L.110.1Portulaca oleracea435.2Keyed, in Stone, on p. 388, as well.Common purslane
Claytonia virginica L. var. virginicaClaytonia virginica L. var. virginica110.2Claytonia virginica L.435.2Spring Beauty
Mollugo verticillata L.Mollugo verticillata L.112Mullago verticillata434.3Carpetweed
Moehringia lateriflora (L.) Fenzl {Arenaria lateriflora L. {114Moehringia lateriflora (L.) {441.1Bluntleaf sandwort
Sagina procumbens L. {Sagina procumbens L. {114.1Sagina procumbens L. {440.1
Sagina decumbens (Ell.) Torr. & Gray ^Sagina decumbens (Ell.) T. & G. ^114.2Sagina decumbens (Ell.) ^439.2Trailing pearlwort
Minuartia caroliniana (Walt.) Mattf. ~Arenaria caroliniana Walter ~115Arenaria caroliniana Walt. ~440.2Pine barren stitchwort
Arenaria serpyllifolia L. ><Arenaria serpyllifolia L. ><115.1Arenaria serpyllifolia ><437.3Thyme-leaved sandwort
Honkenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. var. robusta (Fern.) Hult?n [\+Honkenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. var. robusta (Fern.) House [\+116Ammodenia peploides maritima Raf. [\+441.2Arenaria peploides L. var. robusta Fern.PNR. "Apparently much less common than formerly, and extinct in the vicinity of the most populous resorts" -Stone.S2G5T4{AT}, {CM}, {MO}, OC
Cerastium arvense L.Cerastium arvense L.117.1Cerastium arvense439.1Field-chickweed
Cerastium fontanum Baumg. ssp. vulgare (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet ><Cerastium vulgatum L. ><117.2Cerastium vulgatum ><436.7
Cerastium glomeratum Thuill. ><Cerastium viscosum L. ><117.3Cerastium viscosum ><436.6Clammy chickweed
Cerastium nutans Raf. ++Cerastium nutans Raf. ++117.4Cerastium nutans Raf. ++439.3(PNR?)S3S4G5T5?(BU, CA, CM, GL, MO)Nodding chickweed
Stellaria pubera Michx. \Stellaria pubera Michx. \118not found0NPL. "Last seen in Hunterdon Co. by Vincent Abraitys in 1960. The species can no longer be found at this site," -S&V.SHG5ECA(1X)Star chickweed
Stellaria media (L.) Vill. ssp. media ><Stellaria media (L.) Villars ><118Alsine media ><436.5Common chickweed
Stellaria longifolia Muhl. ex Willd.Stellaria longifolia Muhl.119.1Alsine longifolia (Muhl.)438.3Long-stalked stitchwort
Stellaria alsine GrimmStellaria alsine Grimm119.2Alsine uliginosa (Murr.)438.2Bog-stitchwort
Spergula morisonii Boreau ><Spergula morisonii Boreau ><120not found0common weed
Scleranthus annuus L. ><Scleranthus annuus L. ><120.1Scleranthus annuus437.4Keyed, in Stone, on p. 387, as well.Knawel
Spergula pentandra L. ><Spergula pentandra L. ><120.3not found0Adventive, recent, along coast, CM, at least.
Spergularia rubra (L.) J.& K. Presl ><Spergularia rubra (L.) J.& C. Presl ><121.1Tissa rubra ><436.4Roadside sand-spurrey
Spergularia salina J.& K. Presl. [Spergularia marina (L.) Griseb. [121.2Tissa marina (L.) [442.1Salt-marsh sand-spurrey
Paronychia fastigiata (Raf.) Fern. var. fastigiata ^++Paronychia fastigiata (Raf.) Fern. var. fastigiata ^++122.1Anychia polygonoides Raf. ^++442.3(SPA?) Stone cites a Mays Landing record from the New Brunswick herbarium.S3S4G5T3T5(AT, CA, CM, MO)Forked chickweed
Paronychia canadensis (L.) Wood ^Paronychia canadensis (L.) A. Wood ^122.2Anychia canadensis (L.) ^442.2Forked chickweed
Agrostemma githago L. ><Agrostemma githago L. ><122.3Agrostemma githago ><435.5Corn-cockle
Silene stellata (L.) Ait. f. {Silene stellata (L.) Ait. f. {124Silene stellata (L.) {437.1Starry campion
Silene noctiflora L. ><Silene noctiflora L. ><124Silene noctiflora ><436.1Sticky cockle
Silene latifolia Poir. >< Silene latifolia Poir.Silene latifolia Poiret ><124.1Silene latifolia ><436.2White campion
Silene virginica L.Silene virginica L.124.3Silene virginica L.437.5Fire-pink
Silene caroliniana Walt. var. pensylvanica 0++Silene caroliniana Walt. var. pensylvanica 0++125.1Silene caroliniana Walt. 0++437.2(PNR?) "Frequent ... in the upper part of the Middle district and on some of the coast islands" -Stone.S3G5T4(BU, CM, GL, MO, OC)Wild pink
Silene antirrhina L. ^Silene antirrhina L. ^125.2Silene antirrhina L. ^438.1Sleepy silene
Saponaria officinalis L. ><Saponaria officinalis L. ><126Saponaria officinalis ><436.3Soapwort
Dianthus armeria L. ><Dianthus armeria L. ><127Dianthus armeria ><435.4Deptford pink
Rumex hastatulus Baldw. ((\+Rumex hastatulus Baldw. ((\+130Rumex hastatulus Bald. ((\+421.4PNR. "Last collected 1960" (Ocean Co.) -Hough.SHG5AT(1X), MO, OCWild sorrel
Rumex acetosella L. ><Rumex acetosella L. ><130.1Rumex acetosella ><419.1Sheep sorrel
Rumex orbiculatus GrayRumex orbiculatus A. Gray130.3Rumex brittanica421.2Great-water-dock
Rumex crispus L. ><Rumex crispus L. ><131Rumex crispus ><419.2Curly dock
Rumex obtusifolius L. ><Rumex obtusifolius L.131Rumex obtusifolius ><419.3Bitter dock
Rumex verticillatus L. 0Rumex verticillatus L. 0131Rumex verticillatus L. 0421.3Water-dock
Rumex maritimus L.Rumex maritimus L.131.4Rumex maritimus421.1Golden dock
Polygonella articulata (L.) Meisn. `((Polygonella articulata (L.) Meissner. `((132Polygonella articulata (L.) `((427.1Jointweed
Polygonum tenue Michx. 0++Polygonum tenue Michx. 0++135.1Polygonum tenue Michx. 0++425.3(SPA?) "Frequent ... in the Northern and Middle districts, and occasional on the coast and on the Cape May peninsula" -Stone.S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC)Pleatleaf knotweed
Polygonum erectum L. ++Polygonum erectum L.135.2Polygonum erectum L.424.4(PNR?) "Formerly confused with P. achoreum" (FNA), which may account for Hough's summary ("Statewide" and "Frequent")S1G5?Erect knotweed
Polygonum glaucum Nutt. ((\+Polygonum glaucum Nutt. ((\+135.2Polygonum maritimum L. ((\+424.5PNR.S1G3EAT(1X), CM, MI, MO(2&2X), OC(1)*Seaside knotweed
Polygonum aviculare L.Polygonum aviculare L.135.3Polygonum aviculare L.424.3Prostrate knotweed
Polygonum ramosissimum Michx. var. ramosissimum [Polygonum ramosissimum Michx. [136.1Polygonum atlanticum (Robinson) [425.2Bushy knotweed
Polygonum ramosissimum Michx. var. prolificum Small [Polygonum prolificum (Small) B. l. Robinson [136.2Polygonum prolificum (Small) [425.1Bushy knotweed
Polygonum amphibium L. var. emersum Michx. ^Polygonum amphibium L. ^136.3Polygonum emersum (Michx.) ^421.5Water smartweed
Polygonum densiflorum Meisn. +Polygonum densiflorum Meisn. +136.4not found0PNR.S1G5ECM(1), CU
Polygonum robustius (Small) Fern. ++Polygonum robustius (Small) Fern. ++136.5Polygonum punctatum robustius Small ++423.2(PNR?)S3S4G4G5(BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, SA)Course smartweed
Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx. |||Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx. var. hydropiperoides |||136.6Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx.422.3Disturbance indicator in Pinelands.Mild water pepper
Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx. var. opelousanum (Riddell) Stone ++Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx. var. opelousanum (Riddell) Stone ++136.7Polygonum hydropiperoides opelousanum Riddell ++422.4<Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx.; Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michaux) Small(PNR?) Stone's statement, "Rather frequent in the Middle and Coast districts" would seem to reflect either an earlier, broader circumscription of the taxon or a state of serious current decline in the population.S2G5TNRQGLMild water pepper
Polygonum setaceum Baldw. var. setaceum _\++Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx. var. setaceum (Baldw.) Gleason. _\++136.8Polygonum setaceum Baldwin _\++424.1=Persicaria setacea (Baldwin) Small(PNR?) Taxonomic controversy may be the cause of ambiguity in distribution data available from various sources.S2G5T3T5(AT), CM, (CU), (MI), (SA)Bog smartweed
Polygonum lapathifolium L. ><Polygonum lapathifolium L. ><137.1Polygonum lapathifolium ><419.4Dock-leaved smartweed
Polygonum pensylvanicum L.Polygonum pensylvanicum L.137.2Polygonum pensylvanicum L.422.1Pennsylvania smartweed
Polygonum hydropiper L. ><Polygonum hydropiper L. ><137.3Polygonum hydropiper ><420.1Water-pepper
Polygonum punctatum Ell. 0,{|||Polygonum punctatum Elliot. 0,{|||137.4Polygonum punctatum Ell. 0,{|||423.1wetDotted smartweed
Polygonum punctatum Ell. _Polygonum punctatum Elliott _137.4Polygonum eciliatum (Small) _423.3Dotted smartweed
Polygonum careyi Olney ^Polygonum careyi Olney ^137.5Polygonum careyi Olney ^422.2Carey's knotweed
Polygonum persicaria L. ><Polygonum persicaria L. ><137.6Polygonum persicaria ><419.5Lady's thumb
Polygonum sagittatum L. 0|||Polygonum sagittatum L. 0|||138.1Polygonum sagittatum L. 0|||426.2Disturbance indicator in Pinelands.Arrow-leaved tearthumb
Polygonum arifolium L. 0|||Polygonum arifolium L. 0|||138.2Polygonum arifolium L. 0|||426.3wetHalberd-leaved tearthumb
Polygonum convolvulus L. ><Polygonum convolvulus L. ><138.3Polygonum convolvulus ><420.2Black bindweed
Polygonum scandens L. 0,{Polygonum scandens L. 0,{138.3Polygonum scandens L. 0,{426.1False buckwheat
Polygonum virginianum L. 'Polygonum virginianum L. '138.4Polygonum virginianum L. '424.2Jumpseed
Limonium carolinianum (Walt.) Britt.Limonium carolinianum (Walter) Britton140Limonium carolinianum (Walt.)633.3Sea-lavender
Elatine americana (Pursh) Arn. \^++Elatine triandra Schkuhr var. americana (Pursh) Fassett \^++141.1Elatine americana (Pursh.) \^++558.2Elatine triandra auct. non Schkuhr p.p. [misapplied](SPA) "Reported on muddy shores of the Passaic River and Lake Hopatcong; also on the Delaware at Camden and along the upper coast and in the Pines," -Stone.S2G4(BU), (CA), CM, (CU), MI, (OC)Waterwort
Elatine minima (Nutt.) Fisch. & C.A. Mey. \+Elatine minima (Nutt.) Fischer & C.A. Meyer \+141.2not found0SPA. "Stone's old Ocean Co. record [of Elatine americana] probably refers to E. minima..." -Hough.S2G5(AT), BU, CU, (MO)Small waterwort
Hypericum crux-andreae (L.) Crantz ~Hypericum stans (Michx.) P. Adams & Robson ~142.1Ascyrum stans Mich. ~552.1St. peterswort
Hypericum ellipticum Hook. ++Hypericum ellipticum Hook. ++143Hypericum ellipticum Hook. ++554.1(SPA?) Rank may have been revised recently to S3S4.S3 (?)G5(BU, CA. OC)Pale st. johnswort
Hypericum densiflorum Pursh ~Hypericum densiflorum Pursh ~143.1Hypericum densiflorum Pursh ~553.1Shrubby Saint John's-wort
Hypericum hypericoides (L.) Crantz ssp. multicaule (Michx. ex Willd.) Robson `Hypericum stragulum P. Adams & Robson `143.1Ascyrum hypericoides L. `552.2St. Andrews cross
Hypericum adpressum Raf. ex W. Bart. _+:Hypericum adpressum Barton _+:143.2Hypericum adpressum Barton _+:553.2SPA. Confined to the Middle and Cape May districts" -Stone.S2G2G3EAT, BU(1&1X), CM(3&2X), CU, SA(2)Creeping st. johnswort
Hypericum pyramidatum Ait.Hypericum pyramidatum Aiton144.1Hypericum ascyron L.552.3NPLS3G4(AT, BU)
Hypericum perforatum L. ><Hypericum perforatum L. ><144.2Hypericum perforatum ><551Common Saint John's-wort
Hypericum punctatum Lam. )(Hypericum punctatum Lam. )(144.2Hypericum punctatum Lam.555.1Spotted St. John's-wort
Hypericum denticulatum Walt. ~Hypericum denticulatum Walter ~144.3Hypericum virgatum ovalifolium Britton ~554.2H. denticulatum, var. acutifoliumCoppery Saint John's-wort
Hypericum mutilum L. 0,{Hypericum mutilum L. 0,{144.4Hypericum mutilum L. 0,{555.2Dwarf st. johnswort
Hypericum boreale (Britt.) Bickn. {^Hypericum boreale (Britton.) E. Bickn. {^144.5Hypericum boreale (Britton) {^555.3Northern st. johnswort
Hypericum gymnanthum Engelm. & Gray \++Hypericum gymnanthum Engelm. & A. Gray \++144.6Hypericum gymnanthum Engelm. & Gray \++556.1(SPA?)S1G4AT*, BU*, (CM), CU, (GL), SA*Claspingleaf st. johnswort
Hypericum canadense L. `Hypericum canadense L. `145.1Hypericum canadense L. `556.3Canada Saint John's-wort
Hypericum majus (Gray) Britt.Hypericum majus (A. Gray) Britton145.1Hypericum majus (A. Gray)556.2NPL. Hough indicates the CA record is from ballast.S1G5E(CA)Large st. johnswort
Hypericum gentianoides (L.) B.S.P. `Hypericum gentianoides (L.) BSP `145.2Sarothra gentianoides L. `557.1Orange-grass
Triadenum virginicum (L.) Raf. `Triadenum virginicum (L.) Raf. `145.3Triadenum virginicum (L.) `557.2Triadenum walteri is S2.Marsh Saint John's-wort
Triadenum walteri (J.G. Gmel.) Gleason +Triadenum walteri (S.G. Gmelin) Gleason +145.4Triadenum petiolatum (Walt.) +558.1PNR. "The occurrence of this species in New Jersey rests on a fragment in the herbarium of the Philadelphia Academy labeled 'near Camden' " -Stone. This specimen has apparently been lost. See Snyder, 1986 & 2000. Heritage lists only Cape May Co.S1G5ECA(?), CM(4)Greater marsh st. johnswort
Tilia americana L.Tilia americana L. )(146Tilia americana L.548.2usu. rich, moist soil; very rare in PBBasswood
Hibiscus moscheutos L. ,{Hibiscus moscheutos L. ,{148.2Hibiscus moscheutos L. ,{550Rose-mallow
Kosteletzkya virginica (L.) K. Presl ex Gray {{[++Kosteletzkya virginica (L.) C. Presl var. aquilonia {{[++148.4Kosteletzkya virginica (L.) {{[++549.4(PNR?) "Common in Cape May County?" -Stone.S3S4G5(MO OC AT CA SA CU CM)Seashore-mallow
Abutilon theophrasti Medik. ><Abutilon theophrasti Medikus ><148.5Abutilon abutilon L. ><549.3Velvet-leaf
Malva rotundifolia L. ><Malva rotundifolia L. ><150Malva rotundifolia L. ><549.1Dwarf mallow
Sida spinosa L.Sida spinosa L.152.1Sida spinosa ><549.2Prickly sida
Sarracenia purpurea L. ~Sarracenia purpurea L. ~153.1Sarracenia purpurea L. ~467Pitcher plant
Drosera filiformis Raf. ~Drosera filiformis Raf. ~153.2Drosera filiformis Raf. ~469Thread-leaved sundew
Drosera rotundifolia L. var. rotundifolia `Drosera rotundifolia L. `153.3Drosera rotundifolia L. `468.1Round-leaved sundew
Drosera intermedia Hayne `Drosera intermedia Hayne `154Drosera longifolia L. `468.2Spatulate-leaved sundew
Helianthemum corymbosum Michx.Helianthemum sp.?155Helianthemum corymbosum Michx.560.2Stone included it, though expressing doubt. USDA, Hough, NatureServe exclude from our region.
Helianthemum canadense (L.) Michx. `Helianthemum canadense (L.) Michx. `155.1Helianthemum canadense (L.) `560.1Long-branched frostweed
Hudsonia ericoides L. ~Hudsonia ericoides L. ~155.2Hudsonia ericoides L. ~561Golden heather
Helianthemum bicknellii Fern.Helianthemum bicknellii Fern.155.2Helianthemum majus (L.)559Hoary frostweed
Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt. var. tomentosa {{((^Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt. {{((^155.3Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt. {{((^560.3False heather
Lechea mucronata Raf. `Lechea mucronata Raf. `156.1Lechea villosa Ell. `563.1Hairy pinweed
Lechea minor L. ~Lechea minor L. ~156.2Lechea minor L. ~562.1Thymeleaf pinweed
Lechea tenuifolia Michx. \++Lechea tenuifolia Michx. \++156.2Lechea tenuifolia Michx. \++563.3(SPA) "But one record: 'Phalanx Monmouth Co.--Leggett.' " -Stone. "Last collected in 1917 by K.K.Mackenzie," -S&V. But see Barringer, where BU sites are documented.S1G5E(BU*), (MO*)Narrow-leaved pinweed
Lechea racemulosa Michx. ~Lechea racemulosa Michx.~156.3Lechea racemulosa Michx. ~562.2Illinois pinweed
Lechea maritima Leggett ex B.S.P. var. maritima {{((^Lechea maritima Leggett {{((^157.1Lechea maritima Leggett {{((^563.2occasional; mostly coastalBeach pinweed
Lechea pulchella Raf. `Lechea pulchella Raf. `157.2Lechea leggettii Britt. and Holl. `563.4Leggett's pinweed
Lechea pulchella Raf.Lechea pulchella Raf.157.2Lechea leggettii var. pulchella563.4Extensive. See Barringer.Stone (footnote) was "in doubt as to the identity" of this taxon, listed by Britton, p. 55. See Barringer.Leggett's pinweed
Hybanthus concolor (T.F. Forst.) Spreng.Hybanthus concolor (T.Forster) Sprengel157.3not found0Cubelium concolor (T.F. Forst.) Raf.; Viola concolor T.F. Forst.NPLS1G5E(CA)Green violet
Viola pedata L. 0^Viola pedata L. 0^159.1Viola pedata lineariloba DC. 0^565rare in PB; N, MD, Coastal, CMBird's-foot violet
Viola rotundifolia Michx.Viola rotundifolia Michx.159.1Viola rotundifolia (Michx.)570.2Round-leaved violet
Viola sagittata Ait. 0^Viola sagittata Aiton 0^159.2Viola sagittata Ait. 0^569.1dry to moist; rare in PB, along RR; N, MD, CoastArrow-leaved violet
Viola sagittata Ait. var. ovata (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray ^Viola sagittata Aiton ^159.3Viola fimbriatula J. E. Smith ^569.2rare in PB, along RR; throughout coastal plainArrow-leaved violet
Viola cucullata Ait. 0Viola cucullata Aiton 0159.3Viola cucullata Ait. 0568.5Blue marsh-violet
Viola sagittata Ait. var. sagittata ^Viola sagittata Aiton ^159.4Viola emarginata (Nutt.) ^570.1rare in PB, along RR; MD, Coast, CMArrow-leaved violet
Viola sororia Willd.Viola sororia Willd.159.5Viola palmata var. sororia Willd.567.1Stream banks, wooded slopes. Stone indicates, "Frequent."Dooryard-violet
Viola sororia Willd.Viola sororia Willd.159.5Viola papilionacea Pursh568.3Dooryard-violet
Viola affinis Le ConteViola sororia Willd. f. affinis159.5Viola affinis LeC.568.2Sand violet
Viola brittoniana Pollard var. brittoniana +Viola palmata L. +160Viola brittoniana Pollard +567.2SPA.S3G4G5T4T5AT, (BU), (CA), CM, (CM), CU, (GL), MI, (MO), (OC), (SA)Wood-violet
Viola palmata L.Viola palmata L.160Viola palmata L.566.1Wood-violet
Viola palmata L.Viola palmata L.160Viola palmata triloba Scheiwn.566.2Wood-violet
Viola brittoniana Pollard var. pectinata (Bickn.) Alexander +Viola palmata L. var. pectinata+160.1Viola pectinata Bicknell +568.1PNR. "This curious triangular-leafed violet is usually associated with V. brittoniana, of which it seems to be an entire leafed [?] form" -Stone. Hough's distrib. apparently includes both vars.SHG4G5T3?QCMWood-violet
Viola hirsutula BrainerdViola villosa Walter160.1Viola hirsutula Brainerd568.4Southern wolly violet
Viola ×primulifolia L. (pro sp.) [lanceolata × macloskeyi] ? 0^Viola primulifolia L. 0^161.1Viola primulifolia L. 0^571.1occasional; MD, CoastPrimrose-leaved violet
Viola blanda Willd.Viola blanda Willd. (2)161.1Viola blanda Willd.570.3Sweet white violet
Viola lanceolata L. `Viola lanceolata L. `161.2Viola lanceolata L. `571.2var. vittata is attributed to NJ by NatureServe and ranked S2S4Lance-leaved violet
Viola macloskeyi Lloyd ssp. pallens (Banks ex Ging) M.S. BakerViola macloskeyi F. Lloyd var. pallens (Banks) C.L. Hitchcock161.2Viola pallens (Banks)570.4Wild white violet
Viola pubescens Ait. var. pubescensViola pubescens Ait.162.2Viola pubescens Ait.571.3Yellow-forest violet
Viola pubescens Ait. var. scabriuscula Schwein. ex Torr. & Gray ?Viola pubescens Ait. ?162.2Viola scabriuscula (T. & G.)572.1Yellow-forest violet
Viola conspersa Reichenb.Viola conspersa Reichb.162.2Viola conspersa Reich.572.2American dog-violet
Viola striata Ait.Viola striata Aiton162.2Viola striata572.4Creamy violet
Viola bicolor Pursh 0Viola rafinesquii Greene 0163Viola rafinesquii Greene 0572.3Field pansy
Echinocystis lobata (Michx.) Torr. & GrayEchinocystis lobata (Michx.) T.& G.165.1Micrampelis lobata (Mich.)713.2Balsam-apple
Sicyos angulatus L.Sicyos angulatus L.165.2Sicyos angulatus L.714.1Bur-cucumber
Populus grandidentata Michx. `Populus grandidentata Michx. `167.1Populus grandidentata Michx. `392.1"Probably introduced in the Pine Barrens." -Stone.Big-tooth aspen
Populus alba L. ><Populus alba L. ><167.1Populus alba ><390.2From Eurasia. "a frequent introduction about old houses, often increasing enormously ... . Some old deserted houses in the Pine Barrens have been completely enveloped by these trees, the suckers even forcing their way through the rotten floors." -Stone.White poplar
Populus tremuloides Michx. {Populus tremuloides Michx. {167.2Populus tremuloides Michx. {392.2Quaking aspen
Populus heterophylla L. \Populus heterophylla L. \168Populus heterophylla L. \391.3(PNR?)S2G5(AT), CM, (CU), (MI), (SA)Swamp-cottonwood
Salix nigra Marsh. ^Salix nigra Marshall ^170.1Salix nigra Marsh. ^392.3MD, CoastBlack willow
Salix lucida Muhl. ssp. lucidaSalix lucida Muhl. var. lucida170.2Salix lucida Muhl.395.2NPL. "Very rare within our range?" -Stone.S1G5T5MOShining willow
Salix fragilis L. ><Salix fragilis L. ><170.3Salix fragilis L. ><391.1From Europe. "A common tree along streams in cultivated districts." -Stone.Crack-willow
Salix × pendulina Wenderoth ><Salix babylonica L. ><170.4Salix babylonica ><391.2S. babylonica × fragilis
Salix interior RowleeSalix exigua Nutt. ssp. interior (Rowlee) Cronq.171.1Salix interior Rowlee393.2Sandbar-willow
Salix bebbiana Sarg.Salix bebbiana Sarg.171.2Salix bebbiana Sarg.394.2Beaked willow
Salix eriocephala Michx.Salix eriocephala Michx.172.1Salix cordata Muhl.393.1Salix rigida Muhl.Diamond-willow
Salix sericea Marsh.Salix sericea Marshall172.2Salix sericea Marsh.395.1Silky willow
Salix discolor Muhl.Salix discolor Muhl.172.3Salix discolor Muhl.394.1Pussy-willow
Salix humilis Marsh. ^Salix humilis Marshall. ^173.1Salix humilis Marsh. ^394.3throughoutUpland-willow
Salix humilis Marsh. var. tristis (Ait.) Griggs ^Salix occidentalis Walter. ^173.2Salix tristis Ait. ^394.4dry; throughoutUpland-willow
Salix petiolaris Sm.Salix petiolaris J.E. Smith173.3Salix petiolaris Sm.393.3Salix gracilis Anderss.NPL. Stone includes it in a fotnote, expressing doubt.S3S4G5T4T5(CA, GL)Meadow-willow
Polanisia dodecandra (L.) DC. ssp. dodecandra \++Polanisia dodecandra (L.) DC. var. dodecandra \++175Polanisia graveolens Raf. \++466.4(SPA?) "Stable colonies known in Burlington County?" -HoughS1G5T?BU, (MO)Clammy-weed
Brassica nigra (L.) W.D.J. Koch ><Brassica nigra L. ><178Brassica nigra ><462.2Black mustard
Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. ssp. edentula var. edentula ((Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. var. edentula ((180Cakile edentula (Bigel.) ((463.3Sea-rocket
Lepidium virginicum L.Lepidium virginicum L.181Lepidium virginicum Linn.465.3Pepper grass
Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. ><Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medikus ><183Bursa bursa-pastoris ><462.5Shepherd's purse
Draba reptans (Lam.) Fern. \++Draba reptans (Lam.) Fern. \++186Draba caroliniana Walt. \++465.4(SPA?) "Last collected in 1917 from Gloucester Co. Searched for but not found in recent years" -S&V.SHG5EBU(1X), CA(2X), GL(1X), MICarolina draba
Draba verna L. ><Draba verna L. ><186.1Draba verna ><462.6Whitlow-grass
Cardamine bulbosa (Schreb. ex Muhl.) B.S.P.Cardamine rhomboidea (Pers.) DC.189Cardamine bulbosa (Schreb.)464.4Bulbous bittercress
Cardamine concatenata (Michx.) Sw.Cardamine concatenata (Michx.) O. Schwarz189Dentaria laciniata Muhl.465.2Five-parted toothwort
Cardamine rotundifolia Michx.Cardamine rotundifolia Michx.190.1Cardamine rotundifolia Michx.465.1NPL. Stone cites a record from Freehold on authority of Knieskern.S1G4E(MO)Trailing bitter-cress
Cardamine longii Fern.+Cardamine longii Fern.+190.2Cardamine parviflora L. [misapplied] +464.3PNR. Stone indicated, for Cardamine parviflora L. "Damp sandy soil along the Coast strip. Rare." He cited only two records, "Bay Head" and "Piermont."SHG3EBU, GL, OCSalt-marsh bitter-cress
Cardamine pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd.Cardamine pensylvanica Muhl.190.3Cardamine pennsylvanica Muhl.464.2Stone may have included C. parviflora (q.v.) within C. pensylvanica.Pennsylvania bitter-cress
Cardamine parviflora L. var. arenicola (Britt.) O.E. SchulzCardamine parviflora L. var. arenicola (Britton) O.E. Schulz190.4Cardamine (pensylvanica?)464.3Stone probably had this confused with Cardamine pensylvanica. Stone apparently applied the name "C. parviflora" to what we now know as C. longii (q.v.).Dry-land bitter-cress
Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. ><Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh. ><191.1Arabis glabra ><463.2Tower-mustard
Arabis drummondii Gray _\++Arabis drummondii A. Gray _\++192.1not found0(PNR?) "Relocated at its only known NJ station by Vincent Abraitys. ... Seen 1980," -S&V.S1.1G5ECMDrummond's rockcress
Arabis lyrata L. {Arabis lyrata L. {192.2Arabis lyrata L. {466.1Lyrate rockcress
Arabis canadensis L.Arabis canadensis L.192.3Arabis canadensis L.466.3Sickle-pod
Arabis laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Poir. var. laevigataArabis laevigata (Muhl.) Poiret var. laevigata192.4Arabis laevigata (Muhl.)466.2Poiret
Rorippa palustris (L.) Bess. ssp. hispida (Desv.) JonsellRorippa palustris (L.) Besser var. hispida (Desv.) Rydb.194Radicula hispida (Desv.)463.4Marsh yellow cress/Common yellow-cress
Rorippa palustris (L.) Bess. ssp. palustrisRorippa palustris (L.) Besser var. palustris194Radicula palustris (L.)464.1Marsh yellow cress/Common yellow-cress
Barbarea vulgaris Ait. f. ><Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. ><195Barbarea barbarea ><462.4Winter cress/Yellow rocket
Sisymbrium officinale (L.) Scop. ><Sisymbrium officinale (L.) Scop. ><197Sisymbrium officinale ><462.3Hedge-mustard
Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. ><Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. ><198.1Stenophragma thaliana ><463.1Mouse-ear cress
Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz ><Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz ><198.2Camelina sativa ><462.1Large-seed
Clethra alnifolia L. `Clethra alnifolia L. `200Clethra alnifolia L. `608Sweet pepperbush
Corema conradii (Torr.) Torr. ex Loud. ~\+Corema conradii (Torr.) Torr. ~\+201Corema conradii (Torr.) ~\+530.2SPA.S1G4EAT(1), BU, (CM), (MO), OC(2)Broom-crowberry
Leiophyllum buxifolium (Berg.) Ell. ~Leiophyllum buxifolium (Bergius) Elliot ~203Dendrium buxifolium (Berg.) ~615Sand myrtle
Rhododendron maximum L. `Rhododendron maximum L. `204.1Rhododendron maximum L. `614.2White laurel
Rhododendron periclymenoides (Michx.) Shinners 0^Rhododendron periclymenoides (Michx.) Shinn. 0^204.2Azalea nudiflora L. 0^612very rare in PB; N & MD; CM:occasionalPinkster-flower
Rhododendron prinophyllum (Small) Millais ++Rhododendron prinophyllum (Small) Millais ++204.3not found0Rhododendron roseum (Loisel.) Rehd.(SPA?)S3G5(BU, CA, CU, MO)Rosebud-azalea
Rhododendron atlanticum (Ashe) Rehd. \+Rhododendron atlanticum (Ashe) Rehder \+204.3not found0PNR.S1G4G5ECM(1), {CU}, OC(1), SA(1)Costal azalea
Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr. ~Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr. ~204.4Azalea viscosa L. ~613R. atlanticum is S1, ESwamp azalea
Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr. ~ =Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr. ~ =204.5Azalea viscosa glauca Michx. ~ =614.1wetSwamp azalea
Kalmia angustifolia L. ~Kalmia angustifolia L. ~205.1Kalmia angustifolia L. ~616.1Sheep laurel
Kalmia latifolia L. `Kalmia latifolia L. `205.2Kalmia latifolia L. `616.2Mountain laurel
Lyonia ligustrina (L.) DC. var. ligustrina `Lyonia ligustrina (L.) DC. `206Xolisma ligustrina (L.) `618.2Maleberry
Lyonia mariana (L.) D. Don ~Lyonia mariana (L.) D. Don ~207.1Pieris mariana (L.) ~618.1Staggerbush
Eubotrys racemosa (L.) Nutt.`Eubotris racemosa (L.) Nutt. `207.2Leucothoe racemosa (L.) `617Leucothoe racemosa (L.) GrayFetterbush
Chamaedaphne calyculata L. Moench ~(1)Chamaedaphne calyculata L. Moench. ~208Chamaedaphne calyculata (L.) ~619.2Leatherleaf
Gaultheria procumbens L. `Gaultheria procumbens L. `209.1Gaultheria procumbens L. `620Wintergreen
Epigaea repens L. `Epigaea repens L. `209.2Epigaea repens L. `619.1Trailing arbutus
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Sprengel ~Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Sprengel ~209.3Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) ~621Bearberry
Vaccinium stamineum L.Vaccinium stamineum L.211.1Polycodium stamineum (L.)624.2Deerberry
Vaccinium angustifolium Ait. ^Vaccinium angustifolium Aiton. ^212.1Vaccinium pennsylvanicum Lam. ^626.2very rare in PB; N & MDLate lowbush blueberry/Common lowbush-blueberry
Vaccinium pallidum Ait. `Vaccinium pallidum Aiton `212.2Vaccinium vaccillans "Kalm", Torrey `627.1Late lowbush blueberryHillside blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum L. ~Vaccinium corymbosum L. ~212.3Vaccinium corymbosum L. ~624.3Highbush blueberry
Vaccinium fuscatum Ait. `Vaccinium corymbosum L. `212.4Vaccinium atrococcum (Gray) `626.1Black highbush blueberry
Vaccinium caesariense Mackenzie ^Vaccinium corymbosum L.^212.5Vaccinium caesariense Mackenzie ^625.2Pleasant Mills; MD, CoastHighbush blueberry
Vaccinium virgatum Ait. ~Vaccinium corymbosum L. (?)~212.6Vaccinium virgatum Ait. ~625.1
Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait. ~Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton ~212.7Oxycoccus macrocarpus (Ait.) ~627.2Large cranberry
Gaylussacia frondosa (L.) Torr. & Gray ex Torr. `Gaylusacia frondosa (L.) T. & G. `213.1Gaylusacia frondosa (L.) `623.1Dangleberry
Gaylussacia baccata (Wangenh.) K. Koch `Gaylusacia baccata (Wangenh.) K. Koch. `213.2Gaylusacia baccata Wang. `624.1Black huckleberry
Gaylussacia dumosa (Andr.) Torr. & Gray ~Gaylussacia dumosa (Andr.) T.& G. ~213.3Gaylussacia dumosa (Andr.) ~623.2Dwarf huckleberry
Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W. Bart. ^(1)Chimaphila umbellata (L.) Barton. ^214.1Chimaphila umbellata (L.) ^610.3Prince's pine
Chimaphila maculata (L.) Pursh 0^Chimaphila maculata (L.) Pursh. 0^214.2Chimaphila maculata (L.) 0^610.2Spotted wintergreen
Orthilia secunda (L.) House \++Pyrola secunda (L.) \++214.3Pyrola secunda L. \++610.1(SPA?)S2G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO)One-sided Shinleaf
Pyrola chlorantha Sw. ^\++Pyrola chlorantha Swartz ^\++215.1Pyrola chlorantha Sw. ^\++609.3Pyrola virens Schreb. var. convoluta (Bart.) Fern.(SPA) Stone cites several Pine Barrens records. A single known extant site in Sussex Co. -Snyder, 2000.S1G5EAT* BU* CA* CU* GL* MO*Greenflowered wintergreen
Pyrola elliptica Nutt. ^Pyrola elliptica Nutt. ^215.2Pyrola elliptica Nutt. ^609.2 N & MDEliptic shinleaf
Pyrola americana Sweet 0^Pyrola rotundifolia L. var. americana (Sweet) Fern. 0^215.3Pyrola americana Sweet. 0^609.1American wintergreen
Monotropa uniflora L. 0^Monotropa uniflora L. 0^216.1Monotropa uniflora L. 0^611.1Indian pipe
Monotropa hypopithys L. ^++Monotropa hypopithys L. ^++216.2Hypopitys hypopithys (L.) ^++611.2(SPA)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MI, MO, OC)Pinesap
Pyxidanthera barbulata Michx. ~Pyxidanthera barbulata Michx.~217Pyxidanthera barbulata Michx. ~629Pyxie moss
Diospyros virginiana L. 0Diospyros virginiana L. 0218Diospyros virginiana L. 0634dry woods, mostly outside central PBPersimmon
Lysimachia hybrida Michx. ++Lysimachia hybrida Michx. ++221Steironema lanceolatum (Walt.)?632.2Lysimachia lanceolata Walt. var. hybrida (Michx.) Gray(SPA?) Stone may have been confusing this with L. lanceolata.S3G5(AT), BU, (CA), (CM), (CU), (GL), MI, (OC), (SA)Mississippi-valley loosestrife
Lysimachia ciliata L.Lysimachia ciliata L.221.1Steironema ciliatum (L.)632.1Fringed loosestrife
Lysimachia lanceolata Walt.Lysimachia lanceolata Walter221.3Steironema lanceolatum (Walt.)632.2Lance-leaved loosestrife
Lysimachia quadrifolia L. 0^Lysimachia quadrifolia L. 0^222.1Lysimachia quadrifolia L. 0^631.2Whorled loosestrife/Smooth loosestrife
Lysimachia nummularia L. ><Lysimachia nummularia L. ><222.1Lysimachia nummularia ><630.2Moneywort
Lysimachia terrestris (L.) B.S.P. `Lysimachia terrestris (L.) BSP. `222.2Lysimachia terrestris (L.) `631.3Yellow loosestrife/Bulbil loosestrife
Trientalis borealis Raf. `Trientalis borealis Raf. `222.3Trientalis borealis Raf. `633.1Starflower
Glaux maritima L. [\+Glaux maritima L. [\+222.4Glaux maritima L. [\+633.2PNR.SX.1G5EAT, MO(1X), OCSea-milkwort
Hottonia inflata Ell. _\+Hottonia inflata Elliott _\+223Hottonia inflata Ell. _\+630.1PNR. Infrequent and local throughout its range in the US" -S&V.S1G4ECM(2), (CU), MI, (MO), OC, SA(1)Featherfoil
Samolus valerandi L. ssp. parviflorus (Raf.) Hult?n {[Samolus floribundus HBK {[223Samolus floribundus H.B.K. {[631.1Water-pimpernel
Anagallis arvensis L. ><Anagallis arvensis L. ><223.1Anagallis arvensis ><630.3Pimpernel
Hydrangea arborescens L.Hydrangea arborescens L.226Hydrangea arborescens L.472.3American hydrangea
Itea virginica L. ~Itea virginica L. ~227Itea virginica L. ~472.4Virginia willow
Ribes rotundifolium Michx.Ribes rotundifolium Michx.227.2Ribes rotundifolium Michx.473.1Appalacian gooseberry
Ribes cynosbati L.Ribes cynosbati L.228.1not found0NPL.SHG5BU, MIDogberry
Penthorum sedoides L.Penthorum sedoides L.232Penthorum sedoides L.470.1Ditch-stonecrop
Saxifraga virginiensis Michx. 'Saxifraga virginiensis Michx. '234.1Saxifraga virginiensis Michx. '471.2Early saxifrage
Saxifraga pensylvanica L. 'Saxifraga pensylvanica L. '234.2Saxifraga pensylvanica L. '471.1Swamp-saxifrage
Mitella diphylla L.Mitella diphylla L.234.3Mitella diphylla L.472.1Two-leaved mitrewort
Heuchera americana L. 'Heuchera americana L. '236Heuchera americana L. '471.3Common Alum-root
Parnassia glauca Raf.Parnassia glauca Raf.237.1Parnassia caroliniana Michx.470.2American grass-of-parnassus
Chrysosplenium americanum Schwein. ex Hook.Chrysosplenium americanum Schwein.237.2Chrysosplenium americanum Schw.472.2American golden saxifrage
Physocarpus opulifolius (L.) Maxim. var. opulifoliusPhysocarpus opulifolius (L.) Maxim.239Opulaster opulifolius (L.)477.1Ninebark
Spiraea alba Du Roi var. latifolia (Ait.) Dippel 0^Spiraea alba Duroi. var. latifolia (Aiton) Dippel. 0^240.1Spiraea latifolia "Aiton" Borkh. 0^477.2N, MDMeadowsweet
Spiraea alba Du Roi var. albaSpiraea alba Duroi var. alba240.1Spiraea latifolia "Aiton" Borkh. 0^477.2NPL.S1G5T5CA*Meadowsweet
Spiraea tomentosa L. 0^Spiraea tomentosa L. 0^240.2Spiraea tomentosa L. 0^477.3throughoutHardhack
Porteranthus trifoliatus (L.) Britt.Porteranthus trifoliatus (L.) Britton241Porteranthus trifoliatus (L.)478.1Gillenia trifoliata (L.) MoenchNPL.S2G4G5(BU, OC)Mountain indian-physic
Fragaria vesca L. ssp. vesca ><Fragaria vesca L. var. vesca ><241.2Fragaria vesca ><481.2Stone knew of records in OC, MO, and CA.(BU, CA, MO, OC)Thin-leaved wild strawberry
Fragaria virginiana Duchesne ssp. virginiana 0{Fragaria virginiana Duchesne 0{242Fragaria virginiana Duchesne 0{481.2Wild strawberry
Potentilla canadensis L. 0Potentilla canadensis L. 0244Potentilla canadensis L. 0482.1Dwarf cinquefoil
Potentilla norvegica L. ssp. monspeliensis (L.)Potentilla norvegica L. var. hirsuta244Potentilla monspeliensis475Strawberry-weed
Potentilla canadensis L. var. canadensisPotentilla canadensis L.244Potentilla pumila Poir.482.2Dwarf cinquefoil
Potentilla argentea L. var. argenteaPotentilla argentea L.245.1Potentilla argentea L. ><482.4Stone included in a footnote: "...must be regarded as a weed so far as our region is concerned." Hough shows it nearly statewide.Silvery five-fingers
Potentilla arguta Pursh ssp. argutaPotentilla arguta Pursh var. arguta246Drymocallis arguta (Pursh.)481.3Tall potentilla
Geum vernum (Raf.) Torr. & GrayGeum vernum (Raf.) T. & G.247.1not found0NPLS2G5{BU}Spring avens
Geum canadense Jacq. var. canadense 0,{'Geum canadense Jacq. 0,{'247.2Geum canadense Jacq. 0,{'482.3White avens
Geum virginianum L.Geum virginianum L.247.3Geum flavum (Porter)483.1Cream-colored avens
Geum virginianum L. ++Geum virginianum L. ++247.3Geum virginanum L. ++483.2(SPA?)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, GL, SA)Cream-colored avens
Geum aleppicum Jacq.Geum aleppicum Jacq. var. strictum248Geum strictum Ait.483.3Yellow avens
Rubus pubescens Raf. var. pubescensRubus pubescens Raf.250.2Rubus americanus478.3Rubus triflorus RichardsStone includes this in a footnote, indicating, it "is cited by Willis on Dr. Torrey's authority as occurring in Monmouth Co., but no more exact data are available and no specimens are extant." Hough shows the plant mostly in ne Jersey.Dwarf raspberry
Rubus occidentalis L.Rubus occidentalis L.251.1Rubus occidentalis L.478.2Black raspberry
Rubus hispidus L. `Rubus hispidus L. `251.3Rubus hispidus L. `480.4Highly technical genusSwamp dewberry
Rubus recurvicaulis Blanch. +Rubus recurvicaulis Blanchard +251.4not found0SPA.S1.1G4?OCBlanchard's dewberry
Rubus frondosus BigelowRubus pensilvanicus Poir.252Rubus frondosus Bigel.480.1Pennsylvania blackberry
Rubus flagellaris Willd. `Rubus flagellaris Willd. `252.1Rubus villosus Ait. `480.2Northern dewberry
Rubus flagellaris Willd. ^Rubus enslenii Tratt. ^252.2Rubus villosus enslenii Tratt. ^480.3dryNorthern dewberry
Rubus canadensis L. ++Rubus canadensis L. ++252.3not found0(USDA lists nine)(PNR?) Included tentatively in accordance w/Hough, but Heritage lists no s. Jersey counties. See Snyder, 2000.S1G5E(BU, CA, CM, GL)Smooth blackberry
Rubus argutus Link ^Rubus argutus Link ^253.1Rubus argutus Link ^479.2Middle and Coast districts and Cape May peninsula; common. Probably also in the northern counties." -Stone. Hough, on the other hand, shows it as "infrequent," occurring in only 4 counties in the state.(BU, CM, OC)Southren blackberry
Rubus cuneifolius Pursh `Rubus cuneifolius Pursh `253.2Rubus cuneifolius Pursh `479.1Sand blackberry
Rubus longii Fern. ++Rubus cuneifolius Pursh ++253.2not found0(PNR?)S1G4?QCMSand-blackberry
Dalibarda repens L. \Dalibarda repens L. \253.3Dalibarda repens L. \481.1NPL."Very rare and known from but one station in the state .... The occurrence of such a distinctly boreal plant in this locality is extremely interesting" -Stone. "Last collected at its only known NJ station by Bayard Long in 1921" -S&VSH.1G5EGLDewdrop
Agrimonia rostellata Wallr.Agrimonia rostellata Wallr.254Agrimonia rostellata Wallr.483.4Woodland agrimony
Agrimonia striata Michx.Agrimonia striata Michx.254not found0NPL. BU and MO specimens at PH.S3S4G5BU** MO**Roadside-agrimony
Agrimonia gryposepala Wallr.Agrimonia gryposepala Wallr.254.1Agrimonia gryposepala483.5Stone mentions it within his comments on A. rostellata, refuting "supposed specimens." Subsequently, several collections have been made in Monmouth and Camden Counties.Common agrimony
Agrimonia parviflora Ait.Agrimonia parviflora Aiton254.2Agrimonia parviflora Soland.484.2Southern agrimony
Sanguinaria canadensis L. 'Sanguinaria canadensis L. '255Sanguinaria canadensis L. '461.1Bloodroot
Agrimonia pubescens Wallr. 'Agrimonia pubescens Wallr. '255.1Agrimonia mollis (Torr. and Gray) '484.1Downy agrimony
Sanguisorba canadensis L. {Sanguisorba canadensis L. {255.2Sanguisorba canadensis L. {484.3American Burnet
Rosa virginiana P. Mill. {Rosa virginiana Miller {257Rosa virginiana Mill. {485.3Virginia-rose
Rosa eglanteria L. ><Rosa eglanteria L. ><257Rosa rubiginosa ><476Eglantine/Sweetbrier
Rosa carolina L. 0,{Rosa carolina L. 0,{258Rosa carolina L. 0,{485.1Pasture-rose
Rosa carolina L.Rosa carolina L.258Rosa humilis Marsh.485.2Pasture-rose
Rosa blanda Ait. var. blandaRosa blanda Aiton var. blanda258.2Rosa blanda485.4NPL. Stone footnote: one unverified record for Freehold, which he considers "extremely improbable." Taylor: only Hunterdon and Sussex counties (but see this, p. 381). "Old records throughout the Delaware Valley (to 1922)..." -Hough.SHG5TNRQ(BU, GL, MO)Smooth rose
Prunus persica (L.) Batsch ><Prunus persica (L.) Batsch ><259Amygdalis persica ><490.2Peach
Prunus cerasus L. ><Prunus cerasus L. ><260Prunus cerasus ><490.3Sour cherry/Pie-cherry
Prunus avium (L.) L. ><Prunus avium (L.) ><260Prunus avium ><490.4Sweet cherry
Prunus serotina Ehrh. 0Prunus serotina Ehrh. 0260.2Prunus serotina Ehrh. 0492woods, thicketsBlack cherry
Prunus pumila L. var. susquehanae (hort. ex Willd.) JaegerPrunus pumila L. var. cuneata (Raf.) Bailey260.3not found0Prunus cuneata Raf.(SPA?)S3G5T4(AT, CA, OC)Sand-cherry
Prunus americana Marsh. )(Prunus americana L. )(261.1Prunus americana Marsh.491.1roadsides, fence rowsWild plum
Prunus maritima Marsh. ((^Prunus maritima Marshall. ((^261.2Prunus maritima Wang. ((^491.3occasional, usu along tidewater streams; Coastal, MDBeach-plum
Prunus angustifolia Marsh. +:Prunus angustifolia Marshall +:261.3Prunus angustifolia Marsh. +:491.2SPA. Some sites may be from cultivated plants (Snyder).S2G5T4T5EAT, CA, CM(1), CU, GL(1), OC, SAChickasaw-plum
Malus angustifolia (Ait.) Michx. var. puberula _\+Pyrus angustifolia Aiton _\+262Malus angustifolia (Ait.) _\+486SPA. "This is the only Crab-apple that grows in our district, the larger M. coronaria does not occur south of Trenton" -Stone.S2G5?T2T4AT, (CM), CU, (SA)Southern crab
Photinia pyrifolia (Lam.) Robertson & Phipps `Aronia arbutifolia (L.) Elliott `263.1Aronia arbutifolia (L.) `487.1Red chokeberry
Photinia floribunda (Lindl.) Robertson & PhippsAronia prunifolia (Marshall) Rehder263.1Aronia atropurpurea Britton487.2Purple chokeberry
Photinia melanocarpa (Michx.) Robertson & Phipps `Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliott `263.2Aronia nigra (Willd.) `487.3Pyrus melanocarpaBlack chokeberry
Crataegus uniflora Muenchh. `Crataegus uniflora Muenchh. `266.1Crataegus tomentosa L. `489.3Stone footnote: "Another species is given by Britton as occurring at Pemberton and Keyport which is called C. tomentosus, using the name in its former significance. Just what these are I cannot say, as no specimens are extant."Oneflower-hawthorn
Crataegus succulenta Schrad. ex Link ++Crataegus succulenta Schrader ++266.1not found0NPL. The "old unverified" MO record shown by Hough is apparently verified by NJNHP.S1G5EMOFleshy hawthorn
Crataegus crus-galli L. {Crataegus crus-galli L. {266.2Crataegus crus-galli L. {489.1Cockspur-thorn
Crataegus calpodendron (Ehrh.) Medik.Crataegus calpodendron (Ehrh.) Medikus266.2not found0NPL.S1G5EMI, MOPear-hawthorn
Crataegus punctata Jacq. ++Crataegus punctata Jacq. ++266.5Crataegus pausiaca Ashe (?) ++490.1(PNR?) "Probably common northward, but known from our range only at Red Bank, Gloucester County" -Stone. Synonymy not clear. Hough gives Sussex, Union, Somerset, Gloucester and Ocean.S2G5(GL), (OC)Dotted hawthorn
Crataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. KochCrataegus pruinosa (Wendl.) K. Koch267Crataegus pruinosa Wendl.489.2Dotted hawthorn
Amelanchier ×intermedia Spach (pro sp.) [arborea × canadensis] (?)Amelanchier intermedia Spach268Amelanchier intermedia Spach.488.2wet; apparently a hybrid
Amelanchier stolonifera Wieg. ++Amelanchier spicata (Lam.) K.Koch. [misapplied] ++269.1Amelanchier intermedia Spach. ++488.2Amelanchier spicata auct. p.p., non (Lam.) K. Koch(SPA) Hough's distribution may not be reliable due to confusing nomenclature and taxonomic issues.S3G5?Dwarf serviceberry
Amelanchier obovalis (Michx.) AsheAmelanchier obovalis (Michx.) Ashe269.2Amelanchier intermedia Spach.488.2dry, open woods; infrequentCoastal plain serviceberry
Amelanchier canadensis (L.) Medikus `Amelanchier canadensis (L.) Medikus `269.3Amelanchier intermedia Spach. `488.2Shadbush/Oblongleaf juneberry
Amelanchier arborea (Michx. f.) Fern. var. arboreaAmelanchier arborea (Michx. f.) Fern.270.1Amelanchier canadensis (L.)488.1Downy serviceberry
Albizia julibrissin Durazz. ><Albizia julibrissin Durazz.><270.2not found0alienMimosa
Cercis canadensis L.Cercis canadensis L.271Cercis canadensis L.493.1NPL. "The farther away you move from the Delaware River Valley, the more difficult it is to distinguish native populations?" -Snyder, 1994.S1G5T5E(BU), CA(1X), (GL), (SA)Redbud
Gleditsia triacanthos L. )(Gleditsia triacanthos L. )(272Gleditsia triacanthos382.2moist; non-nativeHoney-locust
Chamaecrista nictitans (L.) Moench ssp. nictitans 0Chamaecrista nictitans (L.) Moench. 0272.2Cassia nictitans L. 0493.2Wild sensitive plant
Chamaecrista fasciculata (Michx.) GreeneChamaecrista fasciculata (Michx.) Greene272.2Cassia chamaecrista L.493.3Partridge-pea
Senna marilandica (L.) Link 'Senna marilandica (L.) Link '273Cassia marilandica L. '494Southern wild senna
Baptisia tinctoria (L.) R. Br. ex Ait. f. `Baptisia tinctoria (L.) R. Br. `277.1Baptisia tinctoria (L.) `496.91Yellow wild indigo
Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link var. scoparius ><Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link. ><277.2not found0dry, sandy; alienScotch broom
Lupinus perennis L. var. perennis` ++Lupinus perennis L. ` ++278.1Lupinus perennis L. ` ++497.2(SPA?)S3G5TNR(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MI, MO, OC) ?Wild lupine
Lupinus perennis L. var. occidentalis ++Lupinus perennis L. ++278.1Lupinus perennis L. ` ++497.2SPA?S2G5TNR(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MI, MO, OC) ?Wild lupine
Crotalaria sagittalis L. ^Crotalaria sagittalis L. ^278.2Crotalaria sagittalis L. ^497.1"becoming a good deal of a weed and spreading into the Pine Barrens along railroads, etc." -StoneWeedy rattlebox
Tephrosia virginiana (L.) Pers. `Tephrosia virginiana (L.) Pers. `279.1Cracca virginiana L.`498.1Goat's rue
Wisteria frutescens (L.) Poir. ][Wisteria frutescens (L.) Poiret. ][279.2not found0mosit or w.; non-nativeAtlantic wisteria
Robinia pseudoacacia L. ><Robinia pseudoacacia L. ><280.1Robinia pseudoacacia ><495.3non-nativeBlack locust
Robinia viscosa Vent. var. viscosa ][Robinia viscosa Vent. var. viscosa ][280.2not found0non-nativeClammy locust
Robinia hispida L. ><Robinia hispida L. ><280.3Robinia hispida ><495.2non-nativeBristly locust
Aeschynomene virginica (L.) B.S.P. \+Aeschynomene virginica (L.) BSP \+281.1Aeschynomene virginica (L.) \+498.2SPA.S1G2EAT(1X), BU(1), CA, CM(1X), CU(1&1X), GL, SANorthern joint-vetch
Stylosanthes biflora (L.) B.S.P. `+Stylosanthes biflora (L.) BSP `+281.2Stylosanthes biflora (L.) `+499Stylosanthes riparia KearneySPA.S3G5BU, CM, CU, SAPencil-flower
Trifolium pratense L. ><Trifolium pratense L. ><287.1Trifolium pratense ><496.8Red clover
Trifolium arvense L. ><Trifolium arvense L. ><287.2Trifolium arvense ><496.9Rabbit-foot clover
Trifolium repens L.Trifolium repens L.288.1Trifolium repens ><496.6White clover
Trifolium hybridum L. ><Trifolium hybridum L. ><288.2Trifolium hybridum ><496.7Alsike clover
Trifolium aureum Pollich ><Trifolium aureum Pollich ><288.3Trifolium aureum ><496.3Palmate hop-clover
Trifolium campestre Schreb. ><Trifolium campestre Schreber ><288.4Trifolium procumbens ><496.4Low hop-clover
Melilotus alba Medikus ><Melilotus alba Medikus ><289.1Melilotus alba ><495.5White sweet clover
Trifolium dubium Sibthorp ><Trifolium dubium Sibthorp ><289.1Trifolium dubium ><496.5Little hop-clover
Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam. ><Melilotus officinalis (L.) Pallas ><289.2Melilotus officinalis ><495.4Yellow sweet clover
Medicago sativa L. ><Medicago sativa L. ><289.4Medicago sativa ><496.1Alfalfa
Medicago lupulina L. ><Medicago lupulina L. ><290.1Medicago lupulina ><496.2Black medick
Vicia americana Muhl. ex Willd. var. americanaVicia americana Muhl. var. americana291not found0NPL.S2G5T5BU, MIAmerican vetch
Vicia tetrasperma (L.) Schreb. ><Vicia tetrasperma (L.) Moench. ><291Vicia tetrasperma ><495.1Foue-seed vetch/Slender vetch
Lathyrus japonicus Willd. var. maritimus (L.) Kartesz & Gandhi ((Lathyrus maritimus (L.) Bigelow ((292Lathyrus maritimus (L.) ((510.2Beach-pea
Lathyrus palustris L.Lathyrus palustris L.292Lathyrus myrtifolius Muhl.510.3Marsh-pea
Desmodium nudiflorum (L.) DC 0'Desmodium nudiflorum (L.) DC 0'294Meibomia nudiflora (L.) 0'500.1Naked tick-trefoil
Desmodium glutinosum (Muhl. ex Willd.) WoodDesmodium glutinosum (Muhl.) A. Wood294.2Meibomia grandiflora (Walt)500.2Cluster-leaf tick-trefoil
Desmodium pauciflorum (Nutt.) DC \++Desmodium pauciflorum (Nutt.) DC \++295Meibomia pauciflora (Nutt.) \++501.1(SPA?) "Last collected from Burlington Co. in 1917 by K.K. Mackenzie." -S&VS1G5EBU, OCFew-flowered tick-trefoil
Desmodium rotundifolium DC.`Desmodium rotundifolium DC `295.1Meibomia michauxii Vail. `501.2"Our only trailing species" -StoneRound-leaved tick-trefoil
Desmodium ochroleucum M.A. Curtis ex Canby ++Desmodium ochroleucum M.A. Curtis ++295.1not found0NPL.SX.1G2?SAWhite tick-trefoil
Desmodium sessilifolium (Torr.) Torr. & Gray ~\+:Desmodium sessilifolium (Torr.) T. & G. ~\+:295.2Meibomia sessilifolia (Torr.) ~\+:501.3SPA. "Collections have been made from two sites in the state" S&V.S1G5EAT*, BUSessile-leaved tick-trefoil
Desmodium strictum (Pursh) DC. ~\+Desmodium strictum (Pursh) DC. ~\+295.3Meibomia stricta (Pursh) ~\+501.4SPA.S2G4AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, (OC)Pine-barren tick-trefoil
Desmodium canescens (L.) DC.Desmodium canescens (L.) DC.295.6Meibomia canescens (L.)502.1Hoary tick-trefoil
Desmodium canadense (L.) DC.Desmodium canadense (L.) DC.295.7Meibomia canadensis (L.)504.1Canadian tick-trefoil
Desmodium obtusum (Muhl. ex Willd.) DC. `Desmodium rigidum (Elliott) DC `296.1Meibomia rigida (Ell.) `504.2Stiff tick-trefoil
Desmodium obtusum (Muhl. ex Willd.) DC. `Desmodium ciliare (Muhl.) DC `296.2Meibomia obtusa (Muhl.) `505.2Stiff tick-trefoil
Desmodium marilandicum (L.) DC. `Desmodium marilandicum (L.) DC `296.3Meibomia marylandica (L.) `505.1Maryland tick-trefoil
Desmodium paniculatum (L.) DC. var. paniculatum 0Desmodium paniculatum (L.) DC 0296.4Meibomia paniculata (L.) 0502.3Panicledleaf ticktrefoil
Desmodium glabellum (Michx.) DC. ^Desmodium glabellum (Michx.) DC ^296.5Meibomia dillenii Darl. ^503.3Desmodium perplexumnot common, possibly a recent intrusion; throughout, except CMDillenius' ticktrefoil
Desmodium viridiflorum (L.) DC. ^+Desmodium viridiflorum (L.) DC. ^+296.6Meibomia viridiflora (L.) ^+503.2PNR. (SPA?) Stone cites a record from Landisville at PH.S2G5?BU, CA, {CM}, CU, {GL}, {MO}Velvety tick-trefoil
Desmodium humifusum (Muhl. ex Bigelow) Beck ++Desmodium humifusum (Muhl.) Beck ++296.6not found0(SPA?) "From allozyme evidence, it is now considered likely that Desmodium humifusum is a hybrid of two parent taxa with which it always co-occurs: D. rotundifolium and D. paniculatum (Raveille 2002)." -CPCSHG1G2QEMOEastern trailing ticktrefoil
Desmodium laevigatum (Nutt.) DC. +Desmodium laevigatum (Nutt.) DC. +296.7Meibomia laevigata (Nutt.) +503.1SPA. "Confined to the Middle and Cape May districts, not very common, does not seem to occur north of the coastal plain to any extent" -Stone.S3G5{AT}, {BU}, {CA}, (CM), CU, GL, {MO}, {OC}, {SA}Smooth tick-trefoil
Desmodium cuspidatum (Muhl. ex Willd.) DC. ex Loud.Desmodium cuspidatum (Muhl.) Loudon296.9Meibomia bracteosa (Michx)502.2NPL.S3G5T5?(CA, GL, MI, MO)Big tick-trefoil
Lespedeza ×nuttallii Darl. (pro sp.) [hirta × intermedia] 0Lespedeza x nuttallii Darl. 0297Lespedeza nuttallii Darl. 0507.1
Lespedeza × neglecta Mackenzie & Bush (pro sp.) [stuevei × virginica] _Lespedeza ×neglecta Mackenzie & Bush (pro sp.) [stuevei × virginica] _297Lespedeza stuvei neglecta Britton _507.4USDA shows no occurrence in NJ
Lespedeza × oblongifolia (Britt.) W. Stone [angustifolia × hirta] ~Lespedeza x oblongifolia (Britton) W.Stone = L. angustifolia x hirta ~?297.2Lespedeza oblongifolia (Britton.) ~509.1L. longifolia var. oblongifolia, 927
Lespedeza repens (L.) W. Bart. `Lespedeza repens (L.) Barton. `297.3Lespedeza repens (L.) `506.2Smooth trailing lespedeza
Lespedeza procumbens Michx.Lespedeza procumbens Michx.298.1Lespedeza procumbens Michx.506.3Downy trailing lespedeza
Lespedeza virginica (L.) Britt. 0^Lespedeza virginica (L.) Britton. 0^298.1Lespedeza virginica (L.) 0^508.2rare in PB; throughoutVirginia lespedeza
Lespedeza frutescens (L.) Hornem. `?Lespedeza intermedia (S. Wats.) Britton `?298.2Lespedeza frutescens (L.) `508.1Wand lespedeza
Lespedeza violacea (L.) Pers.Lespedeza violacea (L.) Pers.298.2Lespedeza violacea (L.)507.2Violet lespedeza
Lespedeza stuevei Nutt. `+Lespedeza stuevei Nutt. `+298.3Lespedeza stuevei Nutt. `+507.3SPA.S2G4?{AT}, {CA}, {CM}, CU, {GL}, (MI), (MO), {OC}Velvety lespedeza
Lespedeza capitata Michx. 0^Lespedeza capitata Michx. 0^298.4Lespedeza capitata Michx. 0^509.2common; throughoutRound-headed bush-clover
Lespedeza hirta (L.) Hornem. ssp. hirta `Lespedeza hirta (L.) Hornem. `298.5Lespedeza hirta (L.) `508.3Hairy lespedeza
Lespedeza angustifolia (Pursh) Ell. ~Lespedeza angustifolia (Pursh) Elliott ~298.6Lespedeza angustifolia (Pursh) ~510.1Narrow-leaved lespedeza
Kummerowia striata (Thunb.) Schindl. ><Lespedeza striata (Thunb.) Schindl. ><299.1Lespedeza striata ><506.1
Centrosema virginianum (L.) Benth. {{\++Centrosema virginianum (L.) Benth. {{\++302.1Bradburya virginiana (L.) {{\++510.4(PNR?) "Rare, discovered at Anglesea by Dr. J. Bernard Brinton about 1889, and at Swedesboro by Mr. Charles Lippincott, July 31, 1892" -Stone. "Last collected in 1937 from Cape May Co." -S&VSHG5ECM, (GL)Spurred butterfly-pea
Clitoria mariana L. ~\+:Clitoria mariana L. ~\+:302.2Clitoria mariana L. ~\+:511.1SPA.S1G5EAT(1X), CM(1), CU(1), OCButterfly-pea
Phaseolus polystachios (L.) B.S.P. var. polystachios {++Phaseolus polystachios (L.) BSP var. polystachios {++303.1Phaseolus polystachios L. {++513.2(PNR?) "Mr. C.S. Williamson informs me that it formerly grew at Asbury Park" -Stone.S2G4TNR(CM), GL, (MO)Wild bean
Strophostyles helvula (L.) Ell. ,{Strophostyles helvula (L.) Elliott ,{303.2Strophostyles helvula (L.) ,{513.3Annual Woolly bean
Strophostyles umbellata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Britt.Strophostyles umbellata (Muhl.) Britton303.3Strophostyles umbellata (Muhl.)514.1Perennial woolly bean
Apios americana Medik. `Apios americana Medikus `304.1Apios apios (L.) `512.2Common ground-nut
Amphicarpaea bracteata (L.) Fern. var. comosa (L.) Fern. 0{Amphicarpaea bracteata (L.) Fern. 0{304.2Falcata comosa (L.) 0{511.2Hog-peanut
Amphicarpaea bracteata (L.) Fern. var. comosa (L.) Fern. _=Amphicarpaea bracteata (L.) Fern. _=304.2Falcata pitcheri (Torrey and Gray) _<512.1Hog-peanut
Galactia regularis (L.) B.S.P. `Galactia regularis (L.) BSP `305.1Galactia regularis (L.) `512.3Trailing milk-pea
Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merr. var. lobata (Willd.) Maesen & S. AlmeidaPueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi ><305.1not found0Adventive.
Galactia volubilis (L.) Brit. _\+Galactia volubilis (L.) Britton _\+305.2Galactia volubilis (L.) _\+513.1PNR. "The Burlington and Salem county records cited in Hough (1983) are based on misidentified specimens of G. regularis at CHRB." -Snyder, 1989.SHG5E{BU}, CM, CU, OC, {SA}Hairy milk-pea
Elaeagnus commutata Bernh. ex Rydb. ?Elaeagnus commutata Bernh. ][ ?306not found0river banks, moist hillsidesSilver-berry
Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. >< (1)Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. ><307not found0non-nativeAutumn-olive
Myriophyllum tenellum Bigelow {\+:Myriophyllum tenellum Bigelow {\+:308.1Myriophyllum tenellum Bigel. {\+:587.2SPA. "Some populations ? appear to be ephemeral, such as the two Atlantic Co. Pine Barren sites discovered by F. and R, Hirst?" -Snyder, 2000S1G5EAT, CA(1X), (CU), (GL), MI, MO(1X), OC(1)Slender water-milfoil
Myriophyllum pinnatum (Walt.) BSP +Myriophyllum pinnatum (Walter) BSP +308.2Myriophyllum pinnatum (Walt.) +588.2PNR. "Ponds of the Middle and Coast districts south to Cape May, frequent; apparently not in the Pine Barrens" -Stone.S1G5E(BU), (CA), CM*, CU, (GL), (MO), SA*Cutleaf watermilfoil
Myriophyllum humile (Raf.) Morong ~Myriophyllum humile (Raf.) Morong. ~308.3Myriophyllum humile (Raf.) ~588.1Water-milfoil
Myriophyllum verticillatum L. \+Myriophyllum verticillatum L. \+308.4Myriophyllum verticillatum (Raf.) \+588.2PNR. Stone mentions the plant within his remarks on M. humile, being apparently unaware of stations in s. Jersey.SHG5ECU, MI, OCWhorled water-milfoil
Proserpinaca palustris L. ,{Proserpinaca palustris L. ,{309.1Proserpinaca palustris L. ,{586Common mermaid-weed
Myriophyllum heterophyllum Michx.Myriophyllum heterophyllum Michx.309.1Myriophyllum heterophyllum Michaux588.3Broad-leaved water-milfoil
Proserpinaca pectinata Lam. ~Proserpinaca pectinata Lam. ~309.2Proserpinaca pectinata Lam. ~587.1Common mermaid-weed
Decodon verticillatus (L.) Ell. `Decodon verticillatus (L.) Elliott. `310.1Decodon verticillatus (L.) `575.1Swamp loosestife
Rotala ramosior (L.) Koehne `\++Rotala ramosior (L.) Koehne `\++310.2Rotala ramosior (L.) `\++574.2(SPA)S3G5(AT), BU, (CA), CM, (CU), (GL), (SA)Tooth-cup
Ammannia latifolia L.+Ammannia latifolia L.+311.1Ammania koehnei +574.3Ammannia teres Raf.; Ammannia koehnei Britt.PNR. Stone included it in a footnote, knowing it only from the Hackensack Marshes.S1G5ECM(2)Pink redstem
Lythrum alatum Pursh var. alatum ^++Lythrum alatum Pursh var. alatum ^++311.2Lythrum alatum Pursh ^++576.1(SPA?) Stone cites a record from Williamstown Jnc. at PH.S3G5T5(CM, GL, OC)Winged loosestrife
Lythrum salicaria L. ><Lythrum salicaria L. ><311.2Lythrum salicaria L. ><574.4Purple loosestrife
Lythrum lineare L. [Lythrum lineare L. [311.3Lythrum lineare L. [575.2Narrow-leaved loosestrife
Lythrum hyssopifolium L.Lythrum hyssopifolium L.311.5not found0not on Snyder's current list, but published in the Endangered Plant Species report (see Breden, et al.)S1(?)G5ECA(1X)Annual loosestrife
Cuphea viscosissima Jacq.Cuphea viscosissima Jacq.312.1Parsonsia petiolata (L.)576.2Blue wax-weed
Dirca palustris L. ++Dirca palustris L. ++312.2Dirca palustris L. ++574.1(PNR?)S2G4(CA), (CM), (GL), MI, MO, SALeatherwood
Ludwigia alternifolia L. `Ludwigia alternifolia L. `314Ludvigia alternifolia L. `582.1Square-pod water-primrose
Ludwigia peploides (Kunth) Raven ssp. glabrescens (Kuntze) RavenLudwigia peploides (HBK) Raven var. glabrescens (Kuntze) Shinners314.1not found0Jussiaea repens L., Jussiaea diffusa auct. non Forssk. [misapplied]Heritage lists as exotic. Apparently introduced around Phila. as early as 1905 (Keller & Brown).Creeping water-primrose
Ludwigia hirtella Raf. ~\+Ludwigia hirtella Raf. ~\+315.1Ludvigia hirtella Raf. ~\+581.1SPA.S2G5(AT), BU, (CA), CM, (CU)Rafinesque's water-primrose
Ludwigia sphaerocarpa Ell. `Ludwigia sphaerocarpa Elliott `315.2Ludvigia sphaerocarpa Ell. `580.2Round-pod water-primrose
Ludwigia linearis Walt. ~\+Ludwigia linearis Walter ~\+315.3Ludvigia linearis Walt. ~\+581.2SPA.S2G5AT, (BU), CMNarrow-leaved water-primrose
Ludwigia brevipes (B.H. Long ex Britt., A. Braun & Small) Eames {{\Ludwigia brevipes (Long) Eames {{\315.4Ludwigiantha arcuata (Walt.) {{\ [misapp]579Ludwigiantha brevipes B.H. Long ex Britt., A. Braun & Small(PNR?) "Discovered and last collected by Bayard Long in 1908." -S&V. Apparently, first effectively published in the Britton & Brown Illustrated Flora, second ed. (1913). Stone, however, published what appears to be Long's first public statement on it.SX.1G4G5OC(1X)Coastal plain water-purslane
Ludwigia palustris (L.) Ell. ^|||Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott. ^ |||315.5Isnardia palustris L. ^580.1Common water purslane
Epilobium angustifolium L. ssp. circumvagum MosquinEpilobium angustifolium L. var. canescens Wood `316Chamaenerion angustifolium (L.) `582.2Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub ssp. circumvagum (Mosquin) Kartesz, comb. nov. ined.Fireweed
Epilobium strictum Muhl. ex Spreng. ++Epilobium strictum Muhl. ++316.2Epilobium molle Torr.582.3(SPA?) "Locally in swamps of the northern counties, once reported from within our limits at Pemberton?" -Stone.S2G5?(BU), CANortheastern willow-herb
Epilobium coloratum Biehler `Epilobium coloratum Biehler `317Epilobium coloratum Muhl. `583.1Eastern willow-herb
Oenothera biennis L. 0,{Oenothera biennis L. 0,{318Oenothera biennis (L.) 0,{583.2dry, roadsides; intr. WeedEvening primrose
Oenothera oakesiana (Gray) J.W. Robbins ex S. Wats. & Coult. ++Oenothera parviflora L. var. oakesiana (Gray) Fern. ++318.1not found0(SPA?) "Resembling [Oe. biennis] and often mistaken for it?" -G&C. "A distinctive taxon, but apparently overlooked" -Snyder.S2G4G5QAT*, CM, OC*, MO*Oakes' evening primrose
Oenothera humifusa Nutt. ((\+Oenothera humifusa Nutt. ((\+319.1Oenothera humifusa Nutt. ((\+583.3PNR.S2G5EAT(1), CM(2), OCSpreading evening-primrose
Oenothera laciniata Hill 0^Oenothera laciniata Hill 0^319.2Oenothera laciniata Hill. 0^583.4a weed in cultivated ground; MD,Cut-leaf evening-primrose
Oenothera fruticosa L. ssp. fruticosa ^Oenothera fruticosa L. ^319.3Kneiffia longipedicellata Small. ^584.2Oenothera fruticosa var. linearis(AT, BU, CA, CM, GL, MO, OC, SA)Southern sundrops
Oenothera fruticosa L. ssp. fruticosa ^ =Oenothera fruticosa L. ^ =319.3Kneiffia linearis (Michx.) ^ =584.1Oenothera fruticosa var. lineariscommon;Southern sundrops
Oenothera fruticosa L. ssp. fruticosa =Oenothera fruticosa L. =319.3Kneiffia fruticosa (L.) =585.1Southern sundrops
Oenothera perennis L. 0^++Oenothera perennis L. 0^++320Kneiffia pumila (L.) 0^++585.2(SPA) Stone cites records from Atco and Williamstown Jnc. (at PH).S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, GL, OC)Little sundrops
Gaura biennis L.Gaura biennis L.321.1Gaura biennis L.585.3(PNR?)S3G5(CA, CM, SA)Biennial gaura
Circaea lutetiana L.Circaea lutetiana L.321.2Circaea lutetiana L.585.4Common Enchanter's nightshade
Rhexia aristosa Britt. ~\+Rhexia aristosa Britton ~\+322Rhexia aristosa Britton ~\+577SPA.S1G3EAT(1), CM(1)Bristly meadow-beauty
Rhexia virginica L. `Rhexia virginica L. `323.1Rhexia virginica L. `576.3Virginia meadow-beauty/Wing-stem meadow-pitchers
Rhexia mariana L. ~Rhexia mariana L. ~323.2Rhexia mariana L. ~578Maryland meadow-beauty/Dull meadow-pitcher
Rhexia interior Pennell ++Rhexia interior Pennell ++323.2Rhexia mariana L.?>578Rhexia ventricosa Fern. & Griscom; Rhexia mariana L. var. ventricosa (Fern. & Grisc.) Kral &PNR. Not clear "whether this taxon has been simply overlooked in the past or whether it has been expanding its range northward in recent years" -Snyder, 2000S1G5T4T5ECM(5)Showy meadow-pitcher
Cornus amomum P. Mill. 0Cornus amomum Miller 0324.1Cornus amomum Mill. 0602.1Knob-styled dogwood
Cornus alternifolia L. f.Cornus alternifolia L. f.324.1Cornus alternifolia L. f.603.2Pagoda-dogwood
Cornus foemina P. Mill. +Cornus stricta Lam. +324.2not found0PNR. Not in Hough's text; listed in the 1989 supplement.S2G5BU, {CM}Stiff dogwood
Cornus sericea L. ssp. sericeaCornus sericea L.324.3Cornus stolonifera602.2Stone, (footnote): "There is no evidence and little likelihood of this species occurring within our range." Nevertheless, Hough indicates MO, OC, and CA as escapes.(BU, CA, OC)--escaped, per HoughRed osier-dogwood
Cornus racemosa Lam.Cornus racemosa Lam.324.5Cornus paniculata L'Her603.1Northern swamp-dogwood
Cornus florida L. 0,{'Cornus florida L. 0,{'325.1Cornus florida L. 0,{'601.2woodsFlowering dogwood
Nyssa sylvatica Marsh. `Nyssa sylvatica Marshall `325.2Nyssa sylvatica Marsh. `603.3Sour gum
Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. ssp. umbellata 0^Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. 0^326Comandra umbellata (L.) 0^418.1Bastard toadflax
Phoradendron leucarpum (Raf.) Reveal & M.C. Johnston `\+Phoradendron serotinum (Raf.) M.C. Jonston `\+327Phoradendron flavescens (Pursh) `\+416.2SPA.S2G5(AT), (BU), (CA), CM, CU, (GL), MI, MO, OC, (SA)American Christmas-mistletoe
Celastrus scandens L. {Celastrus scandens L. {328Celastrus scandens L. {543.1American bittersweet
Euonymus americana L.Euonymus americanus L.329Evonymus americanus L.542.1Strawberry-bush
Euonymus alata (Thunb.) Sieb. ><Euonymus alatus (Thunb.) Siebold ><329.1not found0Winged burning bush
Euonymus atropurpurea Jacq. ++Euonymus atropurpurea Jacq. ++329.2Evonymus atropurpureus Jaqu. ++542.2(PNR?)S1G5T5(BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC, SA)Wahoo/Burning-bush
Ilex opaca Ait. var. opaca 0,{^Ilex opaca Aiton 0,{^330.1Ilex opaca Ait. 0,{^539.1American holly
Ilex glabra (L.) Gray ~Ilex glabra (L.) A. Gray ~330.2Ilex glabra (L.) ~540.1Inkberry
Ilex verticillata (L.) Gray 0^Ilex verticillata (L.) A. Gray 0^330.3Ilex verticillata (L.) 0^540.2Winterberry
Ilex laevigata (Pursh) Gray `Ilex laevigata (L.) A. Gray `330.4Ilex laevigata (Pursh.) `541.1Smooth winterberry
Nemopanthus mucronatus (L.) Loes. `Nemopanthus mucronatus (L.) Loes. `331Ilicioides mucronata (L.) `541.2Common mt.-holly
Pachysandra procumbens Michx. ><Pachysandra procumbens Michx. ><332not found0Allegheny-spurge
Croton willdenowii G.L. Webster `\+Crotonopsis elliptica Willd. `\+334Crotonopsis linearis Michx. [misappl.] `\+526.1SPA.S2G5AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC, (SA)Willdenow's croton
Acalypha rhomboidea Raf.Acalypha rhomboidea Raf.335.1Acalypha virginica L. [misappl]526.2Rhombic copperleaf
Acalypha rhomboidea Raf.Acalypha rhomboidea Raf.335.1not found0PA, HU, SO, MI, BU, CA, AT, CU, CMRhombic copperleaf
Acalypha gracilens Gray ^Acalypha gracilens A. Gray var. gracilens ^335.2Acalypha gracilens A. Gray ^527.1BE, MI, SO, HU, ME, MO, OC, BU, CA, AT, GL, SA. CU, CMShort-stalk copperleaf
Acalypha virginica L.Acalypha virginica L.335.2Acalypha virginica L.526.2Virginia copperleaf
Euphorbia purpurea (Raf.) Fern. \++Euphorbia purpurea (Raf.) Fern. \++337Euphorbia darlintonii Gray \++529.2(PNR?) "Unknown in the state until collected near Woodstown?1895..." -Stone.S1G3ECM*, (CU), SA*Purple spurge
Euphorbia corollata L. ++Euphorbia corollata L. ++339.1Euphorbia corollata L. ++528.1(SPA?)S2G5(AT, CM, GL, MO, OC, SA)Flowering spurge
Euphorbia ipecacuanhae L. ~Euphorbia ipecacuanhae L. ~339.2Euphorbia ipecacuanhae L. ~528.2Ipecac spurge
Euphorbia ipecacuanhae L. =Euphorbia ipecacuanhae L. =339.2Euphorbia arundelana Bartlett =529.1Ipecac spurge
Chamaesyce polygonifolia (L.) Small ((Euphorbia polygonifolia L. ((339.3Euphorbia polygonifolia L. ((527.2Seaside-spurge
Chamaesyce nutans (Lag.) SmallEuphorbia nutans Lagasca340.1Euphorbia preslii Guss.527.4Eyebane
Chamaesyce maculata (L.) SmallEuphorbia maculata L.340.2Euphorbia maculata L.527.3Milk-purslane
Ceanothus americanus L.Ceanothus americanus L.341.1Ceanothus americanus L.546.2New Jersey tea
Rhamnus cathartica L.Rhamnus cathartica L.342Rhamus cathartica L. ><546.1Common buckthorn
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch. 0Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planchon. 0343Psedera quinquefolia (L.) 0548.1woods;Virginia creeper
Vitis labrusca L. 0,{Vitis labrusca L. 0,{344.1Vitis labrusca L. 0,{546.3woods, thicketsFox grape
Vitis aestivalis Michx. 0^Vitis aestivalis Michx. 0^344.2Vitis aestivalis Michx. 0^547.1(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC)Summer grape
Vitis vulpina L.Vitis vulpina L.345Vitis cordifolia Michx.547.2Frost-grape
Vitis vulpina L.Vitis vulpina L.345Vitis vulpina L.547.3Frost-grape
Linum intercursum Bickn. +:Linum intercursum E. Bickn. +:346.1not found0SPA.S1G4EAT*, BU(1), CA, CM(1), MO, OC, SABicknell's yellow flax
Linum usitatissimum L.Linum usitatissimum L.346.1Linum usitatissimum ><517.2Common flax
Linum medium (Planch.) Britt. var. texanum (Planch.) Fern. ~Linum medium (Planchon) Britton var. texanum (Planchon) Fern. (2)? ~346.2Linum floridanum (Planch.) ~518.2Common yellow flax
Linum sulcatum RiddellLinum sulcatum Riddell346.2not found0Cathartolinum sulcatum (Riddell) SmallNPL. Hough lists Bergen, Hudson, Hunterdon, Sussex and both CA and CU. Snyder (1986) references a CA record, but later (2000) indicates the specimen was misidentified.S1G5T5E(CU)Grooved yellow flax
Linum medium (Planch.) Britt. var. texanum (Planch.) Fern. ^ ?Linum medium (Planchon) Britton var. texanum (Planchon) Fern. ? ^346.3Linum medium ^518.1Common yellow flax
Linum virginianum L. '++Linum virginianum L. '++347.1Linum virginianum L. '++517.2(SPA?)S3S4G4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SA)Virginia yellow flax
Linum striatum Walt. `Linum striatum Walter. `347.2Linum striatum Walt. `518.3"swampy ground throughout"Ridgestem yellow flax
Polygala ramosa Ell. \++Polygala ramosa Elliott \++348.1not found0(PNR?) One plant was reported to persist at the only known location in the early 1960's. -S&V.SX.1G5CM(1X)Low pine-barren milkwort
Polygala paucifolia Willd.Polygala paucifolia Willd.348.1Polygala paucifolia Willd.525Flowering wintergreen
Polygala lutea L. ~Polygala lutea L. ~348.2Polygala lutea L. ~520Orange milkwort
Polygala incarnata L. \Polygala incarnata L. \348.3Polygala incarnata L. \522.3NPL. "Restricted to the lower part of the Middle district; not common" -Stone.SHG5ECA(1X), CU, GL, (SA)Pink milkwort
Polygala polygama Walt. `\++Polygala polygama Walter `\++348.4Polygala polygama Walt. `\++524.2(SPA)S2G5{AT}, {CA}, CU, {GL}, MI, {MO}, {OC}, {SA}Bitter milkwort
Polygala senega L.Polygala senega L.348.4Polygala senega L.524.1NPL. Apparently, the only station considered by Heritage to be verified is in Warren County. Stone cited a different record in the n. (Hudson Co., also shown by Hough) and CA per C. E. Smith per Britton's catalog (also indicated by Hough and S&V).S1.1G4G5E(CA)? See Note.Seneca-snakeroot
Polygala ambigua Nutt. ^++Polygala ambigua Nutt. ^++349.1Polygala ambigua Nutt. ^++522.2(SPA?) Stone cites records fr. Williamstown Jnc. (at PH) and from Hammonton (at Trenton). Hough's distrib. is for P. verticillata "incl. var. ambigua = P. ambigua." Britton, 1889 (p. 59), indicates "Frequent throught the State."S2G5?(AT, BU, GL?)Loose milkwort
Polygala verticillata L. {^++Polygala verticillata L. {^++349.2Polygala verticillata L. {^++522.1(SPA?) Stone cites records from Winslow Junction and Landisville. See P. ambigua.S3S4G5T5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC)Whorled milkwort
Polygala sanguinea L. 0^Polygala sanguinea L. 0^349.3Polygala viridescens L. 0^523.1Blood milkwort
Polygala mariana P. Mill. ~\+Polygala mariana P. Miller ~\+349.4Polygala mariana Mill. ~\+523.2PNR. (SPA)S2G5(AT), (CA), CM, CU, (GL), (MO), SAMaryland-milkwort
Polygala nuttallii Torr. & Gray `Polygala nuttallii T. & G. `349.5Polygala nuttallii Torr. & Gray. `523.3Nuttall's milkwort
Polygala brevifolia Nutt. ~Polygala brevifolia Nutt. ~349.6Polygala brevifolia Nutt. ~521.2Short-leaved milkwort
Polygala cruciata L. ~Polygala cruciata L. ~349.7Polygala cruciata L. ~521.1Cross-leaved milkwort
Staphylea trifolia L.Staphylea trifolia L.350Staphylea trifolia L.543.2Bladder-nut
Aesculus hippocastanum L. ><Aesculus hippocastanum L. ><351.1Aesculus hippocastanum ><382.3Horse-chestnut
Aesculus flava Ait. ><Aesculus flava Ait. ><351.2not found0Aesculus octandra Marsh.Sweet buckeye/Yellow buckeye
Acer platanoides L. ><Acer platanoides L. ><352not found0alienNorway maple
Acer saccharum Marsh. var. saccharumAcer saccharum Marshall352.2not found0Missing from Stone's list, but subsequently collected in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.Sugar maple
Acer rubrum L. var. rubrumAcer rubrum L.353.1Acer rubrum L.544.2dampRed maple
Acer rubrum L. var. trilobum Torr. & Gray ex K. Koch ~Acer rubrum L. ~353.2Acer rubrum carolinianum (Walt.) ~544.3Red maple
Acer saccharinum L.Acer saccharinum L.353.3Acer saccharinum L.544.1Silver maple
Acer negundo L.Acer negundo L.353.4Acer negundo L.545.1Boxelder
Acer palmatum Thunb. ><Acer spp. ><353.5not found0alienJapanese maple
Rhus glabra L.Rhus glabra L.353.6Rhus glabra L.537.2Smooth sumac
Rhus hirta (L.) Sudworth )(Rhus typhina L. )(354.1Rhus hirta (L.) )(537.1dry, open; non-nativeStaghorn-sumac
Rhus copallinum L. 0^Rhus copallinum L. 0^354.2Rhus copallinum L. 0^536Winged sumac
Toxicodendron vernix (L.) Kuntze `Toxicodendron vernix (L.) Kuntze. `354.3Rhus vernix L. `537.3wetPoison sumac
Rhus aromatica Ait. ><?Rhus aromatica Ait. ><?354.3not found0Adventive (?)Squaw-bush
Toxicodendron pubescens P. Mill. ^Toxicodendron pubescens Miller. ^354.4Rhus toxicodendron L. ^538.2sandy woods; rare in PB; MD, CMPoison-oak
Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze ssp. radicans 0Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze 0355.1Rhus radicans L. 0538.1variousPoison ivy
Ailanthus altissima (P. Mill.) Swingle ><Ailanthus altissima (Miller) Swingle ><355.2Ailanthus glandulosus ><383.1alien. Stone also keys this on p. 383.Tree of heaven
Zanthoxylum americanum P. Mill.Zanthoxylum americanum P. Miller356.1Zanthoxylum americanum Mill.519.1"reported but once within our limits--Freehold, on authority of Willis." -Stone.Common prickly ash
Ptelea trifoliata L.Ptelea trifoliata L.356.2Ptelea trifoliata L519.2NPL.S1G5T5EBUCommon hop-tree
Oxalis stricta L.Oxalis stricta L.358.1Oxalis stricta L.516.2Common yellow wood sorrel
Oxalis stricta L. =Oxalis stricta L. =358.1Oxalis filipes L. =516.3Common yellow wood sorrel
Oxalis stricta L. =Oxalis stricta L. =358.1Oxalis cymosa Small =517.1Common yellow wood sorrel
Oxalis violacea L. 'Oxalis violacea L. '359.1Oxalis violacea L. '516.1Violet wood sorrel
Geranium maculatum L. 0Geranium maculatum L. 0359.2Geranium maculatum L. 0515.1Wild geranium
Geranium columbinum L. ><Geranium columbinum L. ><360Geranium columbinum ><514.3Longstalk crane's-bill
Geranium molle L. ><Geranium molle L. ><360Geranium molle ><514.5Dove's-foot crane's-bill
Geranium robertianum L. {Geranium robertianum L. {360.1Geranium robertianum {515.2Herb-Robert
Geranium carolinianum L. var. carolinianum 0^Geranium carolinianum L. 0^360.2Geranium carolinianum L. 0^515.3not common in PB, prob intr; throughoutCarolina cranesbill
Geranium pusillum L. ><Geranium pusillum L. ><361.1Geranium pusillum ><514.4Small-flowered crane's-bill
Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'H?r. ex Ait. ssp. cicutarium ><Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Her ><361.2Erodium cicutarium ><514.2common weedStorksbill
Impatiens capensis Meerb. 0,{|||Impatiens capensis Meerb. 0,{|||362Impatiens biflora Walt. 0,{|||545.2moist to w.Orange touch-me-not
Impatiens pallida Nutt.Impatiens pallida Nutt.362.2Impatiens pallida Nuttall545.3Stone reports one s. Jersey station in MoorestownYellow touch-me-not
Aralia nudicaulis L. ^Aralia nudicaulis L. ^363.1Aralia nudicaulis L. ^589.2rather rare in PB; N, MD, CoastWild sarsaparilla
Aralia hispida Vent. ++Aralia hispida Vent. ++363.2Aralia hispida Vent. ++590.1(SPA?)S3S4G5(AT, MI, MO)Bristly sarsaparilla
Aralia racemosa L.Aralia racemosa L.363.3Aralia racemosa L.589.1NPL.S3S4G4G5T4T5(BU, CA, MI, MO)Spikenard
Aralia spinosa L.Aralia spinosa L.363.4Aralia spinosa L.589.3Hercules' club
Panax trifolius L.Panax trifolius L.364.1Panax trifolium L.590.2Dwarf ginseng
Hydrocotyle umbellata L.Hydrocotyle umbellata L.369.1Hydrocotyle umbellata L.592.1Water-pennywort
Hydrocotyle verticillata Thunb. var. verticillata {{\++Hydrocotyle verticillata Thunb. {{\++369.2Hydrocotyle verticillata Thunb. {{\++593.1(SPA?)S2G5T5(AT), (CA), CM, (CU), MO, (OC)Whorled pennywort
Hydrocotyle prolifera KelloggHydrocotyle verticillata var. triradiata (A.Rich.) Fern.369.2Hydrocotyle canbyi C. & R.592.2
Hydrocotyle americana L.Hydrocotyle americana L.369.3Hydrocotyle americana L.593.2Marsh-pennywort
Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L. f. \Hydrocotyle ranunculoides L. f. \369.4not found0NPL.S1G5EMI*, SA(1)Buttercup-pennywort
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Lam.Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Lam.369.5not found0Adventive.Lawn-pennywort
Centella erecta (L.f.) Fern. \_Centella erecta (L.f.) Fern. \_369.6not found0(PNR?) "Known from a single station discovered ...in the late 1950's. Not found in recent years. -S&V.SX.1G5CMErect centella
Eryngium aquaticum L. var. aquaticum [+Eryngium aquaticum L. [+369.7Eryngium aquaticum L. [+594.2SPAS3G4T4AT, BU, {CA}, CM, {CU}, {GL}, {MO}, OCMarsh-Eryngo
Eryngium yuccifolium Michx. var. yuccifolium \++Eryngium yuccifolium Michx. \++370.1Eryngium yuccifolium Michx. \++594.3(SPA) See Stone's remarks indicating it had been seen and/or collected more than once in the Pine Barrens. "Last collected in 1912" -S&V.SXG5T5(BU), CA(1X)Rattlesnake-master
Sanicula canadensis L. 0Sanicula canadensis L. 0370.2Sanicula canadensis L. 0593.4Canada-Sanicle
Sanicula marilandica L. 'Sanicula marilandica L. '370.2Sanicula marilandica L. '593.3Black snakeroot
Sanicula odorata (Raf.) K.M. Pryer & L.R. PhillippeSanicula gregaria E. Bickn.370.3Sanicula gregaria Bicknell594.1Yellow-flowered sanicle
Aegopodium podagraria L. ><Aegopodium podagraria L. ><371not found0Goutweed
Osmorhiza longistylis (Torr.) DC.Osmorhiza longistylis (Torr.) DC.371.1Washingtonia longistylis (Torr.)595.2Long-styled sweet cicely
Cryptotaenia canadensis (L.) DC.Cryptotaenia canadensis (L.) DC.371.1Deringa canadensis L.597.1Honewort
Osmorhiza claytonii (Michx.) C.B. ClarkeOsmorhiza claytonii (Michx.) C.B. Clarke371.2Washingtonia claytoni (Mich.)595.4Stone includes in a footnote, citing unconfirmed records from Middletown and Camden, which are also reflected in Hough.Bland sweet cicely
Chaerophyllum procumbens (L.) Crantz var. procumbens \Chaerophyllum procumbens (L.) Crantz var. procumbens \373Chaerophyllum procumbens (L.) \595.1NPL.S3G5T5(BU), (CA), (GL)Spreading chervil
Daucus carota L. ><Daucus carota L. ><375.1Daucus carrota ><591.1Wild carrot
Zizia aurea (L.) W.D.J. KochZizia aurea (L.) Koch377.1Zizia aurea (L.)595.3Common golden alexanders
Taenidia integerrima (L.) Drude ++Taenidia integerrima (L.) Drude ++377.1Taenidia integerrima (L.) ++597.3(SPA?) Stone mentions unconfirmed s. Jersey records in a footnote.S3S4G5(MO, OC, SA)Yellow pimpernel
Thaspium barbinode (Michx.) Nutt.Thaspium barbinode (Michx.) Nutt.378not found0NPL. Hough shows it "scattered though north Jersey," but it doesn't appear on any of the Heritage lists for the northern counties.SXG5CA, GLBearded meadow-parsnip
Zizia aptera (Gray) Fern.Zizia aptera (A. Gray) Fern.378.1Zizia cordata (Walt)596.1Heart-leaved golden alexanders
Thaspium trifoliatum (L.) GrayThaspium trifoliatum (L.) A. Gray378.2Thaspium trifoliatum L.599.1Smooth meadow-parsnip
Sium suave Walt. 0,{Sium suave Walter 0,{379Sium cicutaefolium Gm. 0,{597.2Water-parsnip
Oxypolis rigidior (L.) Raf. ~Oxypolis rigidior (L.) Raf. ~380.1Oxypolis rigidior longifolia Pursh. ~600.2O. rigidior var. ambigua"Apparently restricted to swamps of the Pine Barrens"Common water-dropwort
Cicuta maculata L. var. maculata 0Cicuta maculata L. 0380.1Cicuta maculata L. 0596.2Common water-hemlock
Oxypolis rigidior (L.) Raf. 0,{^Oxypolis rigidior (L/) Raf. 0,{^380.2Oxypolis rigidior (L.) 0,{^600.1wet; rare in PB; MD, CMCommon water-dropwort
Cicuta bulbifera L.Cicuta bulbifera L.380.2Cicuta bulbifera L.596.3Bulbiliferous water-hemlock
Ptilimnium capillaceum (Michx.) Raf. [Ptilimnium capillaceum (Michx.) Raf. [381.1Ptilimnium capillaceum (Michx) [598.1Atlantic mock bishop-weed
Lilaeopsis chinensis (L.) Kuntze [Lilaeopsis chinensis (L.) Kuntze [382.1Lilaeopsis lineata Michaux [598.2Eastern grasswort
Pastinaca sativa L. ><Pastinaca sativa L. ><382.2Pastinaca sativa ><591.2Parsnip
Heracleum maximum Bartr.Heracleum lanatum Michx.382.3Heracleum lanatum Michx.601.1Cow-parsnip
Angelica atropurpurea L.Angelica atropurpurea L.383.1Angelica atropurpurea599.3Stone, in a footnote, cites one disclaimed and two unverified records for s. Jersey, from Britton. Hough may be citing the same.(BU, GL, SA)?Purplestem-angelica
Angelica venenosa (Greenway) Fern. 0'++Angelica venenosa (Greenway) Fern. 0'++383.2Angelica villosa (Walt.) 0'++599.2(PNR?)S2G5(BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC)Hairy angelica
Sabatia difformis (L.) Druce ~Sabatia difformis (L/) Druce. ~387.1Sabbatia lanceolata (Walt.) ~638.2Lanceleaf rose gentian
Sabatia angularis (L.) Pursh 0{,{Sabatia angularis (L.) Pursh 0{,{387.2Sabatia angularis (L.) 0{,{638.3Common marsh-pink
Sabatia campanulata (L.) Torr. +Sabatia campanulata (L.) Torr. +387.3Sabatia gracilis (Michx.) +639.2PNR; coastal.S3G5OCSlender marsh-pink
Sabatia dodecandra (L.) B.S.P. var. dodecandra [\+Sabatia dodecandra (L.) BSP var. dodecandra [\+387.4Sabatia dodecandra (L.) [\+640.1PNR.S2G5?T4T5{AT}, {BU}, {CM}, (MI), OCPerennial sea-pink
Sabatia stellaris Pursh [Sabatia stellaris Pursh [387.4Sabatia stellaris Pursh [639.1Annual sea-pink
Centaurium pulchellum (Sw.) Druce ><Centaurium pulchellum (Swartz) Druce ><388.1Erythraea pulchella ><638.1Branching centaury
Gentiana autumnalis L. ~\+Gentiana autumnalis L. ~\+389Gentiana porphyrio J.F. Gmel. ~\+640.2SPA. May occur in relatively dry habitats, at the base of slopes or in the vicinity of clay lenses.S3G3AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, MO, OCPine barrens gentian
Gentiana saponaria L.Gentiana saponaria L.389.2Gentiana saponaria L.642.1(PNR?)S3G5T?(BU, CA, CM, GL, MO, SA)Soapwort-gentian
Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. var. andrewsii {Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. {390Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. {641.3Prairie-closed gentian/Bottle gentian
Gentiana villosa L. ++Gentiana villosa L. ++390.2Gentiana villosa L. ++641.2NPL. "A single specimen found near Bridgeton?in 1881?" -Stone.SX.1G4CU(1X)Striped gentian
Gentianopsis crinita (Froel.) Ma {Gentianopsis crinita (Froel.) Ma {391Gentiana crinita Froel. {641.1Fringed gentian
Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small ssp. quinquefolia ?Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small ssp. quinquefolia ?391.2Gentiana quinqueflora Lam.641.4Stone includes in a footnote citing a station listed by Willis in Freehold, apparently the farthest south record.Stiff gentian
Bartonia virginica (L.) BSP `Bartonia virginica (L.) BSP `392.1Bartonia virginica (L.) `643.1Yellow bartonia
Bartonia paniculata (Michx.) Muhl. ssp. paniculata `Bartonia paniculata (Michx.) Muhl. `392.2Bartonia paniculata (Michx.) `642.2Screw-stem
Obolaria virginica L. \++Obolaria virginica L. \++392.3Obolaria virginica L. \++643.2(SPA) Found by Ted Gordon in Brendan T. Byrne S.F.S2G5(CA), (CU), (GL), (OC), (SA)Pennywort
Apocynum androsaemifolium L. ^Apocynum androsaemifolium L. ^394.1Apocynum androsaemifolium L. ^645.2Spreading dogbane
Apocynum cannabinum L. ^ =Apocynum cannabinum L. ^ =394.2Apocynum cannabinum pubescens R. Br. ^ =646.3Indian hemp
Apocynum cannabinum L.Apocynum cannabinum L.394.2Apocynum cannabinum L.646.2Indian hemp
Apocynum ×floribundum Greene (pro sp.) [androsaemifolium × cannabinum] ^Apocynum x floribundum Greene ^394.3Apocynum medium Greene ^646.1"Hybridization is rampant in the group" -G&C
Asclepias tuberosa L. ssp. tuberosa 0^Asclepias tuberosa L. var. tuberosa 0^396.1Asclepias tuberosa L. 0^647Butterfly weed
Asclepias verticillata L. ^\+Asclepias verticillata L. ^\+396.2Asclepias verticillata L. ^\+651.2SPA; rare in PB; locally throughout, "nowhere common" -Stone.S2G5{AT}, BU, CA, CM, {CU}, GL, MI, (MO), {SA}Whorled milkweed
Asclepias incarnata L. ssp. pulchra (Ehrh. ex Willd.) Woods. ,{|||Asclepias incarnata L. var. pulchra (Ehrh.) Pers. ,{|||396.3Asclepias pulchra Ehrh. ,{|||649.1wetSwamp milkweed
Asclepias exaltata L.Asclepias exaltata L.397Asclepias exaltata (L.)650.1NPL.S3S4G5(BU, MO)Poke milkweed
Asclepias purpurascens L. ++Asclepias purpurascens L. ++397Asclepias purpurascens L. ++648.1(PNR?) "Frequent in dry ground of the northern counties and rather rare southward ? in the Middle district only" -Stone.S3S4G4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, GL, MO, SA )Purple milkweed
Asclepias amplexicaulis Sm. `Asclepias amplexicaulis J.E. Smith `397.1Asclepias amplexicaulis Michx. `648.3Clasping milkweed
Asclepias syriaca L. ^Asclepias syriaca L. ^397.2Asclepias syriaca L. ^651.1Common milkweed
Asclepias variegata L. 0^\+Asclepias variegata L. 0^\+397.3Asclepias variegata L. 0^\+649.2SPA.S2G5AT*, BU*, CA, CM*, CU, GL*, MO, SARedring milkweed
Asclepias lanceolata Walt. [\+Asclepias lanceolata Walter [\+397.4Asclepias lanceolata Walt. [\+650.3SPA.S2G5AT, BU, CM, OCFewflower milkweed
Asclepias quadrifolia Jacq.Asclepias quadrifolia Jacq.397.5Asclepias quadrifolia Jacq.650.2Fourleaf milkweed
Asclepias rubra L. ~\+Asclepias rubra L. ~\+398Asclepias rubra L. ~\+648.2SPA.S2G4G5AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MI, MO, OC, SARed milkweed
Asclepias viridiflora Raf. ++Asclepias viridiflora Raf. ++398.2Acerates viridiflora (Raf) ++651.3(PNR?)S3S4G5(CM, MO)Green comet milkweed
Cynanchum louiseae Kartesz & GandhiVincetoxicum nigrum (L.) Moench.399not found0Cynanchum nigrum (L.) Pers.Adventive.
Physalis heterophylla NeesPhysalis heterophylla Nees402.1Physalis herophylla Nees.675.1Clammy groundcherry
Physalis longifolia Nutt. var. subglabrata (Mackenzie & Bush) Cronq.Physalis longifolia Nutt. var. subglabrata (Mackenzie & Bush) Cronq.402.2Physalis heterophylla Nees. [misappl.] ?675.2(SPA?) Stone listed only P. heterophylla but added, "This and several other species are credited to our region, but they are all so generally weeds that it is impossible to determine if they are native here?"S3S4G5T4T5(AT, BU, CA, CM, MO, SA)Longleaf groundcherry
Physalis grisea (Waterfall) M. Martinez ++Physalis pubescens L. var. grisea Waterfall ++403.1Physalis spp. ?675.2Physalis pruinosa "of authors, perhaps not L." -G&C(SPA?) "A particularly obscure taxon with unstable nomenclature. The genus is poorly collected in the state." -Snyder, 2000.S1G5?(CA, OC) ?
Physalis pubescens L. var. integrifolia (Dunal) Waterfall ++Physalis pubescens L. var. integrifolia (Dunal) Waterfall ++403.1Physalis spp. ?675.2(SPA?) "The distribution, abundance, and habitats of the two varieties are poorly known." -WeakleySHG5T5?Q(CA, OC) ?Husk tomato
Solanum dulcamara L. ><Solanum dulcamara L. ><404.1Solanum dulcamara ><674.9Climbing nightshade
Solanum nigrum L.Solanum nigrum L.404.2Solanum nigrum L.675.3Black nightshade
Solanum carolinense L. ><Solanum carolinense L. ><404.3Solanum carolinense ><675.4Horse nettle
Datura stramonium L. ><Datura stramonium L. ><406.1Datura stramonium ><674.7Jimson weed
Datura stramonium L. ><Datura stramonium L. ><406.1Datura tatula ><674.8Jimson weed
Stylisma pickeringii (Torr. ex M.A. Curtis) Gray var. pickeringii ~\+Stylisma pickeringii (Torr.) A. Gray var. pickeringii ~\+408.1Breweria pickeringii (M.A. Curtis) ~\+652.1SPA.S1G4T2T3EAT, BU(7&4X), (MO), OC(4)Pickering's morning-glory
Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. ssp. americana 0^Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. 0^408.2Convolvulus sepium L. 0^653.3Hedge false bindweed
Convolvulus arvensis L. ><Convolvulus arvensis L. ><408.2Convolvulus arvensis ><652.2
Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. ssp. angulata Brummitt ++Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. ++408.3Convolvulus sepium repens L.654.1(SPA?) Rank as per NatureServe as of 12/14/06. Not included in Snyder's 2005 list.S2S4G5T5?Hedge false bindweed
Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. ssp. erratica {{++Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. {{++408.3Convolvulus sepium L. >?{{++654.1NPL. "Several native subspecies (as well as exotic subspecies) of Calystegia sepium recognized by Kartesz (1999), following Brummitt's treatment." -NatureServeSH.1G5T?EBUHedge false bindweed
Ipomoea pandurata (L.) G.F.W. Mey. ^Ipomoea pandurata (L.) G. Meyer ^409Ipomoea pandurata (L.) ^653.1Newtonville; "nearly all parts of the State, but nowhere very common"Man of the earth
Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh ++Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh ++409.1Convolvulus spithamaeus L. ++653.2(SPA?) "Local, and at some stations certainly a weed" -Stone.S1G4G5T4T5E(BU), CA, CU, MI, (MO), SALow false bindweed
Ipomoea purpurea (L.) Roth ><Ipomoea purpurea (L.) Roth ><409.2Ipomoea purpurea ><652.3
Ipomoea hederacea Jacq. ><Ipomoea hederacea Jacq. ><409.3Ipomoea hederacea ><652.4
Ipomoea lacunosa L. ><Ipomoea lacunosa L. ><409.5Ipomoea lacunosa ><653.4"entirely an introduced species within our limits" -Stone. Listed as exotic by Heritage.
Cuscuta compacta Juss. ex Choisy var. compacta `Cuscuta compacta A. L. Juss. `411.1Cuscuta compacta Juss. `655.4?Compact dodder
Cuscuta pentagona Engelm. var. pentagona `Cuscuta pentagona Engelm. `411.2Cuscuta arvensis Beyrich. `655.2Field dodder
Cuscuta indecora Choisy var. neuropetala (Engelm.) A.S. Hitchc.++Cuscuta indecora Choisy ++411.3not found0(PNR?)S1.1G5T2T4ECMBigseed alfalfa dodder
Cuscuta gronovii Willd. ex J.A. Schultes var. gronovii 0Cuscuta gronovii Willd. 0411.4Cuscuta gronovii Willd. 0655.1Scaldweed
Cuscuta polygonorum Engelm. ++Cuscuta polygonorum Engelm. ++411.5not found0(PNR?)S2G5BU*, CA, CM*, CU, (GL)*, SA*Smartweed dodder
Cuscuta coryli Engelm. +Cuscuta coryli Engelm. +411.6not found0SPA.S2G5T2T4AT*, BU, (CM)*,CU*, SA*Hazel dodder
Cuscuta cephalanthi Engelm. ~\+:Cuscuta cephalanthi Engelm. ~\+:412.1Cuscuta cephalanthi Engelm. ~\+:655.3SPA.S1G5EBU*, (CA), (CU), (GL), (OC), (SA)Buttonbush dodder
Cuscuta epithymum (L.) L. ><Cuscuta epithymum L. ><412.2Cuscuta epithymum ><654.2
Menyanthes trifoliata L. '__Menyanthes trifoliata L. '__412.3Menyanthes trifoliata L. '__644.1(PNR?)S3G5(BU, CA, GL, CM)Buckbean
Nymphoides cordata (Ell.) Fern. `+Nymphoides cordata (Elliott) Fern. `+413Limnanthemum lacunosum (Vent.) `+644.2SPA.S3G5AT, BU, CU, GL, OC, SALittle Floating heart
Nymphoides aquatica (J.F. Gmel.) KuntzeNymphoides aquatica (J.F. Gmel.) Kuntze413.2Limnanthemum aquaticum (Walt.)645.1NPL. Stone refers to a specimen at New Brunswick, from a pond near Bridgeton, but apparently it was based on a misidentification or was never confirmed, as neither Snyder, nor USDA, nor NatureServe list it for NJ.S( )G5(CU) ?Big floating heart
Phlox pilosa L. \++Phlox pilosa L. \++414Phlox pilosa L. \++656.3(SPA?) "Despite diligent searching by botanists in recent years, no extant stations are currently known. Last collected from Morris Co. in 1936 by J.L. Edwards." -S&VSHG5T5EBU, (GL), (MI), (OC)Downy phlox
Phlox divaricata L.Phlox divaricata L.414.2not found0NPL. Snyder documents as native only occurrences from MO, Warren, and (presumably) MI or Somerset. "The species is frequently cultivated and other collections and reports appear to me to be based on garden escapes." -Snyder, 2000S1G5T3T5E(CA)?, (GL)?, MO*Wild blue phlox
Phlox subulata L.Phlox subulata L.414.3Phlox subulata L.657.1Moss phlox
Phlox maculata L. var. maculata 0'++Phlox maculata L. 0'++415Phlox maculata L. 0'++656.2(PNR?)S3G5TNR(BU, CA, CM, GL, OC, SA)Wild sweetwilliam
Polemonium reptans L. \Polemonium reptans L. \416Polemonium reptans L. \657.2NPL.S1G5EBU(1X), (CA), SA(2)Greek valerian
Ipomopsis rubra (L.) Wherry ><Gilia rubra (L.) A. A. Heller ><416.2Gilia rubra L. ><656.1
Hydrophyllum virginianum L.Hydrophyllum virginianum L.418.1Hydrophyllum virginianum L.657.3Eastern waterleaf
Mertensia virginica (L.) Pers. ex LinkMertensia virginica (L.) Pers.421Mertensia virginica (L.)658.2Virginia bluebells
Myosotis laxa Lehm. ^Myosotis laxa Lehm. ^422.1Myosotis laxa Lehm. ^659.1White Horse (pos intr); N, MDBay forget-me-not
Myosotis verna Nutt. 0++Myosotis verna Nutt. 0++422.2Myosotis virginica (L.) 0++659.2S3S4G5(SPA?) (BU, CA, CM, GL, OC, SA)Spring forget-me-not
Hackelia virginiana (L.) I.M. JohnstonHackelia virginiana (L.) I.M. Johnston424.1Lappula virginiana (L.)658.1Beggarslice
Cynoglossum officinale L. ><Cynoglossum officinale L. ><425Cynoglossum officinale ><658.3
Buglossoides arvensis (L.) I.M. Johnston ><Lithospermum arvense L. ><426.1Lithospermum arvense ><658.4Corn -gromwell
Onosmodium virginianum (L.) A. DC. ^\+:Onosmodium virginianum (L.) A. DC. ^\+:426.2Onosmodium virginianum (L.) ^\+:659.3SPA. A single extant population known. -Snyder, 2000.S1G4EAT, BU, CA(5X), CU(1), GL, (MI), MO, OC, SAEastern false gromwell
Echium vulgare L. ><Echium vulgare L. ><427Echium vulgare ><658.5Blue-weed
Verbena urticifolia L. ^++Verbena urticifolia L. ^++429Verbena urticifolia L. ^++660.1(SPA) Stone cites a record from Landisville (at Trenton) and another from Weymouth (at PH).S3S4G5T?(AT, BU, CA, CM, GL, MO, OC)White vervain
Verbena hastata L. 0,{Verbena hastata L. 0,{429.2Verbena hastata L. 0,{660.2Swamp verbena
Verbena simplex Lehm. ^+:Verbena simplex Lehm. ^+:430Verbena angustifolia Michx. ^+:661.1SPA.S1G5EAT(1), BU, CA(1X), CM, GL, MI, MO, OCNarrowleaf vervain
Phyla lanceolata (Michx.) Greene {{++Phyla lanceolata (Michx.) Greene {{++431Lippia lanceolata Michx. {{++661.2(PNR?) "Found only at Wildwood" -Stone.SHG5ECM(1X)Fogfruit
Phryma leptostachya L.Phryma leptostachya L.431.2Phryma leptostachya L.697.2Lopseed
Isanthus brachiatus (L.) B.S.P. \Isanthus brachiatus (L.) BSP \435Isanthus brachiatus (L.) \664.1Trichostema brachiatum L.NPL.S1G4G5E(CA), (MO)False pennyroyal
Teucrium canadense L.Teucrium canadense L.435.1Teucrium canadense L.663.1American germander
Teucrium canadense L. var. canadense [=Teucrium canadense L. var. canadense [=435.2Teucrium canadense littorale (Bicknell) [=663.2American germander
Trichostema dichotomum L. `Trichostema dichotomum L. `436.1Trichostema dichotomum L. `664.2Blue curls
Trichostema setaceum Houtt. ~++Trichostema setaceum Houtt. ~++436.2Trichostema lineare Nutt. ~++664.3(SPA)S2G5BU*, CA, CM*, GL, MO, OC, SA*Narrowleaf bluecurls
Scutellaria integrifolia L. 0^Scutellaria integrifolia L. 0^437.1Scutellaria integrifolia L. 0^665.3Helmet flower
Scutellaria elliptica Muhl. ex Spreng. var. elliptica 'Scutellaria elliptica Muhl. ex Spreng. var. elliptica '437.1Scutellaria pilosa Michx. '665.2Hairy skullcap
Scutellaria lateriflora L. 0|||Scutellaria lateriflora L. 0|||437.2Scutellaria lateriflora L. 0|||665.1moistBlue skullcap
Scutellaria leonardii Epling \Scutellaria leonardii Epling \437.3not found0Scutellaria parvula Michx. var. missouriensis (Torr.) Goodman & Lawson \(SPA?)S1G4T4EMI, SA
Scutellaria galericulata L. 'Scutellaria galericulata L. '437.4Scutellaria galericulata L. '666.1Marsh skullcap
Scutellaria nervosa PurshScutellaria nervosa Pursh438.1not found0NPL.S2G5(BU), (GL)Veiny skullcap
Hedeoma pulegioides (L.) Pers. 0^Hedeoma pulegioides (L.) Pers. 0^438.2Hedeoma pulegioides (L.) 0^668.3 local in PB, perhaps intr; throughoutAmerican false pennyroyal
Clinopodium vulgare L. ^Satureja vulgaris (L.) Fritsch. ^440Clinopodium vulgare L. ^669.1"intr as a weed"; N, MDWild basil
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Schrad. 0'Pycnanthemum flexuosum (Walter) BSP 0'441Koellia flexuosa (Walt.) 0'669.2Narrowleaf mountainmint
Pycnanthemum clinopodioides Torr. & GrayPycnanthemum clinopodioides T. & G.441.1not found0NPL.S1G2ECA(1X), GL*Basil mountainmint
Pycnanthemum setosum Nutt. {{+Pycnanthemum setosum Nutt. {{+442.1Koellia aristata (Michx.) {{+670.3PNR.S3G3?(AT), (BU), (CM), (CU), OCAwned mountainmint
Pycnanthemum incanum (L.) Michx. var. incanum ^Pycnanthemum incanum (L.) Michx. ^442.2Koellia incana (L.) ^671.1local & irregular in PB; throughoutHoary mountainmint
Pycnanthemum muticum (Michx.) Pers. `Pycnanthemum muticum (Michx.) Pers. `442.3Koellia mutica (Michx.) `671.2Clustered mountainmint
Pycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers. var. verticillatum `Pycnanthemum verticillatum (Michx.) Pers. `442.4Koellia verticillata (Michx.) `670.2Whorled mountainmint
Pycnanthemum torrei Benth. ++Pycnanthemum torrei Benth. ++442.5not found0(SPA?) Apparently not recently collected in s. Jersey. See Snyder, 1994, for the challenges associated with separating this taxon from others in the genus, esp. P. verticillatum. Shape and size of calyx lobes are "the most reliable characters."S1G2EGL*, MI*, MO*Torrey's mountainmint
Pycnanthemum virginianum (L.) T. Dur. & B.D. Jackson ex B.L. Robins. & Fern.Pycnanthemum virginianum (L.) Durand & B.D. Jackson442.6Koellia virginiana (L.)670.1Virginia mountainmint
Mentha arvensis L.Mentha arvensis L.443Mentha canadensis L.674.5Wild mint
Mentha ×piperita L. (pro sp.) [aquatica × spicata] ><Mentha ×piperita L. ><444.1Mentha piperita ><674.2
Mentha spicata L. ><Mentha spicata L. ><444.2Mentha spicata ><674.1
Mentha spicata L. ? ><Mentha longifolia (L.) L. ><444.3Mentha longifolia ><674.3
Mentha ×rotundifolia (L.) Huds. (pro sp.) [longifolia × suaveolens] ><Mentha ×rotundifolia (L.) Hudson ><444.4Mentha rotundifolia ><674.4
Collinsonia canadensis L.Collinsonia canadensis L.444.5Collinsonia canadensis L.674.6Richweed
Cunila origanoides (L.) Britt. 'Cunila origanoides (L.) Britton '445Cunila origanoides (L.) '671.3Common dittany
Lycopus virginicus L. ^Lycopus virginicus L. ^446.1Lycopus virginicus L. ^672.1Virginia water horehound
Lycopus uniflorus Michx. {Lycopus uniflorus Michx. {446.2Lycopus uniflorus Michx. {672.2Northern bugleweed
Lycopus americanus Muhl. ex W. Bart. 0,{Lycopus americanus Muhl. 0,{446.3Lycopus americanus Muhl. 0,{673.2Apparently a recently described var. longii occurs in NJ, ranked S2S3.American water horehound
Lycopus rubellus Moench. _++Lycopus rubellus Moench. _++446.4Lycopus rubellus Moench. _++673.1(SPA?) "Apparently rare. I am, however, by no means certain that the plant referred to is distinct from L. sessilifolius [=L. amplectens] " -Stone.S2G5(CA), CM, (OC), (SA)Taperleaf water horehound
Lycopus amplectens Raf. `Lycopus amplectens Raf. `447.1Lycopus sessilifolius Gray `672.3Clasping water horehound
Agastache nepetoides (L.) KuntzeAgastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze447.2Agastache nepetoides (L.)666.2NPL.S2G5BU, GL, MI, MO, SAYellow giant hyssop
Agastache scrophulariifolia (Willd.) KuntzeAgastache scrophulariifolia (Willd.) Kuntze447.3Agastache scrophularifolia (Willd.)666.3NPL.S2G4CA, CU, (MO)Purple giant hyssop
Nepeta cataria L. ><Nepeta cataria L. ><448.1Nepeta cataria ><662.1Catnip
Glechoma hederacea L. ><Glechoma hederacea L. ><448.2Glechoma hederacea ><662.2Gill-over-the-ground
Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth.Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth.449.1Physostegia virginica677.2Stone's footnote cites Knieskern's unverified MO and OC records. Hough considers it "naturalized, some escaped." Heritage: exotic.Obedient plant
Prunella vulgaris L.Prunella vulgaris L.450Prunella vulgaris L.666.4Self-heal
Lamium amplexicaule L. ><Lamium amplexicaule L. ><451.1Lamium amplexicaule ><662.3Henbit
Leonurus cardiaca L. ><Leonurus cardiaca L. ><452.1Leonurus cardiaca ><662.4
Stachys hyssopifolia Michx. ^++Stachys hyssopifolia Michx. ^++453Stachys hyssopifolia Michx. ^++667.1(SPA?) Stone cites a K&B record (p. 277, attributed to the B. Heritage collection) from Malaga, a location he considered to be "about on the line" between the Pine Barrens and the Middle District.S2G5(BU, CA), CU, (GL), MI, (OC, SA)Hyssopleaf hedgenettle
Stachys palustris L. var. homotricha Fern.Stachys palustris L.453.2Stachys palustris L.667.2NPL. Hough's distribution apparently based on mis-identified material. Taxon doesn't show up on any Heritage s. Jersey county lists.SHG5TNRE(AT, BU, CA, GL, MO, SA)Marsh hedgenettle
Stachys aspera Michx.Stachys aspera Michx.454.1Stachys aspera Mich.667.3
Monarda punctata L. ssp. punctata ^Monarda punctata L. ^455Monarda punctata L. ^668.2"appears as a weed"; MD, Coast, CMSpotted beebalm
Monarda fistulosa L.Monarda fistulosa L.455.2Monarda fistulosa L.668.1Wild bergamot
Salvia lyrata L. ,{Salvia lyrata L. ,{457Salvia lyrata L. ,{667.4Lyreleaf sage
Callitriche terrestris Raf.Callitriche terrestris Raf.458Callitriche austini Engelm.529.3Terrestrial water-starwort
Callitriche heterophylla Pursh ssp. heterophylla |||Callitriche heterophylla Pursh |||459Callitriche heterophylla Pursh |||530.1aquTwoheaded water-starwort
Callitriche palustris L.Callitriche palustris L.459.2Callitriche heterophylla Pursh530.1Callitriche verna L.NPL. Stone was not convinced he had seen any specimens of C. palustris from s. Jersey.S2G5GLVernal water-starwort
Plantago rugelii Dcne.Plantago rugelii Decne.460Plantago rugelii Dcne.699.1Blackseed plantain
Plantago major L. [Plantago major L. [460Plantago halophila Bicknell [698.1Common plantain
Plantago major L.Plantago major L.460Plantago major ><698.2Common plantain
Plantago lanceolata L. ><Plantago lanceolata L. ><460Plantago lanceolata ><698.3English plantain
Plantago aristata Michx. ><Plantago aristata Michx. ><461Plantago aristata ><698.4Bracted plantain
Plantago virginica L.Plantago virginica L.461Plantago virginica L.699.3Dwarf plantain
Plantago maritima L. var. juncoides (Lam.) Gray [+Plantago maritima L. var. juncoides (Lam.) Hulten [+461.1Plantago decipiens Barneoud [+699.2PNR. Southern limit.S2G5T5{AT}, CM, MI, MO, OCGoose tongue
Plantago pusilla Nutt. _\+:Plantago pusilla Nutt. _\+:461.2Plantago elongata Pursh _\+:700.1SPA.SHG5E(BU), CA(1X), CM, MO, OC(1X)Dwarf plantain
Syringa vulgaris L. ><Syringa vulgaris L. ><463.1not found0alienLilac
Ligustrum vulgare L. ><Ligustrum vulgare L. ><463.2not found0alienCommon privet
Chionanthus virginicus L. \++Chionanthus virginicus L. \++464Chionanthus virginicus L. \++636.4(SPA)S3G5(AT), (CM), CU, (GL), (SA)Fringe-tree
Fraxinus americana L.Fraxinus americana L.464.2Fraxinus americana L.635.1White ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh. =Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall =465Fraxinus pennsylvanica lanceolata (Borkh.) =636.1moist or w. woods; non-nativeGreen ash
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh. 'Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall '465.1Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh. '635.2Green ash
Fraxinus profunda (Bush) Bush \++Fraxinus profunda (Bush) Bush \++465.2Fraxinus michauxi Britton \++636.2Fraxinus tomentosa Michx. f.(PNR?) GL and BU records cited by Hough and S&V were based on misidentifications per Snyder, 1985.S1G4ECM(1), MO(1), OC(1)Pumkin-ash
Fraxinus nigra Marsh.Fraxinus nigra Marshall465.3Fraxinus nigra Marsh.636.3Black ash
Gratiola aurea Pursh `Gratiola aurea Pursh. `468Gratiola aurea Pursh. `680.1Golden hedgehyssop
Gratiola pilosa Michx. _++Gratiola pilosa Michx. _++468.1Gratiola pilosa Michx. _++680.2(PNR?)S2G5?(CA), CM, (CU)Shaggy hedgehyssop
Gratiola virginiana L. \++Gratiola virginiana L. \++469.1Gratiola virginiana L. \++679.3(PNR?) "Locally distributed through the Northern and Middle districts" -Stone.S2G5{BU}, {CA}, CM, CU, {GL}, {OC}, {SA}Roundfruit hedgehyssop
Gratiola virginiana L. _\Gratiola virginiana L. _\469.1Gratiola sphaerocarpa Ell. _\679.4Roundfruit hedgehyssop
Mimulus ringens L. var. ringens 0Mimulus ringens L. 0469.2Mimulus ringens L. 0679.1Allegheny monkeyflower
Mimulus alatus Ait.Mimulus alatus Aiton470.1Mimulus alatus Soland679.2Sharpwing monkeyflower
Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell var. dubia |||Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell. |||470.2Ilysanthes dubia (L.)680.3wetFalse pimpernel
Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell var. anagallidea (Michx.) CooperriderLindernia dubia (L.) Pennell var. anagallidea (Michx.) Cooperrider470.3Ilysanthes anagallidea (Michx.)681.1False pimpernel
Micranthemum micranthemoides (Nutt.) Wettst. \Hemianthus micranthemoides Nutt. \471.1Micranthemum micranthemoides (Nutt.) \681.2NPL.SHGHEBU, CA, GL, MINuttall's mudflower
Limosella subulata Ives [\++Limosella subulata Ives [\++471.2Limosella tenuifolia Hoffm. [\++681.3(SPA?)S1G4G5EBU, CA(1X), MO(2&2X), OC(1X)
Verbascum blattaria L. ><Verbascum blattaria L. ><472.1Verbascum blattaria ><675.6
Verbascum thapsus L. ><Verbascum thapsus L. ><472.2Verbascum thapsus ><675.5Common mullein
Chelone glabra L. 0'Chelone glabra L. 0'473Chelone glabra L. 0'678.3White turtlehead
Penstemon laevigatus Ait. \++Penstemon laevigatus Aiton \++474not found0NPL.S1G5EBU, (CA), CU, GLEastern smooth beardtongue
Penstemon hirsutus (L.) Willd.Penstemon hirsutus (L.) Willd.474.2Penstemon hirsutus (L.)678.4Hairy beardtongue
Scrophularia lanceolata Pursh {Scrophularia lanceolata Pursh {475Scrophularia leporella Bicknell. {678.2Lanceleaf figwort
Scrophularia marilandica L.Scrophularia marilandica L.475.2Scrophularia marilandica L.678.1Carpenter's square
Nuttallanthus canadensis (L.) D.A. Sutton `Linaria canadensis (L.) Dum.-Cours. var. canadensis `476Linaria canadensis (L.) `677Canada toadflax
Linaria vulgaris P. Mill. ><Linaria vulgaris P. Mill. ><476.1Linaria linaria ><675.7
Aureolaria flava (L.) Farw. var. flava 0^Aureolaria flava (L.) Farw. 0^478Dasystoma flava (L.) 0^684.2Gerardia flava (?)less abundant in PB; frequent throughoutSmooth yellow false foxglove
Aureolaria virginica (L.) Pennell. ^Aureolaria virginica (L.) Pennell. ^479.1Dasystoma virginica (L.) ^685.1Gerardia viginica (?)Hammonton; N: occasional; MD: rareDowny yellow false foxglove
Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. `Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. `479.2Dasystoma pedicularis (L.) `684.1Fernleaf yellow false foxglove
Agalinis maritima (Raf.) Raf. [Agalinis maritima (Raf.) Raf. [480.1Gerardia maritima Raf. [685.2Saltmarsh false foxglove
Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell `,{Agalinis pupurea (L.) Pennell `,{480.2Gerardia purpurea L. `,{685.3Purple false foxglove
Agalinis fasciculata (Ell.) Raf. ~++Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell. var. purpurea ~++480.3Gerardia racemulosa Pennell ~++686.1Gerardia purpurea L. var. racemulosa (Pennell) Gleason(SPA) "Rather frequent, replacing the broader leaved G. purpurea" -Stone.S3G5(AT, BU?, CA?, MO, OC)
Agalinis setacea (J.F. Gmel.) Raf. ~++Agalinis setacea (J.F. Gmelin) Raf. ~++480.4Gerardia holmiana Greene ~++686.3Gerardia setacea J.F. Gmel.(SPA) "Frequent throughout the Pine Barrens" -Stone.S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC)Threadleaf false foxglove
Agalinis tenuifolia (Vahl) Raf. var. tenuifolia 0Agalinis tenuifolia (M.Vahl) Raf. 0480.5Gerardia tenuifolia Vahl. 0686.2Slenderleaf false foxglove
Buchnera americana L. \++Buchnera americana L. \++481.2Buchnera americana L. \++683.5SPA.SXG5BU(1X), OCBlue-hearts
Veronicastrum virginicum (L.) Farw.Veronicastrum virginicum (L.) Farw.481.3Leptandra virginica (L.)683.4Culver's root
Veronica serpyllifolia L.Veronica serpyllifolia L.483.1Veronica serpyllifolia L.683.2Thymeleaf speedwell
Veronica peregrina L. ^Veronica peregrina L. ^483.2Veronica peregrina L. ^683.3a weed; Landisville; throughout, "occurring as a weed"Purslane speedwell
Veronica arvensis L. ><Veronica arvensis L. ><483.3Veronica arvensis ><682.3Corn speedwell
Veronica officinalis L.Veronica officinalis L.484.1Veronica officinalis L.683.1
Veronica americana Schwein. ex Benth.Veronica americana (Raf.) Schwein.484.2Veronica americana Schw.682.1American speedwell
Veronica scutellata L.Veronica scutellata L.484.3Veronica scutellata L.682.2Skullcap speedwell
Schwalbea americana L. ~\+Schwalbea americana L. ~\+485Schwalbea americana L. ~\+687.2SPA.S1G2EAT, BU(1), CA(1X), CM, CU, OC(1X)Chaffseed
Melampyrum lineare Desr. `Melampyrum lineare Desr. var. lineare `487Melampyrum lineare Lam. `688.2Cow-wheat
Pedicularis canadensis L. 'Pedicularis canadensis L. '487.1Pedicularis canadensis L. '688.1Canadian lousewort
Pedicularis lanceolata Michx. 'Pedicularis lanceolata Michx. '487.2Pedicularis lanceolata Michx. '687.3Swamp lousewort
Castilleja coccinea (L.) Spreng. \++Castilleja coccinea (L.) Sprengel \++488Castilleja coccinea (L.) \++687.1(SPA?)S2G5(AT), BU, CA, GL, (MI), (MO)Scarlet indian paintbrush
Orobanche uniflora L.Orobanche uniflora L.489.1Thalesia uniflora L.694.2Oneflowered broomrape
Orobanche minor Sm. ><Orobanche minor J.E. Smith ><489.2Orobanche minor ><694.5
Conopholis americana (L.) Wallr. f.Conopholis americana (L.) Wallr.489.3Conopholis americana (L. f.)695.1American cancer-root
Epifagus virginiana (L.) W. Bart.Epifagus virginiana (L.) Barton490.1Leptamnium virginianum (L.)695.2Beechdrops
Ruellia strepens L. \Ruellia strepens L. \490.2not found0(SPA?) K&B includes the AT record (probably the source for Taylor, who expressed doubt) citing "Ventnor" on authority of Thomas S. Githens. Not included, however, on any Heritage County List.SX.1G4G5AT (?)
Ruellia caroliniensis (J.F. Gmel.) Steud. _\++Ruellia caroliniensis (Walter) Steudel _\++491.1Ruellia ciliosa Pursh _\++696.1(PNR?) "Although considered to be locally common once in southern Cape May Co., all attempts to relocate the species in recent years have failed. Last collected in Cumberland Co. in 1935." -S&V.SHG5ECM(1X), CUCarolina wild petunia
Justicia americana (L.) VahlJusticia americana (L.) M. Vahl491.2Dianthera americana L.697.1American water-willow
Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Sieb. & Zucc. ex Steud.Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Steudel. ><493.1not found0alienPrincess tree
Catalpa speciosa (Warder) Warder ex Engelm. ][Catalpa speciosa Warder. ][493.2Catalpa catalpa (misappl.?)695.4non-nativeNorthern catalpa
Catalpa bignonioides Walt. ][Catalpa bignonioides Walter ][493.3Catalpa bignonioides ][383.3non-nativeCommon catalpa
Campsis radicans (L.) Seem. ex Bureau _Campsis radicans (L.) Seemann _493.4Tecoma radicans (L.) _695.3Trumpet-creeper
Utricularia cornuta Michx. ~Utricularia cornuta Michx. ~495.1Utricularia cornuta Mich. ~689Horned bladderwort
Utricularia juncea Vahl _^Utricularia juncea M. Vahl _^495.2Utricularia juncea Vahl _^690.1wet shores, aqu; common in PB; CMRushlike bladderwort
Utricularia juncea Vahl ~Utricularia juncea M. Vahl. ~495.3Utricularia virgatula Barnhart. ~690.2U. juncea forma virgatulaRushlike bladderwort
Utricularia resupinata B.D. Greene ex Bigelow _\+Utricularia resupinata B.D. B. D. Greene _\+495.4Utricularia resupinata B.D. Greene _\+690.3SPA.S1G4EAT, BU(2), CM(1)Resupinate bladderwort
Utricularia subulata L. ~Utricularia subulata L. ~495.5Utricularia subulata L. ~691.1aquZig-zag bladderwort
Utricularia subulata L. ~ =Utricularia subulata L. ~ =495.6Utricularia cleistogama L. ~<691.2U. subulata, forma cleistogamawet soil, aquZig-zag bladderwort
Utricularia purpurea Walt. ~\+Utricularia purpurea Walter ~\+495.7Utricularia purpurea Walt. ~\+693.3SPA.S3G5AT, (BU), (CA), CM, CU, (GL), MI, OC, SAPurple bladderwort
Utricularia radiata Small _++Utricularia radiata Small _++495.8Utricularia inflata Walt. var. radiata _++693.2(PNR) Herbarium specimens are scarce, and recent field work seems to indicate the taxon is rarer than the rank implies.S3S4G4?Floating bladderwort
Utricularia inflata Walt. ~++Utricularia inflata Walter ~++495.9Utricularia inflata Walt. ~++693.2(SPA) Herbarium specimens are scarce, and recent field work seems to indicate the taxon is more abundant than the rank implies.S1G5?Inflated bladderwort/Swollen bladderwort
Utricularia intermedia Hayne ~++Utricularia intermedia Hayne ~++495.91Utricularia intermedia Hayne ~++693.1(SPA)S3G5(AT, CA, OC)Northern bladderwort
Utricularia minor L. +Utricularia minor L. +496.1not found0PNR. "Unless in flower, this species is very easy to overlook." -Snyder, 2000.S1G5ECM, OCLesser bladderwort
Utricularia macrorhiza Le ConteUtricularia vulgaris L.496.2Utricularia vulgaris americana Gray694.1Common bladderwort
Utricularia geminiscapa Benj. ~Utricularia geminiscapa Benj. ~496.3Utricularia clandestina Nutt. `692.1quiet water, aquHidden-fruited bladderwort
Utricularia gibba L. `+Utricularia gibba L. `+496.4Utricularia gibba L. `+692.2SPA.S3G5BU, MICreeping bladderwort
Utricularia striata Le Conte ex Torrey ~ ~Utricularia fibrosa Walter ~496.5Utricularia fibrosa Walt. ~690.4shallow ponds, aquStriped bladderwort
Utricularia biflora Lam. \+:Utricularia biflora Lam. \+:496.6not found0SPA.S1G5EBU, GL, OC(1), SA
Utricularia olivacea C. Wright ex Griseb. \+Utricularia [olivacea C. Wright ex Griseb.] \+496.9not found0SPA. Not included in G&C.S1.1G4EATPiedmont bladderwort
Campanula aparinoides Pursh 'Campanula aparinoides Pursh var. aparinoides '498.1Campanula aparinoides Pursh '714.2Marsh bellflower
Triodanis perfoliata (L.) Nieuwl. var. perfoliata 0^Triodanis perfoliata (L.) Nieuwl. 0^498.2Specularia perfoliata (L.) 0^715.1Venus' looking-glass
Lobelia spicata Lam.Lobelia spicata Lam.499.1Lobelia spicata Lam.716.3Palespike lobelia
Lobelia inflata L. ^Lobelia inflata L. ^499.2Lobelia inflata L. ^717.1a weed in cultivated ground; N, MD: freqIndian-tobacco
Lobelia canbyi Gray ~\+Lobelia canbyi A. Gray ~\+500.1Lobelia canbyi Gray ~\+717.3SPA. North limit.S3G4AT, BU, (CA), CM, CU, (GL), OCCanby's lobelia
Lobelia boykinii Torr. & Gray ex A. DC. \+Lobelia boykinii T. & G. \+500.2not found0SPA.S1G2G3EAT(3X), CM, (GL)Boykin's lobelia
Lobelia nuttallii J.A. Schultes ~Lobelia nuttallii Roemer & Schultes ~500.3Lobelia nuttallii R. & S. ~717.2Nuttall's lobelia
Lobelia puberula Michx.Lobelia puberula Michx.500.4Lobelia puberula Michx.716.2Downy lobelia
Lobelia siphilitica L.Lobelia siphilitica L.500.5Lobelia syphilitica L.716.1Great blue lobelia
Lobelia cardinalis L. 0,{|||Lobelia cardinalis L. 0,{|||500.6Lobelia cardinalis L. 0,{|||715.2wetCardinal-flower
Houstonia longifolia Gaertn. \++Hedyotis longifolia (Gaertner) Hook \++502.1Houstonia longifolia Gaertner \++701.2(SPA) A single record, 1877, from Manchester, Ocean Co. -S&VSHG4G5OC(1X)Longleaf summer bluet
Houstonia caerulea L.Hedyotis caerulea (L.) Hook502.2Houstonia caerulea L.701.1Azure bluet
Oldenlandia uniflora L. ^\+Hedyotis uniflora (L.) Lam. ^\+502.3Oldenlandia uniflora L. ^\+702.1SPA.S3G5AT, BU, {CA}, CM, {CU}, {GL}, {MO}, {OC}, {SA}Clustered mille graines
Mitchella repens L. 0^Mitchella repens L. 0^503.1Mitchella repens L. 0^703.1rare in PB, along larger streams; throughoutPartridge-berry
Cephalanthus occidentalis L. `Cephalanthus occidentalis L. `503.2Cephalanthus occidentalis L. `702.2Buttonbush
Diodia teres Walt. var. teres `Diodia teres Walter `503.3Diodia teres Walt. `703.2Diodia virginiana is S1, EButtonweed
Diodia virginiana L. _\++Diodia virginiana L. _\++503.4Diodia virginiana L. _\++703.3(PNR?)S1G5T5ECA(1X), CM(2&1X), MOVirginie-buttonweed
Sherardia arvensis L. ><Sherardia arvensis L. ><504Sherardia avensis ><700.2Field-madder
Galium mollugo L. ><Galium mollugo L. var. erectum (Hudson) Domin ><505Galium erectum ><701.3Wild madder
Galium asprellum Michx.Galium asprellum Michx.506.1Galium asprellum Michx.707.1Rough bedstraw
Galium concinnum Torr. & GrayGalium concinnum T. & G.506.2Galium concinnum T. & G.706.3NPL. A single specimen cited by Stone from "N.J. near Phila." This is the CA record cited by Britton (p. 126). Hough refers to another NJ record without specific location, and a sight record from Sussex Co.SX.1G5(CA)
Galium tinctorium L. 0,{|||=?Galium trifidum L. 0,{|||=?506.3Galium claytoni Michx. 0,{|||=?706.2
Galium tinctorium L. |||Galium tinctorium L. |||506.4Galium tinctorium L. |||706.1Disturbance indicator in Pinelands.
Galium circaezans Michx. 'Galium circaezans Michx. '506.5Galium circaezans Michx. '705.3Licorice bedstraw
Galium lanceolatum Torr.Galium lanceolatum Torr.506.6Galium lanceolatum (Torr.)705.2Lanceleaf wild licorice
Galium pilosum Ait. 0^Galium pilosum Aiton var pilosum 0^507.1Galium pilosum Ait. 0^704.2Hairy bedstraw
Galium pilosum Ait. var. puncticulosum (Michx.) Torr. & Gray ~Galium pilosum Aiton var. puncticulosum (Michx.) T. & G. ~507.2Galium pilosum puncticulosum (Michx.) ~705.1Hairy bedstraw
Galium hispidulum Michx. _\Galium hispidulum Michx. _\507.3Galium hispidulum Michx. _\707.2(PNR?) "Discovered in sandy ground on the Bay shore near the steamboat landing at Cape May Pt. ? 1874. Town Bank is the most northern station for the species" -Stone.S1G5ECM(2&3X)Coastal bedstraw
Galium triflorum Michx.Galium triflorum Michx.507.4Galium triflorum Michx.705.4Fragrant bedstraw
Galium aparine L. 0Galium aparine L. 0507.5Galium aparine L. 0704.1Stickywilly
Diervilla lonicera P. Mill.Diervilla lonicera Miller508.1Diervilla diervilla (L.)712.4"Throughout north Jersey; old records from Gloucester and Cumberland Counties." -HoughNorthern bush honeysuckle
Lonicera tatarica L. ><Lonicera tatarica L.><509.1not found0alien
Lonicera japonica Thunb. ><Lonicera japonica Thunb. ><509.2Lonicera japonica ><707.3alienJapanese honeysuckle
Lonicera sempervirens L.Lonicera sempervirens L.509.3Lonicera sempervirens L.712.3Trumpet honeysuckle
Lonicera dioica L.Lonicera dioica L.510.1Lonicera dioica L.712.2Limber honeysuckle
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus MoenchSymphoricarpos orbiculatus Moench510.2not found0Symphoricarpos symphoricarpos (L.) MacM."Dry or rocky soil on margins of woods" -G&C. Stone apparently missed it, though it was recorded by Britton in s. Jersey.Coralberry
Triosteum perfoliatum L. 'Triosteum perfoliatum L. '511.1Triosteum perfoliatum L. '711.2Feverwort
Triosteum aurantiacum Bickn.Triosteum aurantiacum E. Bickn.511.2Triosteum aurantiacum Bicknell712.1Orangefruit horse-gentian
Triosteum angustifolium L.\++Triosteum angustifolium L.\++511.3not found0(SPA?) Hough: "Old unchecked records from the ?coastal plain."S1G5E(BU), (MO), (OC)Yellowfruit horse-gentian
Viburnum dilatatum Thunb.Viburnum dilatatum Thunb.512not found0Adventive.
Viburnum dentatum L. var. dentatum 0,{Viburnum dentatum L. var. dentatum 0,{513.1Viburnum dentatum L. 0,{709.1Var. venosum is S2.Southern arrowwood
Viburnum dentatum L. var. dentatum =Viburnum dentatum L. var. dentatum =513.1Viburnum scabrellum (Torr. & Gray) <709.2Southern arrowwood
Viburnum dentatum L. var. venosum (Britt.) Gleason ++Viburnum dentatum L. var. venosum (Britton) Gleason ++513.2Viburnum venosum Britton ++710.1(SPA?) Stone listed only one site, in the MD. The New Britton & Brown Flora indicates "Pine Barrens of N.J."S2G5T4T5?Southern arrowwood
Viburnum acerifolium L.Viburnum acerifolium L.513.3Viburnum acerifolium L.708.2mosit or dry; non-nativeMapleleaf viburnum
Viburnum nudum L. var. nudum `Viburnum nudum L. var. nudum `513.4Viburnum nudum L. `710.3Naked withe-rod
Viburnum nudum L. var. cassinoides (L.) Torr. & Gray `Viburnum nudum var cassinoides (L.) T. & G. `513.5Viburnum cassinoides L. `710.2Naked withe-rod
Viburnum prunifolium L. 'Viburnum prunifolium L. '514.1Viburnum prunifolium L. '711.1woods, thickets; non-nativeBlackhaw
Sambucus nigra L. ssp. canadensis (L.) R. Bolli 0,{|||Sambucus canadensis L. 0,{|||514.2Sambucus canadensis 0,{|||708.1moistElder
Valerianella radiata (L.) Dufr. \++Valerianella radiata (L.) Dufr. \++516Valerianella radiata (L.) \++713.1(PNR?) "?Cape May in sandy woods?. Rarely in the Middle district" -Stone.S1G5EBU(1X), (CA), CM(1), CU, GLCorn-salad
Helianthus annuus L.Helianthus annuus L.527.1Helianthus annuus ><769.3Common sunflower
Helianthus divaricatus L. `Helianthus divaricatus L. `527.2Helianthus divaricatus L. `770.2Woodland sunflower
Helianthus strumosus L.Helianthus strumosus L.527.3Helianthus strumosus Linn.771.1Paleleaf woodland sunflower
Helianthus decapetalus L.Helianthus decapetalus L.527.4Helianthus decapetalus Linn.770.3Thinleaf sunflower
Helianthus tuberosus L.Helianthus tuberosus L.528Helianthus tuberosus ><769.4Jerusalem artichoke
Helianthus giganteus L. 0{Helianthus giganteus L. 0{529.1Helianthus giganteus L. 0{770.1Giant sunflower
Helianthus angustifolius L. ~Helianthus angustifolius L. ~529.2Helianthus angustifolius Linnaeus. ~769.2Swamp sunflower
Rudbeckia hirta L.Rudbeckia hirta L.530.1Rudbeckia hirta ><728.2Blackeyed susan
Rudbeckia laciniata L.Rudbeckia laciniata L.531.1Rudbeckia laciniata L.769.1Cutleaf coneflower
Helenium autumnale L. ,{Helenium autumnale L. ,{533Helenium autumnale L. ,{774.4Common sneezeweed
Arnica acaulis (Walt.) B.S.P. ++Arnica acaulis (Walter) BSP ++535not found0(SPA?)SX.1G5ATCommon leopardbane
Verbesina alternifolia (L.) Britt. ex KearneyVerbesina alternifolia (L.) Britton535.2Verbesina alternifolia (L.)771.2Wingstem
Eclipta prostrata (L.) L. ><Eclipta prostrata (L.) L. ><536.1Eclipta alba ><730.2False daisy
Heliopsis helianthoides (L.) SweetHeliopsis helianthoides (L.) Sweet536.2Heliopsis helianthoides (L.)768.3Smooth oxeye
Coreopsis rosea Nutt. `\+Coreopsis rosea Nutt. `\+539Coreopsis rosea Nutt. `\+771.3SPA.S2G3AT, BU, CA, CU, GL, (MO), OC, SAPink tickseed
Bidens laevis (L.) BSP 0Bidens laevis (L.) BSP 0540.1Bidens laevis (L.) 0772.1Smooth beggartick
Bidens cernua L.Bidens cernua L.540.2Bidens cernua L.772.2Nodding beggartick
Bidens tripartita L. 0Bidens comosa (A. Gray) Wieg. 0540.3Bidens comosa 0772.01Stone lists it, p. 88, in the "List of Characteristic Middle District Plants," but it's not in his key or treatment.Threelobe beggarticks
Bidens connata Muhl. ex Willd. ^|||Bidens connata Muhl. ^ |||541.1Bidens connata Muhl. ^|||773.1uncommon in PB; throughout NJPurplestem beggarticks
Bidens bidentoides (Nutt.) Britt. \Bidens bidentoides (Nutt.) Britt. \541.2Bidens bidentoides (Nutt.) \773.2NPL. "Muddy shores of the Delaware River and Bay from Bordentown southward and up the tidewater streams of southwestern New Jersey?" -Stone.S2G3BU(2), CA(1&1X), CU, GL, MI, SADelmarva beggarticks
Bidens frondosa L. 0|||Bidens frondosa L. 0|||541.3Bidens frondosa L. 0|||773.3non-nativeDevil's beggartick
Bidens vulgata GreeneBidens vulgata Greene541.4Bidens vulgata Greene773.4Big devils beggartick
Bidens bipinnata L. 0Bidens bipinnata L. 0541.5Bidens bipinnata L. 0774.1Spanish needles
Bidens coronata (L.) Britt. ~ =Bidens coronata (L.) Britton ~ =541.6Bidens trichosperma tenuiloba (Gray) ~ <774.3Bidens coronata var. trichospermaCrowned beggarticks
Bidens coronata (L.) Britt.Bidens coronata (L.) Britton541.6Bidens trichosperma (Michx.)774.2Crowned beggarticks
Bidens mitis (Michx.) Sherff ++Bidens mitis (Michx.) Sherff ++541.7not found0(PNR?)S1G4?CMSmallfruit beggarticks
Galinsoga parviflora Cav. ><Galinsoga parviflora Cav. ><543Galinsoga parviflora ><729
Iva frutescens L. [Iva frutescens L. [548Iva oraria Bartlett [725.1Jesuit's bark
Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.549.1Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.725.3Common ragweed
Ambrosia trifida L.Ambrosia trifida L.549.2Ambrosia trifida L.725.2Great ragweed
Xanthium strumarium L. var. canadense (P. Mill.) Torr. & GrayXanthium strumarium L. var. canadense (Miller) T & G550Xanthium canadense Mill.726.1Common cocklebur
Xanthium strumarium L. var. canadense (P. Mill.) Torr. & Gray =Xanthium strumarium L. var. canadense (Miller) T & G =550Xanthium commune Britton <726.2Common cocklebur
Xanthium strumarium L. var. canadense (P. Mill.) Torr. & Gray ((=Xanthium strumarium L. var. canadense (Miller) T & G (( =550Xanthium echinatum Murr. (( <726.3Common cocklebur
Anthemis cotula L. ><Anthemis cotula L. ><551.1Anthemis cotula ><730.4Dogfennel
Achillea millefolium L.Achillea millefolium L.552Achillea millefolium730.3Stone treated it as a non-native, but see the treatment in FNA.Yarrow
Leucanthemum vulgare Lam. ><Chrysanthemum leucanthemum L. ><552.2Chrysanthemum leucanthemum ><730.5
Tanacetum vulgare L. ><Tanacetum vulgare L. ><553Tanacetum vulgare ><727
Artemisia campestris L. ssp. caudata (Michx.) Hall & Clements \++Artemisia campestris L. ssp. caudata (Michx.) Hall & Clem. \++556Artemisia caudata Michx. \++775(PNR?) "Reported locally from Middlesex to Cumberland counties in the Middle district but apparently rare?" -Stone. "Appears to be declining, but may be undercollected." -S&VS2G5T5BU, (CU), (GL), MI, MO, OCField sagewort
Senecio tomentosus Michx. _^+Senecio tomentosus Michx. _^+558Senecio tomentosus Michx. _^+777.1Packera tomentosa (Michx.) C. Jeffrey ^SPA.S2G4G5AT, (CM), CU, (GL), (OC)Southern wooly groundsel
Packera paupercula (Michx.) A.& D. L?veSenecio pauperculus Michx.558Senecio crawfordii Britton777.2Northern meadow groundsel
Packera aurea (L.) A.& D. L?ve 0'Senecio aureus L. 0'558.2Senecio aureus L. 0'777.3Heart-leaved groundsel
Erechtites hieracifolia (L.) Raf. ex DC. var. hieraciifolia |||Erechtites hieracifolia (L.) Raf. var. hieraciifolia |||559Erechtites hieracifolia (L.)776.1dry to w.Fireweed/Pilewort
Erechtites hieraciifolia (L.) Raf. ex DC. var. megalocarpa (Fern.) Cronq.Erechtites hieraciifolia (L.) Raf. ex DC. var. megalocarpa (Fern.) Cronq.559.1not found0Erechtites megalocarpa Fern.; Erechtites hieraciifolius (L.) Raf. ex DC. var. megalocarpus (Fern.) C(PNR?)SHG5TNR?Fireweed/Pilewort
Hasteola suaveolens (L.) Pojark.Cacalia suaveolens L.560.1Synosma suaveolans (L.)776.4False indian plantain
Arnoglossum muehlenbergii (Schultz-Bip.) H.E. Robins.Cacalia muehlenbergii (Schultz-Bip.) Fern.560.2Mesadenia reniformis (Muhl.)776.2Arnoglossum reniforme (Hook.) H.E. Robins.NPL. "Only recorded from the vicinity of Camden on the Delaware" -Stone.SX.1G4CA(1X)
Cacalia atriplicifolia L. \++Cacalia atriplicifolia L. \++560.3Mesadenia atriplicifolia (L.) \++776.3Arnoglossum atriplicifolium (L.) H.E. Robins. \(SPA?)S1G4G5EBU(1), CA, GL, MO, OC
Chrysopsis mariana (L.) Ell. `Chrysopsis mariana (L.) Elliott. `563.1Chrysopsis mariana (L.) `741.2Maryland goldenaster
Pityopsis falcata (Pursh) Nutt. ~\+Chrysopsis falcata (Pursh) Elliott ~\+563.2Chrysopsis falcata (Pursh) ~\+741.1SPA.S3G3G4(AT), BU, OCSickleleaf silkgrass
Solidago puberula Nutt. ~Solidago puberula Nutt. ~568.1Solidago puberula Nutt. ~745.2Downy goldenrod
Solidago bicolor L. `Solidago bicolor L. `568.2Solidago bicolor L. `744.3White goldenrod
Solidago speciosa Nutt. var. erecta (Pursh) MacM. ~Solidago erecta Pursh. ~568.3Solidago erecta Pursh. ~745.1Showy goldenrod
Solidago uliginosa Nutt. var. uliginosa ~Solidago uliginosa Nutt. ~569.1Solidago uniligulata (D.C.) ~750.1S. uliginosa var linoidesG4G5T?Bog goldenrod
Solidago uliginosa Nutt. var. uliginosa `=Solidago uliginosa Nutt. `=569.2Solidago neglecta T. & G. `<749wet; "the most common G. in swamps & bogs of the PBG4G5T?Bog goldenrod
Solidago stricta Ait. ~\+Solidago stricta Aiton ~\+569.3Solidago stricta Ait. ~\+746.1SPA. North limit.S3G5AT, BU, (CA), (CU), OCWand goldenrod
Solidago sempervirens L. [^Solidago sempervirens L. [^569.4Solidago sempervirens L. [^746.2Seaside goldenrod
Solidago flexicaulis L.Solidago flexicaulis L.569.4Solidago flexicaulis L.744.2Zigzag goldenrod
Solidago caesia L.Solidago caesia L.570.1Solidago caesia L.744.1Wreath goldenrod
Solidago nemoralis Ait. `Solidago nemoralis Aiton var. nemoralis `570.2Solidago nemoralis Ait. `751.2Gray goldenrod
Solidago patula Muhl. ex Willd.Solidago patula Muhl.570.3Solidago patula Muhl.748.2Roundleaf goldenrod
Solidago juncea Ait.Solidago juncea Aiton571.1Solidago juncea Ait.750.2Early goldenrod
Solidago tarda Mackenzie \+Solidago tarda Mackenzie \+571.2Solidago arguta Ait. \+750.3Solidago arguta Ait. var. arguta ++ [misappl?]; S. ludoviciana (Gray) Small [misappl?]PNR. USDA treats as = S. arguta Ait. var. arguta. See FNA.S3G4?Q(CM), (CU), (GL), OC
Solidago ulmifolia Muhl. ex Willd.Solidago ulmifolia Muhl.571.4Solidago ulmifolia Muhl.748.3Elmleaf goldenrod
Solidago odora Ait. `Solidago odora Aiton `572.1Solidago odora Ait. `747.1Sweet goldenrod
Solidago fistulosa P. Mill. ~Solidago fistulosa Miller ~572.2Solidago fistulosa Mill. ~748.1Pine barren goldenrod
Solidago rugosa P. Mill. ssp. rugosa var. rugosa `Solidago rugosa Miller ssp. rugosa var. rugosa `572.3Solidago rugosa Mill. `747.2Wrinkleleaf goldenrod
Solidago elliottii Torr. & Gray _++Solidago elliottii T. & G. _++572.4Solidago elliottii T. & G. _++748.4Solidago latissimifolia P. Mill. ++(SPA?)S3G5(AT), (BU), (CA), CM, (CU), (GL), MI, (MO), (OC), (SA)
Solidago gigantea Ait. 0Solidago gigantea Aiton 0573.1Solidago serotina Ait. 0750.4Giant goldenrod
Solidago canadensis L. var. canadensisSolidago canadensis L. var. canadensis573.2Solidago canadensis L.751.1Mostly n. Jersey, also coastal & MDCanada goldenrod
Solidago canadensis L. var. scabra Torr. & Gray 0,{Solidago canadensis L. var. scabra T. & G. 0,{573.3Solidago altissima L. 0,{ Solidago altissima L.751.1Mostly n. Jersey, also coastal & MDCanada goldenrod
Solidago rigida L. ++Solidago rigida L. var. rigida ++574Solidago rigida ++751.3Oligoneuron rigidum (L.) Small var. rigidum(PNR?) Stone mentions in a footnote an erroneous record from Egg Harbor City.S1G5T5E(CA), (CM)
Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. 0Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. var. graminifolia 0575.1Euthamia graminifolia (L.) 0751.4Flat-top goldentop
Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. var. nuttallii (Greene) W. Stone ^Euthamia graminifolia var. nuttallii (Greene) W. Stone. ^575.2Euthamia graminifolia nuttallii (Greene) ^752.1Landisville; N, MD, CMFlat-top goldentop
Euthamia caroliniana (Linnaeus) Greene ex Porter & Britton `\++Euthamia tenuifolia (Pursh) Nutt. var. tenuifolia `\++575.3Euthamia tenuifolia (Pursh.) `\++752.2Solidago microcephala (Greene) Bush; Euthamia microcephala Greene(SPA) Apparently, recent scrutiny of the complex has yielded the conclusion that E. tenuifolia and E. microcephala are conspecific with E. caroliniana.S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC)Slender goldentop
Aster novi-belgii L. `Aster novi-belgii L. `581.1Aster novi-belgii L. `757.3Symphyotrichum novi-belgii (L.) Nesom var. novi-belgii `
Aster puniceus L. 0Aster puniceus L. 0581.2Aster puniceus L. 0757.1Symphyotrichum puniceum (L.) A.& D. L?ve var. puniceum 0
Aster prenanthoides Muhl.Aster prenanthoides Muhl.582not found0Symphyotrichum prenanthoides (Muhl. ex Willd.) NesomNPL.S2G4G5(MO)
Aster laevis L. var. laevisAster laevis L. var. laevis582.2Aster laevis L.757.2Symphyotrichum laeve (L.) A.& D. L?ve var. laeve
Aster lanceolatus Willd. var. lanceolatusAster lanceolatus Willd.582.3Aster paniculatus Lam.760.2Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Willd.) Nesom ssp. lanceolatum var. lanceolatumMoist low places.
Aster tradescanti L.Aster tradescanti L.583.1Aster tradescanti762.1Symphyotrichum tradescantii (L.) NesomStone included the species in a footnote, indicating doubt. Snyder, (Bartonia 51, p. 97) says early reports "were based on misidentifications and a confused nomenclature." His article documents the recent discovery of the plant in nw Jersey.
Aster lateriflorus (L.) Britton var. lateriflorus 0Aster lateriflorus (L.) Britton 0583.2Aster lateriflorus (L.) 0761.1Symphyotrichum lateriflorum (L.) A.& D. L?ve var. lateriflorum 0"dry open ground?" -Hough
Aster lateriflorus (L.) Britton <Aster lateriflorus (L.) Britton <583.2Aster vimineus Lam. <761.2Symphyotrichum lateriflorum (L.) A.& D. L?ve var. lateriflorum"Much genetic and phenotypic variation is encountered within the complex; a thorough study is needed before a coherent taxonomy can be achieved." -FNA
Aster dumosus L. var. dumosus ~Aster dumosus L. ~>583.3Aster dumosus L. ~>760.1Symphyotrichum dumosum (L.) Nesom var. dumosum ~
Aster dumosus L. var. subulifolius Torr. & GrayAster dumosus L. >583.3Aster dumosus L. >760.1Symphyotrichum dumosum (L.) Nesom var. subulifolium (Torr. & Gray) Nesom
Aster ericoides L. var. prostratus (Kuntze) Blake 0 ++Aster ericoides L. var. prostratus (Kuntze) Blake 0 ++584.1Aster ericoides L. 0++>760.3Symphyotrichum ericoides (L.) Nesom var. prostratum (Kuntze) Nesom;(SPA?) "Plants with densely divaricate-hirsute stems and slightly smaller heads were treated as var. prostratum. Both indument types can be found on the same stem and there is considerable overlap in the range of values of floret traits." -FNA. See next.S3G5TNRBU**, (CU), GL**, MO**, OC**
Aster ericoides L. var. ericoides ++Aster ericoides L. var. ericoides ++584.2Aster ericoides L. ++>760.3Symphyotrichum ericoides (L.) Nesom var. ericoides(PNR?) Specimens at PH imply the s. Jersey distr. for var. ericoides is CM only. (FNA and USDA submerge var. prostratum under var. ericoides.) See prev.S1G5T5CM
Aster concolor L. `\+Aster concolor L. `\+584.3Aster concolor L. `\+757.4Symphyotrichum concolor (L.) NesomSPA.S2G4?(AT), BU, (CM), (CU), (GL), (MI), (OC), (SA)
Aster cordifolius L.Aster cordifolius L.585.1Aster cordifolius L.755.3Symphyotrichum cordifolium (L.) Nesom
Aster undulatus L. `Aster undulatus L. `586.1Aster undulatus L. `756.1Symphyotrichum undulatum (L.) Nesom `
Aster patens Aiton var. patens `Aster patens Aiton var. patens `586.2Aster patens Ait. `756.2Symphyotrichum patens (Ait.) Nesom var. patens `
Aster phlogifolius Muhl. ex Willd. ++Aster patens Aiton var. phlogifolius (Muhl.) Nees. ++586.3Aster phlogifolius ++756.4Symphyotrichum phlogifolium (Muhl. ex Willd.) Nesom; Aster patens Ait. var. phlogifolius (Muhl. ex W(SPA?) Stone included it in a footnote, and indicated he could not verify the single s. Jersey record (Atco) reported "by Britton on authority of Parker." NatureServe has it ranked S3, but it's not on Snyder's June 2005 list. Not listed by Hough, either.S3 (?)G5(MO, CA)?
Aster novae-angliae L. ^Aster novae-angliae L. ^587.1Aster novae-angliae L. ^756.3Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (L.) Nesom ^Stone suspected Pine Barrens specimens to be escapes
Aster macrophyllus L. 'Aster macrophyllus L. '587.2Aster macrophyllus L. '755.2Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass. '_
Aster divaricatus L. var. divaricatusAster divaricatus L. var. divaricatus587.3Aster divaricatus L.755.1Eurybia divaricata (L.) Nesom
Aster tataricus L. f.Aster tataricus L. f.588.1not found0Adventive/escaped.
Aster radula Aiton \+:Aster radula Aiton \+:588.2Aster radula Ait. \+:759.1Eurybia radula (Ait.) Nesom \+SPA.S1G5ECA(1X), (CU), GL, MI, MO, OC, SA
Aster spectabilis Aiton ~Aster spectabilis Aiton ~588.3Aster spectabilis Ait. ~758.1Eurybia spectabilis (Ait.) Nesom ~
Aster gracilis Nutt. ~Aster gracilis Nutt. ~588.4Aster gracilis Nutt. ~758.2Eurybia compacta Nesom ~
Aster nemoralis Ait. ~Aster nemoralis Aiton ~589.1Aster nemoralis Ait. ~759.2Oclemena nemoralis (Ait.) Greene ~Bog aster
Doellingeria umbellata (P. Mill.) Nees var. umbellata ~ =Aster umbellatus Miller ~ =589.2Doellingeria umbellata humilis (Willd.) ~<763.3Parasol whitetop
Doellingeria umbellata (P. Mill.) Nees var. umbellata 0Aster umbellatus Miller 0589.2Doellingeria umbellata (Mill.) 0763.2Parasol whitetop
Doellingeria infirma (Michx.) Greene \++Aster infirmus Michx. \++589.3Doellingeria infirma (Michx.) \++764.1(SPA?)S2G5CA, CU*, GL*, MO*, (OC), SA*Cornel-leaf whitetop
Ionactis linariifolius (L.) Greene `Aster linariifolius L. `589.4Ionactis linariifolius (L.) `764.2Flaxleaf whitetop aster
Sericocarpus asteroides (L.) B.S.P `Aster paternus Cronq. `590.1Sericocarpus asteroides (L.) `753.3Toothed white-topped aster
Sericocarpus linifolius (L.) B.S.P. `Aster solidagineus Michx. `590.2Sericocarpus linifolius (L.) `753.2Narrow-leaved white-topped aster
Aster tenuifolius L. [Aster tenuifolius L. [590.3Aster tenuifolius L. [761.3Symphyotrichum tenuifolium (L.) Nesom [Perennial salt-marsh aster
Aster subulatus Michx. [Aster subulatus Michx. [590.4Aster subulatus Michx. [761.4Symphyotrichum subulatum (Michx.) Nesom [Annual salt-marsh aster
Erigeron pulchellus Michx. 'Erigeron pulchellus Michx. '591.1Erigeron pulchellus Michx. '762.2Robin's plantain
Erigeron strigosus Muhl. ex Willd. var. beyrichii (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Torr. & Gray ex GrayErigeron strigosus Muhl.591.2Erigeron ramosus (Walt.)762.4Prairie fleabane
Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers.Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers.592.1Erigeron annuus (L.)762.3Daisy fleabane
Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq. var. canadensisConyza canadensis (L.) Cronq. var. canadensis592.2Leptilon canadense (L.)763.1"..certainly not native in the Pine Barrens." -Stone.Horseweed
Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq. var. pusilla (Nutt.) Cronq.Conyza canadensis (L.) Cronq. var. pusilla (Nutt.) Cronq.592.3Horseweed
Baccharis halimifolia L. {{[^Baccharis halimifolia L. {{[^593.1Baccharis halimifolia L. {{[^764.3Landisville; Coastal; MD: along larger streamsGroundsel bush
Boltonia asteroides (L.) L'H?r. var. asteroides _+Boltonia asteroides (L.) L'H?r var. asteroides _+593.2Boltonia asteroides (L.) _+>753.1SPA; Known by Stone only from CM. Var. recognita considered exotic in NJ (NatureServe)S2G5T4T5AT, (BU), CM, CUWhite doll's daisy
Boltonia asteroides (L.) L'H?r. var. glastifolia (Hill) Fern.Boltonia asteroides (L.) L'H?r var. asteroides _+>593.3Boltonia asteroides (L.) _+>753.1(PNR?) Taxon is not recognized by some authorities, but FNA treatment notes that, "Populations of var. asteroides restricted to the sinkholes of Virginia and New Jersey are atypical in cypsela morphology." (See complete comment.)S1G5TNRECMWhite doll's daisy
Pluchea foetida (L.) DC. _\++Pluchea foetida (L.) DC. _\++595.1Pluchea foetida (L.) _\++765.1(PNR?) "Rare and confined to the lower part of the Cape May peninsula" -Stone. Hough indicates the CA record is from ballast, but Snyder (2001) has the plant on the CA listS1G5T5ECA, CMStinking camphorweed
Pluchea odorata (L.) Cass. var. succulenta (Fern.) Cronq.Pluchea odorata (L.) Cass. var. succulenta (Fern.) Cronq.595.2Pluchea camphorata (L.) [misappl.]765.2Pluchea purpurascens (Sw.) DC. var. succulenta Fern.Sweetscent
Pluchea camphorata (L.) DC. [++Pluchea camphorata (L.) DC. [++596.1Pluchea camphorata (L.) ? ++765.2(SPA?) In older literature (incl. Stone) the name P. camphorata was applied to material now referable to P. odorata (=P. purpurascens) and true P. camphorata.SX.1G5ATCamphor pluchea
Gnaphalium purpureum L. var. purpureum `Gnaphalium purpureum L. var. purpureum `596.2Gnaphalium purpureum L. `768.2Gamochaeta purpurea (L.) Cabrera `Purple cudweed
Gnaphalium uliginosum L.Gnaphalium uliginosum L.596.3Gnaphalium uliginosum L.768.1
Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. obtusifolium `Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. obtusifolium `597.1Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. `767.3Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (L.) Hilliard & Burtt ssp. obtusifolium `2Sweet everlasting/Catfoot
Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. obtusifolium `Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. obtusifolium `597.1Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. `767.3Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (L.) Hilliard & Burtt ssp. obtusifolium `2
Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. praecox`Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. obtusifolium `>597.1Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. `>767.3Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (L.) Hilliard & Burtt ssp. praecox (Fern.) Kartesz, comb. nov. inePreviously ranked S2S3. s. N.J. to Ga. And Ala.? -Fernald?Sweet everlasting/Catfoot
Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. praecox`Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. var. obtusifolium `>597.1Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. `>767.3Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (L.) Hilliard & Burtt ssp. praecox (Fern.) Kartesz, comb. nov. inePreviously ranked S2S3. s. N.J. to Ga. And Ala.? -Fernald?
Gnaphalium helleri Britton +:Gnaphalium helleri Britton +:597.2Gnaphalium obtusifolium L. >?767.3Pseudognaphalium helleri (Britt.) A. Anderb. ssp. micradenium (Weatherby) Kartesz, comb. nov. ined. SPA.SHG4G5T3?EAT, CA, CM, OC
Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. ^Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. & Hook. ^597.3Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) ^767.2occasional; throughoutPearly everlasting
Antennaria neglecta Greene 0^Antennaria neglecta Greene var. neglecta 0^598.1Antennaria neglecta Greene 0^766.2Williamstown Jnc; N, MD, CoastField pussytoes
Antennaria howellii Greene ssp. neodioica (Greene) Bayer 0Antennaria neglecta Greene var. neodioica (Greene) Cronq. 0598.2Antennaria neodioca Greene 0766.1Howell's pussytoes
Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richards. 0^Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richardson var. plantaginifolia 0^598.2Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) 0^766.3Landisville, Palermo; N, MD, CMWoman's tobacco
Antennaria parlinii Fern. 0^Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richardson var. parlinii (Fern.) Cronq. 0^598.3Antennaria parlinii Fernald 0^767.1Williamstown Jnc, Albion; N, MD, CM
Antennaria parlinii Fern. ssp. fallax (Greene) Bayer & StebbinsAntennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richards. var. ambigens (Greene) Cronq.598.4Antennaria fallax Greene766.4
Eupatorium maculatum L. 0,{^++Eupatorium maculatum L. 0,{^++600.1Eupatorium maculatum L. 0,{^++733.2(SPA?) Stone cites Landisville (PH).S3S4G5T5(AT, OC BU CA GL SA)
Eupatorium dubium Willd. ex Poir. |||Eupatorium dubium Willd. |||600.2Eupatorium purpureum L.733.1moist; acid
Eupatorium purpureum L.Eupatorium purpureum L.600.3Eupatorium purpureum L.733.1Rich, open areas, often drier sites. Stone gave no Pine Barrens records; Hough indicates ICP occurrenceSweetscented joe pye weed
Eupatorium coelestinum L. _\+Eupatorium coelestinum L. _\+601.1Eupatorium coelestinum L. _\+738.3Conoclinium coelestinum (L.) DC.SPA. "Native populations have been reported from Cape May Co. and southwest NJ. Elsewhere in the state the species is probably an escape from cultivation." -S&VS3G5AT, (CM), (CU), (GL), (MO), (OC), (SA)
Eupatorium aromaticum L. var. aromaticum 0\+Eupatorium aromaticum L. 0\+601.2Eupatorium aromaticum Linn. 0\+738.2Ageratina aromatica (L.) Spach var. aromaticaSPA. "Habitats at many of these historical sites still seem suitable, which makes the species present rarity hard to explain." -Snyder.S1G5T5{AT}, {BU}, {CA}, CM, {CU}, {GL}, {MI}, {MO}
Ageratina altissima (L.) King & H.E. RobinsEupatorium rugosum Houttuyn601.3Eupatorium ageratoides L.738.1Statewide outside Pine Barrens, though Stone gave one PB recordWhite snakeroot
Eupatorium serotinum Michx.Eupatorium serotinum Michx.601.4not found0Apparently adventive to NJ beginning some time well after Stone's publication. In New B&B, 1952, distribution is given as north to DE, but Fernald, 1950, has it to NJ.Lateflowering thoroughwort
Eupatorium resinosum Torr. ex DC. ~\+Eupatorium resinosum Torr. ~\+601.5Eupatorium resinosum Torr. ~\+737.2SPA.S2G3EAT(8), BU(3), CA(3), CM(2), CU(4), GL(2), (MO), OC(7)Pine barren thoroughwort
Eupatorium perfoliatum L. var. perfoliatum 0,{Eupatorium perfoliatum L. 0,{601.6Eupatorium perfoliatum L. 0,{737.1Common boneset
Eupatorium capillifolium (Lam.) Small \+:Eupatorium capillifolium (Lam.) Small \+:602.1not found0SPA.S2G5ECA, BU, CM(5&1X), CU(1)Dogfennel
Eupatorium album L. var. album ~Eupatorium album L. var. album ~602.2Eupatorium album L. ~734.2White eupatorium
Eupatorium album L. var. subvenosum Gray ~Eupatorium album var. subvenosum A. Gray ~602.3Eupatorium album subvenosum Gray ~735.1White eupatorium
Eupatorium album L. var. vaseyi (Porter) Cronq. ++Eupatorium album L. var. vaseyi (Porter) Cronq. ++602.4not found0Eupatorium vaseyi T.C. Porter; Eupatorium sessilifolium L. var. vaseyi (Porter) Fern. & Grisc.(SPA?) Hough shows Eupatorium sessilifolium in CA, GL, and CM, disjunct from the otherwise north Jersey distribution. "This species is apparently a tetraploid derivative of E. album x sessilifolium." -Weakley.S1G5T??White eupatorium
Eupatorium leucolepis (DC.) Torr. & Gray var. leucolepis ~Eupatorium leucolepis (DC.) T. & G. ~602.5Eupatorium leucolepis T. & G. ~734.1Justiceweed
Eupatorium sessilifolium L.Eupatorium sessilifolium L.602.6Eupatorium sessilifolium L.736.1Upland boneset
Eupatorium rotundifolium L. `Eupatorium rotundifolium L. var. rotundifolium `602.7Eupatorium rotundifolium L. `736.2Roundleaf thoroughwort
Eupatorium rotundifolium L. var. ovatum (Bigelow) Torr. `Eupatorium rotundifolium L. var. ovatum (Bigel.) Torr. `602.8Eupatorium pubescens Muhl. `736.3Roundleaf thoroughwort
Eupatorium pilosum Walt.`Eupatorium pilosum Walter `603.1Eupatorium verbenaefolium Michx. `735.3
Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. var. hyssopifolium `Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. var. hyssopifolium `603.2Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. `>735.2Hyssop-leaved eupatorium
Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. var. laciniatum Gray ++Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. var. laciniatum Gray ++603.5Eupatorium hyssopifolium L. ++>735.2(PNR?)S2S3G5T4T5CA (CM)Hyssop-leaved eupatorium
Mikania scandens (L.) Willd. 0|||Mikania scandens 0|||604.1Willugbaeya scandens (L.) 0|||739.1moistClimbing hempweed
Sclerolepis uniflora (Walt.) B.S.P. ~\+Sclerolepis uniflora (Walt.) B.S.P. ~\+604.2Sclerolepis uniflora (Walt.) ~\+731SPA.S2G4(AT), BU, CM, (OC)Pink bogbutton
Kuhnia eupatorioides L. \+:Kuhnia eupatorioides L. \+:604.3Kuhnia eupatorioides L. \+:739.2Brickellia eupatorioides (L.) Shinners var. eupatorioides +SPA.S1G5T5EAT(1X), BU(2X), CA(3X), (MI), (MO)False boneset
Liatris scariosa (L.) Willd. var. novae-angliae Lunell \Liatris scariosa (L.) Willd. var. novae-angliae Lunell \606Lacinaria scariosa740.3Liatris borealis Nutt.; Liatris novae-angliae (Lunell) ShinnersNPL.SHG5?T3EMI, MO(1X)Devil's bite
Liatris pilosa (Ait.) Willd. var. pilosa ~Liatris graminifolia Willd. ~607Lacinaria graminifolia pilosa (Ait.) ~740.2Shaggy blazing star
Liatris spicata (L.) Willd. var. spicataLiatris spicata (L.) Willd.607.2Lacinaria spicata (L.)740.1Dense blazing star
Liatris pycnostachya Michx.Liatris pycnostachya Michx.607.3not found0Escaped.
Vernonia noveboracensis (L.) Michx. 0,{Vernonia noveboracensis (L.) Michx. 0,{608Vernonia noveboracensis L. 0,{730.1New york ironweed
Vernonia glauca (L.) Willd. \++Vernonia glauca (L.) Willd. \++608not found0(SPA?)S1G5E(AT), CU, GL(1), SABroadleaf ironweed
Elephantopus carolinianus Raeusch. \Elephantopus carolinianus Raeusch. \609not found0NPL.SHG5EGL, SAElephant's foot
Arctium minus Bernh. ><Arctium minus Schk. ><610.1Arctium minus ><728.1Common burdock
Cirsium horridulum Michx. ,{Cirsium horridulum Michx. ,{611.1Carduus spinosissimus Walt. ,{779.1Yellow thistle
Cirsium pumilum (Nutt.) Spreng.Cirsium pumilum (Nutt.) Sprengel612.1Carduus pumilus (Nutt.)778.2Pasture thistle
Cirsium discolor (Muhl. ex Willd.) Spreng. 0{Cirsium discolor (Muhl.) Spreng. 0{612.1Carduus discolor (Muhl.) 0{778.1Field thistle
Cirsium virginianum (L.) Michx. +Cirsium virginianum (L.) Michx. +612.2not found0PNR. Northern limit of the range.S1G3EAT, BU, CM, OCVirginia thistle
Cirsium muticum Michx. 0{Cirsium muticum Michx. 0{613.1Carduus muticus (Michx.) 0{779.2Swamp thistle
Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten. ><Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Tenore ><613.2Carduus lanceolatus ><778.3Bull thistle
Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. ><Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. ><613.3Carduus arvensis ><778.4
Prenanthes serpentaria Pursh `Prenanthes serpentaria Pursh. `617Nabalus serpentarius (Pursh.) `724.1Cankerweed
Prenanthes autumnalis Walt. ~\+Prenanthes autumnalis Walter ~\+618Nabalus virgatus (Michx.) ~\+724.2SPA. Northern limit of the range.S2G4G5AT, BU, (CA), (CM), (CU), OCSlender rattlesnakeroot
Prenanthes trifoliolata (Cass.) Fern.Prenanthes trifoliolata (Cass.) Fern.618.1Nabalus trifoliolatus Cass.723.3Gall of the earth
Prenanthes alba L.Prenanthes alba L.618.2Nabalus albus (L.)724.3White rattlesnakeroot
Prenanthes altissima L.Prenanthes altissima L.618.3Nabalus altissimus (L.)723.2Tall rattlesnakeroot
Lactuca hirsuta Muhl. ex Nutt. var. sanguinea (Bigelow) Fern. ^++Lactuca hirsuta Muhl. ^++619Lactuca hirsuta Muhl. ^++720.2(SPA?) Stone cites Winslow Jcn. & White Horse. Northern limit of the range; disjunct. Lack of concensus among the experts about the taxon. "The type of Lactuca hirsuta may be conspecific with that of L. graminifolia." -FNAS3G5?T5?(MO BU GL CA AT CM)Hairy lettuce
Lactuca graminifolia Michx. var. graminifolia ++Lactuca [spp.] ++619not found ++0(SPA) There seems to be a lack of concensus among the experts about the taxon. "The type of Lactuca hirsuta may be conspecific with that of L. graminifolia." -FNA.S1G5?T3T5BU?
Lactuca canadensis L. 0^Lactuca canadensis L. 0^620Lactuca canadensis L. 0^720.1Wild lettuce
Lactuca canadensis L.Lactuca canadensis L.620.1Lactuca sagittifolia Ell.721.1Wild lettuce
Lactuca floridana (L.) Gaertn. var. villosa (Jacq.) Cronq.Lactuca floridana (L.) Gaertner620.2Lactuca villosa Jacq.721.2Woodland lettuce
Lactuca floridana (L.) Gaertn.Lactuca floridana (L.) Gaertner620.2Lactuca floridana (L.)721.3Woodland lettuce
Lactuca biennis (Moench) Fern. 'Lactuca biennis (Moench) Fern. '620.3Lactuca spicata (Lam.) '721.4Tall blue lettuce
Sonchus oleraceus L. ><Sonchus oleraceus L. ><621Sonchus oleraceus ><719.1
Hieracium kalmii L. ++:Hieracium kalmii L. ++:623not found ++:0< Hieracium umbellatum L. -FNA; < Hieracium canadense var. fasciculatum -Fernald?SPA. FNA lumps w/ H. umbellatum, of which Cronquist admits, "the nomenclature is recondite." USDA shows H. kalmii var. fasciculatum in NJ (south limit of the range). NatureServe shows both var. fasciculatum and var. kalmii in NJ.S1G5T?EAT(1X)Kalm's hawkweed
Hieracium venosum L. `Hieracium venosum L. `624.1Hieracium venosum L. `722.1Rattlesnake weed
Hieracium gronovii L. `Hieracium gronovii L. `624.2Hieracium gronovii L. `723.1Hairy hawkweed
Hieracium marianum Willd. ++Hieracium × marianum Willd. ++624.2Hieracium marianum Willd. ++722.2Hieracium × marianum Willd. (pro sp.) [gronovii × venosum](PNR?) Authorities differ as to whether or not it is a hybrid. "These specimens are very unsatisfactorily identified." -Stone. "Its components are not easily defined nor consistently stable." -Fernald.SHG5??
Hieracium scabrum Michx.Hieracium scabrum Michx.624.4Hieracium scabrum Michx.722.3Rough hawkweed
Krigia virginica (L.) Willd. `Krigia virginica (L.) Willd. `627Adopogon carolinianum (Walt.) `719.3Dwarf dandelion
Krigia biflora (Walt.) Blake var. biflora 0'^Krigia biflora (Walter) S.F. Blake. 0'^627.1Adopogon virginicum (L.) 0'^719.2"very sparingly introduced"; N, MD; CM: occasionalTwoflower dwarfdandelion
Krigia dandelion (L.) Nutt. ++Krigia dandelion (L.) Willd. ++627.2Adopogon virginicum (L.) [misapplied]++0(PNR?) Northern limit of the range. Stone had an Otway Brown specimen that he cited as Adopogon virginicum -Moore.SH.1G5ECMPotato dwarfdandelion
Taraxacum officinale G.H. Weber ex Wiggers ><Taraxacum officinale Weber ex Wiggers ><628.1Taraxacum taraxacum ><718.2Dandelion
Cichorium intybus L. ><Cichorium intybus L. ><628.2Cichorium intybus ><718.1Chicory
Alisma subcordatum Raf.Alisma subcordatum Raf.632Alisma subcordatum Raf.168American water plantain
Sagittaria calycina Engelm. var. calycina ++Sagittaria calycina Engelm. ++633.1Sagittaria graminea Michx. [misappl.] ++172.1Lophotocarpus calycinus (Engelm.) J.G. Sm.; Sagittaria montevidensis Cham. & Schlecht. ssp. caly(PNR?) See Stone's footnote. FNA shows a single dot, indicating a disjuct population in s. Jersey.S2G5T5?(AT, BU, CU, SA)Hooded arrowhead
Sagittaria calycina Engelm. var. spongiosa Engelm. ++Sagittaria spatulata (J.G. Smith) Buchenau ++633.2not found0Lophotocarpus spongiosus (Engelm.) J.G. Sm.; Sagittaria montevidensis Cham. & Schlecht. ssp. spoDistribution info is suspect on this, as the genus has undergone revision, and it's not clear whether older specimens have been thoroughly examined.S3G5T4(BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, SA)Hooded arrowhead
Sagittaria subulata (L.) Buch. \Sagittaria subulata (L.) Buchenau \633.2Sagittaria subulata (L.) \172.2(PNR?)S2G4BU, (CA), (CU), (GL)Awl-leaf arrowhead
Sagittaria latifolia Willd.Sagittaria latifolia Willd.634Sagittaria latifolia Willd.169.2Broad-leaved arrowhead
Sagittaria engelmanniana J.G. Sm. ~Sagittaria engelmanniana J.G. Smith ~634.1Sagittaria longirostra (Micheli) ~171.1Engelmann's arrowhead
Sagittaria australis (J.G.Sm.) Small +:Sagittaria australis (J.G. Smith) Small +:634.2not found0Sagittaria engelmanniana J.G. Sm. ssp. longirostra auct. non Micheli [misapplied]; Sagittaria longirSPA.S1G5EBU, CM, MI*, MO(1)Longbeak arrowhead
Sagittaria rigida PurshSagittaria rigida Pursh635.1Sagittaria rigida Pursh171.2Sessilefruit arrowhead
Sagittaria graminea Michx. ^Sagittaria graminea Michx. var. graminea ^635.2Sagittaria graminea Michx. ^172.1
Sagittaria teres S. Wats. ^\+:Sagittaria teres S. Watson ^\+:635.3Sagittaria teres ^\+:172.1SPA.S1G3EAT(4), BU, CA(1), CM, {SA}Slender arrowhead
Echinodorus parvulus Engelm. \Echinodorus tenellus (Martius) Buchenau var. parvulus (Engelm.) Fassett \635.4Helianthium parvulum (Engelm.) \169.1NPL. "The only known station has been destroyed. Last seen in 1968." -S&VS1.1G3QBU
Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) St. JohnElodea nuttallii (Planch.)637Philotria nuttallii (Planch.)173.1Anacharis nuttalliiFree-flowered Water-weed
Vallisneria americana Michx.Vallisneria americana L.638Vallisneria spiralis L.173.2Tape-grass/Water-celery
Limnobium spongia (Bosc) L.C. Rich. ex Steud. \Limnobium spongia (Bosc.) Steudel. \638Limnobium spongia (Bosc.) \173.3"Reported by Knieskern from the Swimming River, Monmouth Co., the only known locality in the state and not recently found there so far as I know. No specimen seen." -Stone. Possibly a mis-ID -S&V.MO?
Scheuchzeria palustris L. ssp. americana (Fern.) Hult?n \Scheuchzeria palustris L. \638Scheuchzeria palustris L. \167NPL.SHG5T5ECA(1X), GL(1X)Pod-grass
Triglochin maritima L.(-\++Triglochin maritimum L. (-\++639Triglochin maritima L. (-\++166.3(PNR?)S1G5EMI, MO, OCCommon arrow-grass
Stuckenia pectinatus (L.) Boerner {Potamogeton pectinatus L. {641Potamogeton pectinatus L. {164.4
Potamogeton confervoides Reichenb. ~\+Potamogeton confervoides Reichb. ~\+642.1Potamogeton confervoides Reichb. ~\+163.3SPA.S3G4{AT}, BU, (CA), {CM}, {CU}, {GL}, {OC}Tuckerman's pondweed
Potamogeton crispus L. ><Potamogeton crispus L. ><642.1Potamogeton crispus ><161Curly pondweed
Potamogeton pusillus L. |||Potamogeton pusillus L. |||642.2Potamogeton pusillus L. |||164.1wet; acid & alkalineSmall pondweed
Potamogeton epihydrus Raf. `|||Potamogeton epihydrus Raf. `|||643Potamogeton epihydrus Raf. `|||162.4Ribbonleaf pondweed
Potamogeton diversifolius Raf.Potamogeton diversifolius Raf.643Potamogeton diversifolius Raf.164.2Waterthread pondweed
Potamogeton spirillus TuckermanPotamogeton spirillus Tuckerman643Potamogeton dimorphus Raf.164.3NPLS3S4G5(BU, CA, GL)Spiral pondweed
Potamogeton foliosus Raf. ssp. foliosusPotamogeton foliosus Raf. var. foliosus643.1Potamogeton foliosus164.5Stone, in a footnote, says the single record of P. foliosus (K&B) is referable to P. pusillus, but Houghs shows it in several s. Jersey counties, and PH has at least one specimen (GL).Leafy pondweed
Potamogeton amplifolius TuckermanPotamogeton amplifolius Tuckerman644Potamogeton amplifolius Tuckerm.162.2Largeleaf pondweed
Potamogeton pulcher Tuckerman ++Potamogeton pulcher Tuckerman ++644Potamogeton pulcher Tuckerm. ++162.3(SPA?)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SA)Spotted pondweed
Potamogeton nodosus Poir.Potamogeton nodosus Poiret644Potamogeton americanus Cham. and Schlecht.163.1NPL.S3S4G5(GL, SA)Longleaf pondweed
Potamogeton natans L. ++Potamogeton natans L. ++644.1Potamogeton natans ++162.5(SPA?) Stone's footnote indicates he could find no specimens in s. Jersey. Hough shows it in four counties. PH has specimens from s. Jersey -Moore.S3S4G5(CM, GL, MO, OC)Floating pondweed
Potamogeton oakesianus J.W. Robbins ~\++Potamogeton oakesianus Robbins ~\++644.2Potamogeton oakesianus Robbins ~\++162.1(SPA)S2G4{AT}, {BU}, {CA}, {CM}, {CU}, {MI}Oakes' pondweed
Potamogeton perfoliatus L.Potamogeton perfoliatus L.645Potamogeton perfoliatus L.163.2Claspingleaf pondweed
Ruppia maritima L. [Ruppia maritima L. [645Ruppia maritima L. [165.1Widgeongrass
Najas flexilis (Willd.) Rostk. & SchmidtNajas flexilis (Willd.)646Najas flexilis (Willd.)165.3Nodding waternymph
Najas gracillima (A. Braun ex Engelm.) Magnus ++Najas gracillima (A. Braun ex Engelm.) Magnus ++646Najas gracillima (A. Br.) ++166.1(SPA?)S3S4G5?(BU, CA, CU, GL, OC, SA)Slender waternymph
Zannichellia palustris L. [Zannichellia palustris L. [647Zannichellia palustris L. [165.2Horned pondweed
Zostera marina L. [Zostera marina L. [647Zostera marina L. [166.2Seawrack
Acorus calamus L. ^Acorus calamus L. ^648.1Acorus calamus L. ^317.2rare, intr in PB; N, MDCalamus
Orontium aquaticum L. ~Orontium aquaticum L. ~648.2Orontium aquaticum L. ~317.1Golden club
Symplocarpus foetidus (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt. 0Symplocarpus foetidus (L.) Nutt. 0649.1Spathyema foetida (L.) 0316wetSkunk cabbage
Peltandra virginica (L.) Schott 0^Peltandra virginica (L.) Schott & Endl. 0^649.2Peltandra virginica (L.) 0^315.2plentiful; throughoutArrow arum
Arisaema triphyllum (L.) Schott ssp. triphyllum 0Arisaema triphyllum (L.) Schott var. triphyllum 0649.3Arisaema triphyllum (L.) 0314.1Jack in the pulpit
Arisaema triphyllum (L.) Schott ssp. pusillum (Peck) Huttleston 0^Arisaema triphyllum (L.) Schott var. pusillum Peck 0^649.4Arisaema pusillum Peck 0^314.2Jack in the pulpit
Arisaema dracontium (L.) Schott '\++Arisaema dracontium (L.) Schott '\++649.5Arisaema dracontium (L.) '\++315.1(PNR?)S3S4G5(BU), (CA), (CM), (MO)Green dragon
Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) SchleidenSpirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleiden650Spirodela polyrhiza (L.)318.1
Lemna trisulca L. \Lemna trisulca L. \651.1not found0NPL.S3G5MOStar duckweed
Lemna valdiviana Phil.Lemna valdiviana Phil.651.2Lemna minor L.318.2NPL. At PH, at least one specimen from s. Jersey from Stone's time, originally labelled as L. minor, has since been determined to be L. valdiviana -MooreS1G5EValdivia duckweed
Lemna minor L.Lemna minor L.651.2Lemna minor L.318.2Common duckweed
Lemna perpusilla Torr. \+Lemna perpusilla Torr. \+651.3Lemna perpusilla Torr. \+318.3PNR.S1G5EAT, CA, CM, SAMinute duckweed
Wolffiella floridana (Donnell-Smith) C. Thompson \Wolffiella floridana (Donnell-Smith) C. Thompson \651.3not found0Wolffiella gladiata (Hegelm.) Hegelm. \NPL. "Easily overlooked; not often collected" -HoughS1G5ESA(1)
Wolffia columbiana Karst.Wolffia columbiana Karsten652Wolffia columbiana Karst.319Columbian watermeal
Wolffia brasiliensis WeddellWolffia papulifera C.Thompson652.1Wolffia columbiana Karst. [misappl.]319Brazilian watermeal
Xyris smalliana Nash \~Xyris smalliana Nash \~653.1Xyris congdoni Small \~320.2Small's yelloweyed grass
Xyris smalliana Nash =Xyris smalliana Nash =653.1Xyris caroliniana Walter [misappl.] \~321.1wetSmall's yelloweyed grass
Xyris smalliana Nash =Xyris smalliana Nash =653.1Xyris elata Chapm. \~321.1wetSmall's yelloweyed grass
Xyris jupicai L.C.Rich. _+Xyris jupicai Rich. _+653.2Xyris caroliniana Walter [misappl.] _+321.1PNR. "Species may be adventive in the northern portion of its range" -Snyder 2000S1G5CM*Richard's yelloweyed grass
Xyris difformis Chapman var. difformis ~Xyris difformis Chapman var diformis ~653.3Xyris caroliniana Walter ~321.2Common yellow-eyed grass
Xyris torta Sm. `Xyris torta J. E. Smith`653.4Xyris torta J. E. Smith `320.1Twisted yellow-eyed grass
Xyris caroliniana Walt. ~\+Xyris caroliniana Walter ~\+654.1Xyris arenicola Small ~\+322.2Xyris flexuosa Muhl. ex Ell.; X. arenicola SmallSPA.S1G4G5EAT(1), BU(2)Carolina yelloweyed grass
Xyris fimbriata Ell. ~\+:Xyris fimbriata Elliott ~\+:654.2Xyris fimbriata Ell. ~\+:322.1SPA.S1G5EAT, BU(2&1X), CA, OCFringed yelloweyed grass
Tradescantia virginiana L.Tradescantia virginiana L. )(655Tradescantia virginiana L.325.2moist, rich soilVirginia spiderwort
Commelina virginica L. \Commelina virginica L. \656Commelina hirtella Vahl. \326.2Included in the Snyder & Vivian publication, considered exotic now, per NatureServeBU, CAVirginia dayflower
Commelina communis L. ><Commelina communis L. ><656.1Commelina communis L. ><326.1
Commelina erecta L. var. erectaCommelina erecta L. var. erecta656.2not found0NPL. There was apparently some confusion between this and C. virginica, as S&V lists C. virginica, now ranked SNA (exotic), and not C. erecta. It's not clear whether the S&V material applies to C. erecta. Hough's entries don't clarify.SH.1G5T5CA, (GL)Whitemouth dayflower
Eriocaulon aquaticum (Hill) Druce ~Eriocaulon aquaticum (Hill) Druce. ~657.1Eriocaulon septangulare With. ~324.1Seven-angled pipewort
Eriocaulon parkeri B.L. Robins. \+Eriocaulon parkeri Robinson \+657.2Eriocaulon parkeri Robinson \+324.2SPA.S2G3AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SAEstuary pipewort
Eriocaulon decangulare L. var. decangulare ~Eriocaulon decangulare L. ~657.3Eriocaulon decangulare L. ~325.1Tenangle pipewort
Eriocaulon compressum Lam. ~Eriocaulon compressum Lam. ~657.4Eriocaulon compressum Lam. ~324.3Early pipewort
Juncus gerardii Loisel. [Juncus gerardii Loisel. [660.1Juncus gerardi Lois. [330.2Saltmeadow rush
Juncus secundus Beauv. ex Poir.Juncus secundus P. Beauv.661Juncus secundus Beauv. ex Poir.331.4Stone includes in a footnote, indicating no definite records. S. Jersey specimens have since been collected. Houghs indicates, "Local through the Delaware Valley and Bay area."Lopsided rush
Juncus tenuis Willd. `Juncus tenuis Willd. var. tenuis `661.1Juncus tenuis Willd. `331.1"Plentiful throughout ? except in the Pine Barrens, where it apparently does not occur except rarely as a weed." -Stone.Lopsided Rush
Juncus dichotomus Ell. `Juncus tenuis Willd. var. dichotomus (Elliott) A. Wood '661.1Juncus dichotomus Ell. `331.3Forked rush
Juncus coriaceus Mackenzie _\++Juncus coriaceus Mackenz. _\++661.2Juncus setaceus Rostk. _\++332.1(PNR?) "At present it is reported from one location in the southern part of the county. Seen in 1980?" S&V.S1G5ECM(4&2X)Leathery rush
Juncus greenei Oakes & Tuckerman \+Juncus greenii Oakes & Tuckerman \+661.3Juncus greeni Oakes and Tuckerm. \+331.2SPA.S2G5BU, (CA), MI, {MO}, OCGreene's rush
Juncus bufonius L.Juncus bufonius L.661.5Juncus bufonius L.330.1Statewide, not central Pine Barrens.Toad rush
Juncus effusus L. var. pylaei (Laharpe) Fern. & Wieg. `Juncus pylaei Laharpe `662Juncus effusus L. `329Heritage indicates the state also has var. conglomeratus and var. solutus, the latter the most common throughout the NE per G&C.Common rush
Juncus effusus L. var. solutus Fern. & Wieg.Juncus effusus L. var. solutus Fern. & Wieg.662.5Juncus effusus L.329Common rush
Juncus marginatus Rostk. 0^Juncus marginatus Rostk. 0^663.1Juncus marginatus Rostk. 0^332.2not freq; N, MDGrassleaf rush
Juncus biflorus Ell. ~Juncus biflorus Elliott.~663.2Juncus aristulatus Michx. ~332.3Mostly s. on the coastal strip.Bog rush
Juncus caesariensis Coville ~\+Juncus caesariensis Cov. ~\+663.3Juncus caesariensis Coville ~\+334.2SPA.S2G2EAT(5), BU(21), CA(2X), CM, CU(1), MO(7), OC(6)New jersey rush
Juncus canadensis J. Gay ex Laharpe `Juncus canadensis J. Gay `663.4Juncus canadensis J. Gay `335.2Canada rush
Juncus subcaudatus (Engelm.) Coville & BlakeJuncus subcaudatus (Engelm.) Cov. & S. F. Blake663.5Juncus canadensis subcaudatus Engelm.335.3Woodland rush
Juncus brachycephalus (Engelm.) Buch.Juncus brachycephalus (Engelm.) Buchenau664.1not found0(PNR?)S3G5(CM)Smallhead rush
Juncus torreyi Coville \+:Juncus torreyi Cov. \+:664.2not found0SPA.S1G5EAT, CA, CM, OCTorrey's rush
Juncus scirpoides Lam. 0^Juncus scirpoides Lam. 0^664.3Juncus scirpoides Lam. 0^335.1rare; MD, Coast, CMScirpus-like rush
Juncus pelocarpus E. Mey. `Juncus pelocarpus E. Meyer var. pelocarpus `664.4Juncus pelocarpus E. Meyer `333.1Brown-fruited rush
Juncus articulatus L. {Juncus articulatus L. {665.1Juncus articulatus L. {334.1(PNR?) Stone's statement, "Along the edge of the salt marsh...apparently rather frequent" ???S2G5(CA), CMJointleaf rush
Juncus elliottii Chapman ++Juncus elliottii Chapman ++665.1not found0(SPA?)SH.1G4G5ECMElliott's rush
Juncus militaris Bigelow ~Juncus militaris Bigelow ~665.2Juncus militaris Bigel. ~333.2Bayonet rush
Juncus brachycarpus Engelm. \++Juncus brachycarpus Engelm. \++665.3not found0(PNR?) Last collection in 1936 -S&V.S1G4G5ECM(4X)Whiteroot rush
Juncus acuminatus Michx. `Juncus acuminatus Michx. `665.4Juncus acuminatus Michx. `336.1statewide, decreasing in the PB.Sharp-fruited rush
Juncus debilis Gray `Juncus debilis A. Gray. `666Juncus debilis Gray `336.2Weak rush
Luzula acuminata Raf. ++Luzula acuminata Raf. ++666.2not found0(SPA?) Collections from S. Jersey have been made since the publication of Stone -Moore.S2G5T4T5EGL(2), MO(1), OC(1), SA(1)Hairy woodrush
Luzula multiflora (Ehrh.) Lej. ssp. multiflora var. multifloraLuzula multiflora (Retz.) Lej.667.1Juncoides campestre (L.)336.3
Luzula echinata (Small) F.J. Herm.Luzula echinata (Small) F.J. Herm.667.2Juncoides campestre (L.)336.3Hedgehog woodrush
Luzula bulbosa (Wood) Smyth & SmythLuzula bulbosa (A. Wood) Rydb.667.3Juncoides campestre (L.)336.3
Trichophorum planifolium (Spreng.) PallaScirpus verecundus Fern.669Scirpus planifolius Muhl.268.1Bashful bulrush
Schoenoplectus purshianus (Fern.) M.T. StrongScirpus smithii Fern.670Scirpus debilis Pursh268.3
Schoenoplectus smithii (Gray) Soj?k var. smithiiScirpus smithii A. Gray670Scirpus smithii Gray269.1(PNR?) FNA recognizes two vars. that occur in NJ. Hough's distrib. includes var. williamsii, referable now to S. purshianus.Smith's bulrush
Schoenoplectus americanus (Pers.) Volk. ex Schinz & R. KellerScirpus americanus Pers.670Scirpus olneyi Gray269.4Chairmaker's bulrush
Schoenoplectus subterminalis (Torr.) Soj?k ~Scirpus subterminalis Torr. ~670.2Scirpus subterminalis Torr. ~268.2Swaying bulrush
Schoenoplectus pungens (Vahl) Palla var. pungensScirpus pungens Vahl. var. pungens670.2Scirpus americanus Pers. [misapp.] `[269.3
Schoenoplectus torreyi (Olney) Palla \Scirpus torreyi Olney \670.2Scirpus torreyi Olney \270.1NPL.S1G5?EBUTorrey's bulrush
Schoenoplectus smithii (Gray) SojScirpus smithii A.Gray670.4Scirpus smithii setosus Fernald269.2Schoenoplectus smithii (A. Gray) Soj?k var. setosus (Fernald) S. G. Smith(PNR?) FNA recognizes two vars. that occur in NJ. Hough's distrib. includes var. williamsii, referable now to S. purshianus.S2G5?BUSmith's bulrush
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani (K.C. Gmel.) PallaScirpus validus L.671Scirpus validus Vahl.270.2Softstem bulrush
Schoenoplectus fluviatilis (Torr.) M.T. StrongSchoenoplectus fluviatilis (Torr.)671Scirpus fluviatilis (Torr.)271.2River bulrush
Schoenoplectus novae-angliae (Britt.) M.T. Strong +Scirpus cylindricus (Torr.) Britton. +671not found0Bolboschoenus novae-angliae (Britton) S. G. SmithSPA. Two plants seen on Aug. 4, 2007, near Hwy 542 & Merrygold Branch.S2G5BU, SANew england bulrush
Schoenoplectus robustus (Pursh) M.T. Strong [Scirpus robustus Pursh [672Scirpus robustus Pursh [270.3Sturdy bulrush
Scirpus atrovirens Willd.Scirpus atrovirens Willd. var. atrovirens672Scirpus atrovirens Muhl.271.3Green bulrush
Scirpus maritimus L.+Scirpus maritimus L.+672Scirpus robustus paludosus (A. Nelson.) +271.1Schoenoplectus maritimus (L.) Lye; Bolboschoenus maritimus (Linnaeus) Palla subsp. paludosus (A. NelPNR.SHG5ECA(1X), CU, MI, MO(2X), OC(2X)
Scirpus pendulus Muhl. ^++Scirpus pendulus Muhl. ^++673.1Scirpus lineatus Michx. [misappl.] ^++272.1(SPA?) Stone cites a Winslow Junction record at PH.S3G5(AT), (BU), (CA), (OC)Rufous bulrush
Scirpus cyperinus (L.) Kunth `Scirpus cyperinus (L.) Kunth `673.2Scirpus cyperinus (L.) `272.3Wool-grass
Scirpus cyperinus (L.) Kunth `=Scirpus cyperinus (L.) Kunth `=673.2Scirpus eriophorum Michx. `=273.1Wool-grass
Scirpus longii Fern. ~\+Scirpus longii Fern. ~\+673.3Scirpus longii Fernald ~\+272.2SPA.S2G2EAT(3), BU(5), CA(2), CM, OC(1)Long's bulrush
Eriophorum tenellum Nutt. ~\+:Eriophorum tenellum Nutt. ~\+:674.1Eriophorum tenellum Nutt. ~\+:273.2SPA. Southeast limit of the range.S1G5EAT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OCFewnerved cottongrass
Eriophorum gracile W.D.J. Koch \Eriophorum gracile Koch \674.2Eriophorum gracile Koch \274.1NPL. "Can be confused with tenellum" -Hough.SHG5T?E(BU) GL(1X)Slender cottongrass
Eriophorum virginicum L. `Eriophorum virginicum L.674.3Eriophorum virginicum L. `274.2Virginia cotton-grass
Eriophorum viridicarinatum (Engelm.) Fern.Eriophorum viridicarinatum (Engelm.) Fern.674.4not found0(SPA?)S3G5(MO, OC)Thinleaf cottonsedge
Eleocharis minima Kunth \Eleocharis [minima] Kunth \674.9not found0NPL. "Known from a single specimen collected by Bayard Long in 1940?" -S&V. Greatly disjunct from main population. Our manuals don't list it. Current resources are oddly conflictual in terms of distribution.SH.1G4G5E(CU)
Eleocharis rostellata (Torr.) Torr. [Eleocharis rostellata (Torr.) Torr. [675.1Eleocharis rostellata Torr. [264.1Beaked spikerush
Eleocharis parvula (Roemer & J.A. Schultes) Link ex Bluff, Nees & Schauer [Eleocharis parvula (Roemer & Schultes) Link [675.3Scirpus nanus Spreng. [267Dwarf spikerush
Eleocharis melanocarpa Torr. _\+Eleocharis melanocarpa Torr. _\+676.1Eleocharis melanocarpa Torrey _\+262.1PNR. Near northern limit of the range.S1G4EBU, CM(1&1X), CU(1), SABlackfruit spikerush
Eleocharis robbinsii Oakes ~Eleocharis robbinsii Oakes ~676.2Eleocharis robbinsii Oakes ~258.3Robbins' spikerush
Eleocharis quadrangulata (Michx.) Roemer & J.A. Schultes _\+Eleocharis quadrangulata (Michx.) Roemer & Schultes _\+676.3Eleocharis quadrangulata Michx. _\+258.2SPA.S2G4CM, CU, (SA)Squarestem spikerush
Eleocharis equisetoides (Ell.) Torr. \+Eleocharis equisetoides (Elliott) Torr. \+676.4Eleocharis interstincta (Vahl.) \+258.1SPA.S1G4EAT(1), CU(1X), GL(1X)Jointed spikesedge
Eleocharis acicularis (L.) Roemer & J.A. Schultes ^Eleocharis acicularis (L.) Roemer & Schultes ^676.5Eleocharis acicularis (L.) ^260.4Needle spikerush
Eleocharis tricostata Torr. ~Eleocharis tricostata Torr. ~676.6Eleocharis tricostata Torr. ~262.2Three-angle spikerush
Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) J.A. Schultes `Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) Schultes var. tenuis `676.7Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) `263.1Slender spikerush
Eleocharis microcarpa Torr. ~Eleocharis microcarpa Torr. ~677.1Eleocharis torreyana Boeckl. ~261.2E. microcarpa var. filiculmisSmall-fruited spike-rush
Eleocharis brittonii Svens. ex Small \++Eleocharis microcarpa Torr. \++677.1not found0(PNR?) North limit for the species. Disjunct. Taxon not reported between Delaware and North Carolina. (-USDA). FNA shows the NE limit as S. Carolina.S1G4G5ECM(1)Britton's spikerush
Eleocharis tuberculosa (Michx.) Roemer & J.A. Schultes ~Eleocharis tuberculosa (Michx.) Roemer & Schultes ~677.2Eleocharis tuberculosa (Michx.) ~261.1Tubercled spike-rush
Eleocharis tortilis (Link) J.A. Schultes _\+:Eleocharis tortilis (Link) Schultes _\+:677.3Eleocharis tortilis (Link.) _\+:263.2SPA.S1G5E(AT), BU, CM(1&1X), CU, GL, OC(1X), (SA)Twisted spikerush
Eleocharis palustris (L.) Roemer & J.A. SchultesEleocharis palustris L.677.4Eleocharis glaucescens Willd.260.3Marsh spike-rush
Eleocharis halophila (Fern. & Brack.) Fern. & Brack. ++Eleocharis palustris L. ++677.5Eleocharis palustris (L.) ++260.2(SPA?) "Rather frequent in the northern counties, rare and local in the Middle and Coast districts" -Stone.S2G4{AT}, {BU}, {CM}, {MO}, OC, {SA}Saltmarsh spikerush
Eleocharis flavescens (Poir.) Urban _Eleocharis flavescens (Poiret) Urban var. flavescens _678.1Eleocharis ochreata (Nees.) _259.1Yellow spikerush
Eleocharis olivacea Torr. `Eleocharis flavescens (Poiret) Urban. var. olivacea (Torr.) Gleason `678.2Eleocharis olivacea Torr. `259.2
Eleocharis engelmannii Steud.Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roemer & Schultes678.3Eleocharis engelmanni Steud.260.1Eleocharis obtusa var. detonsa (Gray)NPL. Stone cites a specimen from "Blackwoodstown Turnpike" from Charles E. Smith's herbarium. Apparently found only along the Delaware, and more common northward.S3S4G4G5Q(CA)
Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roemer & J.A. Schultes ^Eleocharis ovata (Roth) Roemer & Schultes ^678.3Eleocharis obtusa (Willd.) ^259.3along tidal streams; MDBlunt spike-rush
Fimbristylis autumnalis (L.) Roemer & J.A. Schultes`Fimbristylis autumnalis (L.) Roemer & Schultes `678.4Fimbristylis autumnalis (L.) `265.3Slender fimbry
Fimbristylis caroliniana (Lam.) Fern. \+Fimbristylis caroliniana (Lam.) Fern. \+679.1Fimbristylis castanea (Michx.) \+266.1PNR. Some of Stone's material labelled F. castanea is referable to F. caroliniana and F. puberula var. puberula. -Moore.S2G4(AT), (BU), (CM), (MO), OC, (SA)Carolina fimbry
Fimbristylis puberula (Michx.) Vahl var. puberula \++Fimbristylis puberula (Michx.) Vahl var. puberula \++679.2Fimbristylis castanea (Michx.)266.1Fimbristylis drummondii (Torr. & Hook. ex Torr.) Boeckl.(SPA?) Some of Stone's material originally determined as F. castanea is referable to F. caroliniana and F. puberula var. puberula. -Moore.S2G5T5?(AT), {BU}, {CM}, {OC}
Fimbristylis castanea (Michx.) Vahl [^++Fimbristylis castanea (Michx.) Vahl. [^++679.3Fimbristylis castanea (Michx.) [^++266.1(SPA?) Some of Stone's material labelled F. castanea is referable to F. caroliniana and F. puberula var. puberula. -Moore.S3G5(MO OC BU AT CM)Marsh fimbry
Fimbristylis vahlii (Lam.) LinkFimbristylis vahlii (Lam.) Link679.4Fimbristylis congesta266.2Moore notes four specimens from CA. Snyder apparently considers it exotic.CA
Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) Kunth ex C.B. Clarke ssp. capillaris ^Bulbostylis capillaris (L.) C.B. Clarke. ^680Stenophyllus capillaris (L.) ^265.2rare, along RR; prob intr. in PBDensetuft hairsedge
Rhynchospora colorata (L.) H. PfeifferRhynchospora colorata (L.) H. Pfeiffer681Dichromena colorata (L.)264.2Reported in the state from old literature, but, apparently, without solid evidence. One specimen at PH has "N.J." peciled in, but no date or location is indicated.
Rhynchospora scirpoides (Torr.) Gray +Rhynchospora scirpoides (Vahl) Griseb. +681.1Psilocarya nitens (Vahl.) +265.1Psilocarya scirpoides Torr.SPA.S2G4AT, CM, GL, SALongbeak beaksedge
Rhynchospora nitens (Vahl) Gray _\+Rhynchospora nitens (Vahl) A.Gray _\+681.2Psilocarya nitens (Vahl.) _\+265.1SPA.S2G4?AT, CM, CU, OC, (SA)Shortbeak beaksedge
Rhynchospora macrostachya Torr. ex Gray _^Rhynchospora macrostachya Torr. _^681.3Rynchospora macrostachya Torr. _^276.1casual, usu near coast; CMTall horned beaksedge
Rhynchospora inundata (Oakes) Fern. `\+Rhynchospora inundata (Oakes) Fern. `\+681.4Rynchospora macrostachya inundata (Oakes.) '\+276.2SPA.S2G3G4AT, BU, CA, CM, (CU), GL, OCNarrowfruit horned beaksedge
Rhynchospora oligantha Gray ~\+Rhynchospora oligantha A. Gray ~\+682.1Rynchospora oligantha Gray ~\+277.2SPA.S2G4BUFeatherbristle beaksedge
Rhynchospora cephalantha Gray ~+Rhynchospora cephalantha A.Gray ~+682.2Rynchospora axillaris (Lam.) ~280.1SPA.S3G5AT, BU, (CA), (CM), OCBunched beaksedge
Rhynchospora microcephala (Britt.) Britt. ~\+:Rhynchospora microcephala Britton ~\+:682.3Rynchospora axillaris microcephala Britton. ~\+:280.2SPA.S1G5T5EAT(4), BU, (CA), CU, OCSmallhead beaksedge
Rhynchospora chalarocephala Fern. & GaleRhynchospora chalarocephala Fern. & Gale682.4Rynchospora axillaris microcephala Britton280.2Loosehead beaksedge
Rhynchospora chalarocephala Fern. & GaleRhynchospora chalarocephala Fern. & Gale682.4Rynchospora glomerata leptocarpa Chapm.279.2Loosehead beaksedge
Rhynchospora alba (L.) Vahl ~Rhynchospora alba (L.) Vahl. ~682.5Rynchospora alba (L.) ~277.3White beaked-rush
Rhynchospora capitellata (Michx.) Vahl ~Rhynchospora capitellata (Michx.) Vahl ~682.6Rynchospora glomerata leptocarpa Chapm. ~279.2Small-headed beaked-rush
Rhynchospora capitellata (Michx.) Vahl `Rhynchospora capitellata (Michx.) Vahl`682.6Rynchospora glomerata (L.) `279.1Small-headed beaked-rush
Rhynchospora glomerata (L.) Vahl. +Rhynchospora glomerata (L.) Vahl. +682.7Rynchospora glomerata (L.) +279.1PNR. Most of Stone's material at PH labelled R. glomerata is referable to R. capitellata. -Moore.SHG5T5?ECM, (CU)Clustered beaksedge
Rhynchospora knieskernii Carey ~\+Rhynchospora knieskernii Carey ~\+682.8Rynchospora knieskernii Carey ~\+278.2SPA. Apparently extant, now, only in the New Jersey PB.S1G1EAT(14&1X), BU(8), CA(1), MO(3), OC(15)Knieskern's beaksedge
Rhynchospora capillacea Torr.Rhynchospora capillacea Torr. `++682.9not found0NPLS1G4G5ECANeedle beaksedge
Rhynchospora pallida M.A. Curtis ~+Rhynchospora pallida M.A. Curtis ~+682.91Rynchospora pallida M.A. Curtis ~+278.1SPA.S3G3AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SAPale beaked-rush
Rhynchospora fusca (L.) Ait. f. ~Rhynchospora fusca (L.) Aiton f. ~683.1Rynchospora fusca (L.) ~280.3Brown beaksedge
Rhynchospora filifolia Gray ~\+:Rhynchospora filifolia A. Gray ~\+:683.2Rynchospora filifolia Torrey \+:279.4SPA.S1G5E(BU), CM(1), (OC)Threadleaf beaksedge
Rhynchospora gracilenta Gray ~Rhynchospora gracilenta A. Gray ~683.3Rynchospora gracilenta Gray ~277.1Slender beaked-rush
Rhynchospora gracilenta GrayRhynchospora gracilenta A. Gray683.3Rynchospora smallii Britton279.3wetSlender beaked-rush
Rhynchospora grayi KunthRhynchospora grayi Kunth683.4not found0(SPA?) A PH specimen was discovered by G. Moore, Dec. 2006. Otherwise known from southern states as far north as Va.S( )G4AT
Rhynchospora rariflora (Michx.) Ell. _\+Rhynchospora rariflora (Michx) Elliott _\+683.4Rynchospora rariflora Michx. _\+281.3PNR.S1G5ECMFewflower beaksedge
Rhynchospora globularis (Chapman) Small \+Rhynchospora globularis (Chapman) Small var. recognita Gale \+684.1Rynchospora cymosa Elliott \+281.1Rhynchospora recognita (Gale) KralPNR. Snyder, 2005, lists R. globularis, but will revise to R. recognita with the next state-endangered list update. Some current authorities erroneously show NJ in the distrib. of R. globularis. -Snyder, pers. com., 1/8/07.S1G5?ECA(2X), CM(1&1X), GL, MO, OC, SA
Rhynchospora torreyana Gray ~Rhynchospora torreyana A. Gray ~684.2Rynchospora torreyana Gray ~281.2Torrey's beaksedge
Cladium mariscoides (Muhl.) Torr. ~Cladium mariscoides (Muhl.) Torr. ~684.3Cladium mariscoides (Muhl.) ~282.1Smooth sawgrass
Cyperus dentatus Torr. ~Cyperus dentatus Torr. ~686Cyperus dentatus Torr. ~251.3Toothed flatsedge
Cyperus esculentus L.Cyperus esculentus L.686Cyperus esculentus L.252.1
Cyperus erythrorhizos Muhl.Cyperus erythrorhizos Muhl.687Cyperus erythrorhizos Muhl.252.2Redroot flatsedge
Cyperus strigosus L. ^|||Cyperus strigosus L. ^|||687Cyperus strigosus L. ^|||253.1Landisville; throughoutStraw-colored cyperus
Cyperus pseudovegetus Steud.Cyperus pseudovegetus Steudel687.1Cyperus pseudovegetus Steud.251.2Cyperus virens Michx. var. arenicola (Boeckl.) Shinners(PNR?)S1G5E(BU, CU, OC), SAMarsh flatsedge
Cyperus squarrosus L.Cyperus squarrosus L.687.2not found0Bearded flatsedge
Cyperus echinatus (L.) WoodCyperus echinatus (L.) Wood.688Cyperus ovularis (Michx.)254.3Globe flatsedge
Cyperus lancastriensis Porter ex Gray +:Cyperus lancastriensis Porter +:688.1Cyperus lancastriensis Porter +:253.2SPA.S1G5EBU*, CA, CM, GL*, MI, MOManyflower flatsedge
Cyperus refractus Engelm. ex Boeckl. ++Cyperus refractus Engelm. ++688.2Cyperus refractus254.4(PNR?) Stone includes in a footnote, expressing doubt. Hough says, of Salem County, "sight records to 1968."SHG5ECM, (SA)Reflexed flatsedge
Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torr. =Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torr. =688.3Cyperus dipsaciformis Fernald =254.2Rough flatsedge
Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torr. 0^+:Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torr. 0^+:688.3Cyperus retrofractus (L.) 0^+:254.1Cyperus dipsaciformis Fern.SPA.SHG5EAT, BU, CA(3X), CM, GLRough flatsedge
Cyperus hystricinus Fern. 0^Cyperus hystricinus Fern. 0^688.4Cyperus hystricinus Fernald 0^253.3Hammonton; MD
Cyperus retrorsus Chapman var. retrorsus ~Cyperus retrorsus Chapm. ~688.5Cyperus cylindricus (Ell.) ~255.1Pine barrens cyperus
Cyperus grayi Torr. {{((^Cyperus grayi Torr. {{((^688.6Cyperus grayi Torr. {{((^255.2common, PB & CoastGray's cyperus
Cyperus schweinitzii Torr. +:Cyperus schweinitzii Torr. +:689.1not found0SPAS1G5EAT(1)Schweinitz's flatsedge
Cyperus lupulinus (Spreng.) Marcks ssp. macilentus (Fern.) Marcks `Cyperus lupulinus (Sprengel) Marcks `689.2Cyperus filiculmis macilentus Fernald `256.2Both USDA and FNA show two varieties in our range. Species not included at all in Hough, as, apparently, the taxon was confused with C. filiculmis.Slender cyperus
Cyperus grayi Torr. ?Cyperus filiculmis Vahl.689.2Cyperus filiculmis Vahl.256.1Gray's cyperus
Cyperus engelmannii Steud. ++Cyperus odoratus L. ++689.3not found0(PNR?) "Cyperus odoratus is an exceedingly variable pantropical and warm-temperate species. Numerous segregates have been named, some of which may deserve recognition when the species is studied in detail worldwide." -FNAS2G4QCA, CU, GL, SA
Cyperus odoratus L.Cyperus odoratus L.689.3Cyperus speciosus Vahl.252.3Fragrant flatsedge
Cyperus flavescens L. `Cyperus flavescens Michx. `689.4Cyperus flavescens L. `249Yellow flatsedge
Cyperus polystachyos Rottb. {{+:Cyperus polystachyos Roth var. texensis (Torr.) Fern {{+:689.5Cyperus microdontus Torr. {{+:251.1SPA.S1G5T5EAT(1), BU, CM(1), CU, MO, SAManyspike flatsedge
Cyperus filicinus Vahl [Cyperus filicinus Vahl [689.6Cyperus nuttalli Eddy [250.3Fern flatsedge
Cyperus diandrus Torr. {Cyperus diandrus Torr. {689.7Cyperus diandrus Torrey {250.1Umbrella flatsedge
Cyperus bipartitus Torr. ,{Cyperus bipartitus Torr. ,{690.1Cyperus rivularis Kunth. ,{250.2Slender flatsedge
Kyllinga gracillima Miq. \Cyperus brevifolioides Thieret & Delahoussaye \690.2not found0Ranked SNA; considered exotic.
Cyperus tenuifolius (Steud.) Dandy +:Cyperus tenuifolius (Steudel) Dandy +:690.3not found0Kyllinga pumila Michx. +SPA.SHG5EBU, (CM)
Dulichium arundinaceum (L.) Britt. ^Dulichium arundinaceum (L.) Britton. ^690.4Dulichium arundinaceum (L.) ^256.3Three-way Sedge
Hemicarpha micrantha (Vahl) Britton ++Hemicarpha micrantha (Vahl) Britton ++690.5not found0Lipocarpha micrantha (Vahl) G. Tucker ++(SPA?) Hough indicates it has been recorded in both both CA and OC, the CA record being from ballast. NJNHP shows CA but not OCS1G4ECA(2X), (OC)
Fuirena squarrosa Michx. +Fuirena squarrosa Michx. +691Fuirena hispida Ell. +274.3PNR. (SPA?)S3G4G5{AT}, (BU), (CA), {CM}, OC, {MO}Hairy umbrella-sedge
Fuirena pumila (Torr.) Spreng. [Fuirena pumila Torr. [691Fuirena squarrosa Michx. [275Stone either misapplied the name or had mis-identified material.Dwarf umbrella-sedge
Scleria triglomerata Michx. ~Scleria triglomerata Michx. ~692.1Scleria triglomerata Michx. ~282.2Nut-rush
Scleria minor W. Stone ~+Scleria minor W.Stone ~+692.2Scleria minor (Britt.) ~+283.1SPA.S4G4AT, BU, CU, MO, OCSlender nutrush
Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ex Willd. var. pauciflora ^++Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ^++692.3Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ^++284.1(SPA?) Stone and Hough list the binomial with no sub-specific taxa.S1G5TNR?Fewflower nutrush
Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ex Willd. var. caroliniana (Willd.) Wood ^+Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ^+692.3Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ^+284.2SPA. Stone and Hough list the binomial with no sub-specific taxa.S2G5T4T5AT, {BU}, {CA}, {CM}, {GL}, {MI}, {MO}, {OC}, {SA} ???Fewflower nutrush
Scleria muehlenbergii Steud. ~+Scleria reticularis Michx. ~+692.4Scleria reticularis torreyana (Walp.) ~+283.3Scleria reticularis Michx. var. pubescens Britt.SPA; Hough's distrib. for S. reticularis includes S. muhlenbergii.S4G4(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SA)
Scleria reticularis Michx. +Scleria reticularis Michx. +692.4Scleria reticularis Michx.283.2SPA; damp, sandy soil, savannas, and intermittent ponds.Netted nutrush
Scleria verticillata Muhl. ex Willd. {{\+Scleria verticillata Muhl. {{\+692.5Scleria verticillata Muhl. {{\+284.3PNR.S1G5E(AT), CM(1X)Low nutrush
Carex leptalea Wahlenb. var. harperi (Fern.) Weatherby & Grisc.Carex leptalea Wahlenb.708Carex leptalea harperi Fernald305.4(PNR?) "var. harperi is confined to the coastal plain" -Hough. "Southern reports of C. leptalea are generally of ssp. harperi; ssp. leptalea apparently in the South only in the mountains" -NatureServe.S2S3G5T4T5(BU, CA, CM, GL, OC) ?Bristlystalked sedge
Carex kobomugiCarex kobomugi709
Carex cephalophora Muhl. ex Willd.Carex cephalophora Muhl. var. cephalophora710.1Carex cephalophora Muhl.307.3"Common in the northern counties, but rare southward within our limits." -StoneOval-leaf sedge
Carex mesochorea MackenzieCarex cephalophora Muhl. var. mesochorea (Mackenzie) Gleason710.2not found0NPLS1S2G4G5(BU)
Carex retroflexa Muhl. ex Willd.Carex retroflexa Muhl. var. retroflexa710.3Not found0S3S4G5MO**, CA**, GL**Reflexed sedge
Carex leavenworthii Dewey _++Carex leavenworthii Dewey _++710.3not found0Carex cephalophora Muhl. ex Willd. var. leavenworthii (Dewey) K?kenth(PNR?) "Specimens known to 1947" -Hough.SHG5CMLeavenworth's sedge
Carex radiata (Walenb.) SmallCarex radiata (Walenb.) Small710.3Carex rosea Schkur307.2Stone had material labelled C. rosea that is referable to C. radiata.
Carex muhlenbergii Schkuhr ex Willd. ^Carex muhlenbergii Schk. var. muhlenbergii ^711Carex muhlenbergii Schk. ^307.4
Carex rosea Schkuhr ex Willd.Carex rosea Schk.711.1Carex rosea Schk.307.2Rosy sedge
Carex sparganioides Muhl. ex Willd.Carex sparganioides Muhl. var. sparganioides711.3Carex sparganioides307.5In a footnote, Stone refutes records given by Keller & Brown (CA & GL, p. 86). Hough, however, gives MO, BU, and SA in her distr., but includes C. aggregata and C. cephaloidea within C. sparganioides. See C. aggregata.(BU, MO, SA)?Bur-reed sedge
Carex aggregata Mackenzie ++Carex sparganioides Muhl. var. aggregata (Mackenzie) Gleason ++711.3Carex sparganioides307NPL. Stone included C. sparganioides & C. cephaloidea in a footnote, p. 307, refuting Keller & Brown records (p 86), but Hough includes C. aggregata and C. cephaloidea in her distribution for C. sparg.: MO, BU and SA. Snyder documents C. aggregata in BU.S1G5(BU)*Glomerate sedge
Carex cephaloidea (Dewey) DeweyCarex sparganioides Muhl. var. cephaloidea (Dewey) Carey711.5Carex cephaloidea307.6(NPL) In a footnote, Stone refutes GL record given by K&B (p. 86). Hough gives MO, BU, and SA in her distr. of C. sparganioides including C. aggregata and C. cephaloidea . See C. aggregata. Apparently no evidence of s. Jersey material at PH.S2G5?
Carex vulpinoidea Michx. var. vulpinoidea 0Carex vulpinoidea Michx. var. vulpinoidea 0712.1Carex vulpinoidea Michx. 0306.4Fox sedge
Carex annectens (Bickn.) Bickn. `Carex vulpinoidea var. ambigua Boott`712.2Carex annectens Bicknell `307.1Yellowfruit sedge
Carex stipata Muhl. ex Willd. var. maxima Chapman ++Carex stipata Muhl. var. maxima Chapman ++712.3Carex stipata Muhl. > ++306.3(SPA?) "on the coastal plain to s. N.J." -G&CSHG5TNR?Awlfruit sedge
Carex stipata Muhl. ex Willd. var stipataCarex stipata Muhl. var. stipata712.3Carex stipata Muhl. >306.3Awlfruit sedge
Carex conjuncta BoottCarex conjuncta F. Boot.712.4not found0NPL.S3G4G5(BU, CA, GL)Soft fox sedge
Carex prairea Dewey ex Wood \Carex prairea Dewey \713.1Carex teretiuscula Gooden \306.2NPL. Stone mentions a single specimen from Mickleton.S2G5(GL)Prairie sedge
Carex trisperma Dewey var. trispermaCarex trisperma Dewey713.2Carex trisperma Dewey310.2Three-fruited sedge
Carex trisperma Dewey var. billingsii Knight ~++Carex trisperma Dewey var. billingsii Knight ~++713.3Carex trisperma Dewey var. billingsii Knight ~++310.3(SPA?) Stone included this, expressing doubt, but Moore indicates "much, if not all" south Jersey Carex trisperma is referable to this var.S3S4G5T3T5?Three-fruited sedge
Carex canescens L. `Carex canescens L. `714.1Carex canescens disjuncta Fernald `310.1Silvery sedge
Carex exilis Dewey ~Carex exilis Dewey ~714.2Carex exilis Dewey ~306.1Coast sedge
Carex interior Bailey 0Carex interior L. Bailey 0714.3Carex interior Bailey 0308.1Inland sedge
Carex atlantica Bailey ssp. atlantica ~Carex atlantica L. Bailey var. atlantica ~715.1Carex atlantica Bailey ~309.2Atlantic sedge
Carex atlantica Bailey ssp. atlantica =Carex atlantica L. Bailey var. atlantica =715.1Carex incomperta Bicknell =309.3Stone includes this in a footnote: "One specimen from Medford resembles Carex incomperta Bicknell." Now considered conspecific w/ C. atlantica.Atlantic sedge
Carex atlantica Bailey ssp. capillacea (Bailey) Reznicek ^Carex atlantica L. Bailey var. capillacea (L. Bailey) Cronq. ^715.1Carex interior capillacea (Bailey) ^308.2Atlantic sedge
Carex echinata Murr. ssp. echinataCarex echinata Murray var. echinata715.2Carex cephalantha (Bailey)309.1Star sedge
Carex seorsa HoweCarex seorsa Howe715.3Carex seorsa Howe309.4Weak stellate sedge
Carex argyrantha Tuckerman ++Carex argyrantha Tuckerman ++716not found0Carex foena Willd. var. perplexa Bailey(SPA?)S3S4G5(OC, SA)Hay sedge
Carex scoparia Schkuhr ex Willd. var. scoparia 0^Carex scoparia Schk. 0^716.1Carex scoparia Schk. 0^310.4Pointed broom sedge
Carex tribuloides Wahlenb.Carex tribuloides Wahlenb.716.2Carex tribuloides Wahl.311.1Blunt broom sedge
Carex brevior (Dewey) Mackenzie '__Carex brevior (Dewey) Mackenzie '__717Carex festucacea brevoir (Dewey) '__312.1Shortbeak sedge
Carex straminea Willd. ex SchkuhrCarex straminea Willd. var. straminea718.1Carex hormathodes richii Fernald312.3Eastern straw sedge
Carex hormathodes Fern.Carex straminea Willd. var. invisa718.2Carex hormathodes Fernald312.2
Carex alata Torr.Carex alata T. & G.718.3Carex alata Torr.312.4"Rather frequent in the Cape May district, the lower coast islands and the lower Middle district." -StoneBroadwing sedge
Carex albolutescens Schwein.Carex albolutescens Schwein.718.3Carex straminea Willd.311.2Greenwish-white sedge
Carex longii Mackenzie `Carex longii Mack. `718.4Carex albolutescens Schw. ` (misapplied)313"Frequent throughout our region, least common in the Middle district." -Stone.
Carex cumulata (Bailey) Fern. \+:Carex cumulata (L. Bailey) Mackenzie \+:718.5not found0SPA. "Last known collection made in 1910. Not since reported." -S&VSHG4?EAT, CA, MOClustered sedge
Carex silicea Olney ((Carex silicea Olney ((718.6Carex silicea Olney ((311.3Beach sedge
Carex albicans Willd. ex Spreng. var. emmonsii (Dewey ex Torr.) J. Rettig 0Carex albicans Willd. var. emmonsii (Dewey) Rettig. 0719Carex varia emmonsii Dewey 0304.1
Carex willdenowii Schkuhr ex Willd. var. willdenowii \++Carex willdenovii Schk. \++719.1Carex willdenowii Schk. \++305.3(SPA?)S2G5T5(GL), MI, OCWilldenow's sedge
Carex pensylvanica Lam. `Carex pensylvanica Lam. var. pensylvanica `720.1Carex pennsylvanica Lam. `303.4Pennsylvania sedge
Carex nigromarginata Schwein.Carex nigromarginata Schwein.720.1Carex nigro-marginata Schw.305.2Black edge sedge
Carex umbellata Schkuhr ex Willd. `Carex umbellata Schk. `720.2Carex umbellata Schk. `304.2Parasol sedge
Carex tonsa (Fern.) Bickn. var. tonsa `Carex umbellata Schk. `720.2Carex umbellata tonsa Fernald `304.3
Carex communis Bailey var. communisCarex communis L. Bailey720.2not found0Fibrousroot sedge
Carex umbellata Schkuhr ex Willd.Carex umbellata Schk.720.3Carex umbellata abdita Bicknell <305.1Parasol sedge
Carex livida (Wahlenb.) Willd. ~Carex livida (Wahlenb.) Willd. ~721Carex livida (Wahl.) ~303.2Stone indicates only "Rather frequent in bogs in the Pine Barrens." May be distinct from typical C. livida, which usually occurs in limestone areas, acc. to several local experts.Livid sedge
Carex pedunculata Muhl. ex Willd.Carex pedunculata Muhl.721.1Carex pedunculata Muhl.303.3Longstalk sedge
Carex hirtifolia MackenzieCarex hirtifolia Mackenzie721.2Carex pubescens305In a footnote, Stone mentions a record from Swedesboro in K&B, but says it was based on an error. The plant was later collected in BU and MO.Pubescent sedge
Carex tetanica SchkuhrCarex tetanica Schk.722.1Carex tetanica Schk.301.3Apparently more common in n. Jersey. Only old records from s. Jersey, acc. to Hough.Rigid sedge
Carex polymorpha Muhl.Carex polymorpha Muhl.722.2Carex polymorpha Muhl.301.1NPL.S1G3EGL(1X), MI, MOVariable sedge
Carex styloflexa Buckl.Carex styloflexa Buckl.722.3Carex styloflexa Buckley302.2Bent sedge
Carex striatula Michx. ++Carex striatula Michx. ++722.4not found ?0Carex laxiflora Lam. var. angustifolia Dewey(SPA?) Stone included in C. laxiflora (p. 302)? Taylor (citing Muhl. as author): "Occasional on the coastal plain except the pine-barrens."S3S4G4G5?
Carex laxiflora Lam. var. laxifloraCarex laxiflora Lam.723.1Carex laxiflora Lam.301.4Broad looseflower sedge
Carex laxiflora Lam. var. laxiflora =Carex laxiflora Lam. =723.2Carex laxiflora patulifolia (Dewey) <302.1According to Hough, the taxon splits to var. blanda (common statewide), var. gracillima (freq. statewide), var. angustifolia (infrequent statewide). Var. latifolia = C. albursina (S1 E ), which, contrary to Hough, is known only in 3 n. counties. -SnyderBroad looseflower sedge
Carex gracilescens Steud.Carex gracilescens Steudel723.3not found0Carex laxiflora Lam. var. gracillima (Boott) Boott ex B.L. Robins. & Fern.Apparently included in C. laxiflora (p. 302) in Stone's day. Frequent statewide acc. to Hough.
Carex blanda DeweyCarex blanda Dewey723.4not found0Carex laxiflora Lam. var. blanda (Dewey) BoottApparently included in C. laxiflora (p. 302) in Stone's day. Common statewide acc. to Hough.
Carex granularis Muhl. ex Willd.Carex granularis Muhl.724Carex granularis Muhl.300.3Var. haleana was previously ranked S2S3. Apparently the taxon is no longer generally recognized.MO OC BU CA GL SA CMLimestone meadow sedge
Carex digitalis Willd.Carex digitalis Willd.724Carex digitalis Willd.302.3Slender woodland sedge
Carex laxiculmis Schwein.Carex laxiculmis Schwein.724Carex laxiculmis Schwein.302.4Spreading sedge
Carex abscondita MackenzieCarex abscondita Mackenzie724.1Carex abscondita Mackenzie303.1Thicket sedge
Carex prasina Wahlenb.Carex prasina Wahlenb.725Carex prasina Wahl.297.1Drooping sedge
Carex amphibola Steud. var tugida sensu FernaldCarex amphibola Steud.725Carex grisea Wahl.300.1"In meadows in the northern counties; south locally in the Middle District" -Stone. Infrequent on the ICP acc. to Hough.Eastern narrowleaf sedge
Carex glaucodea Tuckerman ex OlneyCarex flaccosperma Dewey725Carex glaucodea Tuckm.300.2Blue sedge
Carex conoidea Schkuhr ex Willd.Carex conoidea Schk.725Carex conoidea Schk.301.2NPL. GL is the only s. Jersey record ("old") reported by Hough. Apparently more common northward.S2G5(GL)Openfield sedge
Carex venusta Dewey var. minor Boeckl. 0^Carex venusta Dewey var. minor 0^726Carex oblita Steud. 0^299.3wet; occasional, esp near coast; MD, CMDarkgreen sedge
Carex debilis Michx. var. rudgei Bailey ,{Carex debilis Michx. var. rudgei L. Bailey ,{726.1Carex tenuis Rudge ,{299.2White edge sedge
Carex flava L.Carex flava L.727.1Carex flava L.300.4"accidentally omitted" from Stone's text, apparently collected only once in s. Jersey: CA county, at Kraighn's Point, 1865.Yellow sedge
Carex pallescens L. +Carex pallescens L. +727.2Carex pallescens +301.5PNR. In Stone's index, but appears only in a footnote, indicating a lack of evidence. Included in Heritage Ocean Co. list. Moore reports a specimen at PH possibly attributed to Camden, but the writing is not legible.S2G5(CA)?, (GL), OCPale sedge
Carex virescens Muhl. ex Willd.Carex virescens Muhl. ex Willd.728.1Carex swanii (Fernald) >298.3dry woodsRibbed sedge
Carex swanii (Fern.) Mackenzie ^Carex swanii (Fern.) Mackenzie ^728.1Carex swanii (Fernald) ^298.3common throughout the state, exc. PB, where rare -StoneSwan's sedge
Carex complanata Torr & Hook. ++Carex complanata Torr & Hook. var. complanata ++728.2Carex triceps Michx. [var.] bushii ++298.5(SPA?) "Specimens from Swedesboro and Egg Harbor City are referable to C.t. bushii according to Mr. Bayard Long" -Stone. "Var. complanata is restricted to the southern part of the Coastal Plain" -Hough.S3S4G5(AT, CM, CU, GL, SA) ?Hirsute sedge
Carex hirsutella Mackenzie 0^Carex complanata Torr & Hook. var. hirsuta 0^728.3Carex triceps Michx. 0^298.4common throughout the state, exc. PB, where rare -Stone?
Carex caroliniana Schwein. 0Carex caroliniana Schwein. 0728.4Carex caroliniana Schw. 0299.1NPL.S3G5(BU, CA, GL, MO, SA)Carolina sedge
Carex striata Michx. var. brevis Bailey ~Carex striata Michx. var. brevis L. Bailey ~728.5Carex walteriana Bailey ~295.2"Plentiful in the bogs of the Pine Barrens, where it is the most characteristic and abundant Carex?"-StoneWalter's sedge
Carex pellita Muhl ex Willd. {Carex pellita Muhl. {729.1Carex lanuginosa Michx. {296.1
Carex vestita Willd. 0^Carex vestita Willd. 0^729.2Carex vestita Willd. 0^295.1"woods"; rare in PB; MDVelvet sedge
Carex scabrata Schwein.Carex scabrata Schwein.729.3Carex scabrata295.3Eastern rough sedge
Carex joorii Bailey ++Carex joorii L.Bailey ++729.3not found0(PNR?) Apparently new to the state.S1.1G4G5ECMCypress swamp sedge
Carex barrattii Schwein. & Torr. ~\+Carex barrattii Schwein. & Torr. ~\+729.4Carex barrattii Schw. and Torr. ~\+297.2SPA.S4G4AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MI, MO, OC, SABarratt's sedge
Carex limosa L. \Carex limosa L. \730.1Carex limosa L. \297.3NPL.S1G5EGL(1X), (MI)Mud sedge
Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb. '__++Carex buxbaumii Wahlenb. '__++730.2Carex buxbaumi Wahlenburg '__++296.2(PNR?)S3G5CMBuxbaum's sedge
Carex gynandra Schwein.Carex gynandra Schwein.731Carex gynandra Schwein.298.2
Carex crinita Lam. var crinita ^Carex crinita Lam. var. crinita ^731.1Carex crinita Lam. ^298.1wetFringed sedge
Carex crinita Lam. var. brevicrinis FernaldCarex crinita Lam. var. brevicrinis Fernald731.1Carex crinita Lam. >298.1wetFringed sedge
Carex mitchelliana M.A. Curtis +Carex mitchelliana M.A. Curtis +731.2Carex crinita Lam. >+298.1Carex crinita Lam. var. mitchelliana (M.A. Curtis) GleasonSPA.S2G3G4CA, CM, CU, GL, OCMitchell's sedge
Carex aquatilis Wahlenb.Carex aquatilis Wahlenb.731.3Carex aquatilis296.4NPL. Stone mentions it in a footnote, citing Britton, but could not confirm it. Snyder lists it for CA, but Moore found only a single specimen at PH from CA labelled as C. aquatilis, and he determined it as C. emoryi.S1G5ECA (?)Water sedge
Carex stricta Lam.Carex stricta Lam.732Carex stricta Lam.296.3Upright sedge
Carex emoryi Dewey ++Carex emoryi Dewey ++732Carex stricta Lam. >++296.3Carex stricta Lam. var. elongata (Boeckl.) Gleason(SPA?)S3S4G5?
Carex hystericina Muhl. ex Willd.Carex hystericina Muhl.733Carex hystericina Muhl.293.2Bottlebrush sedge
Carex comosa BoottCarex comosa F. Boott733Carex comosa Boott.293.3Longhair sedge
Carex collinsii Nutt. `Carex collinsii Nutt. `733.1Carex collinsii Nutt. `290"Pine Barren and Middle districts; frequent in almost all the Cedar swamps and in other wooded swamps in the southwestern part of the state..." -Stone.Collin's sedge
Carex folliculata L. `Carex folliculata L. var. folliculata `733.2Carex folliculata L. `291.1Northern long sedge
Carex lonchocarpa Willd. ++Carex folliculata L. var. australis Bailey ++733.3Carex folliculata L. ++291.1(PNR?)SH.1G5?
Carex trichocarpa Muhl. ex Willd.Carex trichocarpa Muhl.734Carex trichocarpa Muhl.294.3Hairyfruit sedge
Carex lacustris Willd. ^Carex lacustris Willd. ^734Carex lacustris Willd. ^294.4MDHairy sedge
Carex hyalinolepis Steud. \Carex hyalinolepis Steudel \734.2not found0NPL.SX.1G4G5SAShoreline sedge
Carex frankii KunthCarex frankii Kunth734.3not found0NPLS3G5GL, SAFrank's sedge
Carex squarrosa L.Carex squarrosa L.735Carex squarrosa L.294.1Squarrose sedge
Carex typhina Michx.Carex typhina Michx.735Carex typhinoides Schwein.294.2Cattail sedge
Carex typhina Michx.Carex typhina Michx.735.1not found0NPL.S3G5CU, SACattail sedge
Carex vesicaria L. var. monile (Tuckerman) Fern.Carex vesicaria L. var. vesicaria ?735.2Carex monile Tuckerman292Stone had C. monile in a footnote (=C. vesicaria var. monile per USDA). FNA does not recognize any varieties of C. vesicaria, excludes NJ from the distr. and notes, "the complex is in need of detailed systematic study on a worldwide scale."Blister sedge
Carex utriculata Boott +Carex utriculata Boott +736.1Carex rostrata utriculata (Boott.) +292.3SPA.S2G5CA, CU, GL, MI, SANorthwest territory sedge
Carex bullata Schkuhr ex Willd. ~Carex bullata Schk. ~736.2Carex bullata Schk. ~292.4Button sedge
Carex lurida Wahlenb. ^|||Carex lurida Wahlenb. ^ |||736.3Carex lurida Wahl. ^|||293.1Shallow sedge
Carex grayi CareyCarex grayi Carey736.4Carex Asa-grayi291.3Stone mentions the taxon, refuting "alleged specimens" which were, as he indicated, C. intumescnes. It has since been collected from BU.Gray's sedge
Carex intumescens Rudge 0^Carex intumescens Rudge 0^737.1Carex intumescens Rudge 0^291.2Greater bladder sedge
Carex lupulina Muhl. ex Willd. 0^Carex lupulina Muhl. 0^737.2Carex lupulina Muhl. 0^292.1Hop sedge
Carex louisianica Bailey \Carex louisianica L.Bailey \737.2not found0NPL. "There is an unvouchered report from Burlington Co." S&V p. 15.S1G5E(BU)?, MILouisiana sedge
Carex lupuliformis Sartwell ex Dewey \++Carex lupuliformis Sartwell \++737.3Carex lupuliformis Sartwell \++292.2NPL. Hough and S&V distrib. based (at least partly) on mis-identified material. Many old specimens labelled "C. lupuliformis" may be C. lupulina. "The only legit Coastal Plain record I know for NJ is in Salem Co." Snyder, David, pers. com., 1/9/07.S1G4E(CM, MI) ??? (SA)False hop sedge
Leersia virginica Willd.Leersia virginica Willd.744Homalocenchrus virginicus (Willd.)215Whitegrass
Leersia oryzoides (L.) Sw.Leersia oryzoides (L.) Swartz.744.1Homalocenchrus oryzoides (L.)216.1Rice cutgrass
Zizania aquatica L.Zizania aquatica L.744.2Zizania palustris L.214.3wetAnnual wildrice
Brachyelytrum erectum (Schreb. ex Spreng.) Beauv.Brachyelytrum erectum (Schreber) P. Beauv. var erectum745Brachyelytrum erectum Schreb.221.4Bearded shorthusk
Piptochaetium avenaceum (L.) Parodi 0^Piptochaetium avenaceum (L.) Parodi. 0^747Stipa avenacea L. 0^219.2prob not typical PBBlackseed speargrass
Lolium pratense (Huds.) S.J. Darbyshire ><Festuca elatior L. ><748Festuca elatior243.4
Festuca rubra L. [Festuca rubra L. [749Festuca rubra L. [244.2
Festuca subverticillata (Pers.) AlexeevFestuca subverticillata (Pers.) E. Alexeev749Festuca nutans Spreng.244.3Nodding fescue
Festuca ovina L. ><Festuca ovina L. ><749Festuca ovina ><243.3
Vulpia octoflora (Walt.) Rydb. var. octoflora `Vulpia octoflora (Walter) Rydb.`750Festuca octoflora Walt. `244.1?Six-weeks fescue
Vulpia elliotea (Raf.) Fern. ++Vulpia elliotea (Raf.) Fern. ++750.1Festuca octoflora Walt. >++244.1Vulpia sciurea (Nutt.) Henr.; Festuca sciurea Nutt.(SPA)S1G5EAT(1X), CA, CM, GL, SASquirreltail fescue
Lolium perenne L. ><Lolium perenne L. ><750.3Lolium perrenne ><180.1Perennial rye-grass
Torreyochloa pallida (Torr.) Church var. pallida 0^Puccinellia pallida (Torr.) R.T. Clausen. 0^752.1Panicularia pallida (Torr.) 0^242.1Glyceria Fernaldiirare; MD & CMPale false mannagrass
Puccinellia fasciculata (Torr.) Bickn. (-+Puccinellia fasciculata (Torr.) E.Bickn. (-+752.2Puccinellia fasciculata (Torr.) (-+243.2PNR.S2G3G5AT, CA, CM*, CU, GL, MI, OC, SASaltmarsh alkaligrass
Poa cuspidata Nutt. 'Poa cuspidata Nutt. '754Poa brachyphylla Schultes '240.4Early bluegrass
Poa pratensis L. ><Poa pratensis L. ><754.1Poa pratensis ><240.2Kentucky bluegrass
Poa compressa L. ><Poa compressa L. ><754.2Poa compressa ><240.3
Poa trivialis L. ><Poa trivialis L. ><755.1Poa trivialis ><240.1
Poa annua L. ><Poa annua L. ><756Poa annua ><239.3Annual bluegrass
Glyceria septentrionalis A.S. Hitchc. 'Glyceria septentrionalis A.S. Hitchc. '758Panicularia septentrionalis (Hitchc.) '242.2Floating mannagrass
Glyceria acutiflora Torr. ^Glyceria acutiflora Torr.^758.1Panicularia acutiflora (Torr.) ^242.3Waterford; MD, N, CoastCreeping mannagrass
Glyceria obtusa (Muhl.) Trin. `Glyceria obtusa (Muhl.) Trin. `758.2Panicularia obtusa (Muhl.) `241.2Blunt manna-grass
Glyceria canadensis (Michx.) Trin. ^Glyceria canadensis (Michx.) Trin. ^758.3Panicularia canadensis (Michx.) ^241.1rare; MD & NRattlesnake mannagrass
Glyceria melicaria (Michx.) F.T. HubbardGlyceria melicaria (Michx.) C.E. Hubbard758.3not found0Panicularia melicaria (Michx.) A.S. Hitchc.NPL.S3G5MOMelic mannagrass
Glyceria striata (Lam.) A.S. Hitchc. 0^Glyceria striata (Lam.) A. Hitchc. 0^758.4Panicularia nervata (Willd.) 0^241.3rare; MD & NFowl mannagrass
Glyceria laxa (Scribn.) Scribn. ++Glyceria x laxa (Scribn.) Scribn. ++758.4Panicularia laxa Scribner ++241.4(SPA?) In Stone's key, and included in a footnote, not the text. He indicates records from Mickleton and Swedesboro.S1G5(BU), (CU), GL, (OC)Limp mannagrass
Glyceria grandis S.Wats.Glyceria grandis S.Wats.759Panicularia grandis (Wats.)243.1NPL.S2G5T5ECAAmerican mannagrass
Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) Beauv. ex J.& K. Presl ><Arrhenatherum elatius (L.) J.& C. Presl ><760.1Arrenatherum elatius ><175.1
Sphenopholis intermedia (Rydb.) Rydb.Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. var. major (Torr.) K.S. Erdman762Sphenopholis pallens (Spreng.)230.4Slender wedgescale
Deschampsia flexuosa (L.) Trin. 0^Deschampsia flexuosa (L.) Trin. 0^762Deschampsia flexuosa (L.) 0^229rare in PB; MD, CM, N JerseyCommon hair-grass
Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. [=Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. var. obtusata [=762.1Sphenopholis obtusata pubenscens Scriber and Merrill [=230.2Prairie wedgescale
Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. {{[Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. var. obtusata {{[762.1Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) {{[230.1Prairie wedgescale
Sphenopholis pensylvanica (L.) A.S. Hitchc. '\++Sphenopholis pensylvanica (L.) A.Hitchc. '\++762.1Sphenopholis palustris (Michx.) '\++230.6Trisetum pensylvanicum (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A. Schultes(SPA?) "Once known from scattered sites throughout the state" -S&V.S2G4(AT), (BU), (CA), CM, (GL), (MO)Swamp wedgescale
Sphenopholis nitida (Biehler) Scribn.Sphenopholis nitida (Biehler) Scribn.762.2Sphenopholis nitida Spreng.230.3Shiny wedgescale
Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) Beauv.Deschampsia caespitosa (L.) P. Beauv.762.5not found0(SPA?) "dubious old sight records from Monmouth and Ocean counties" -HoughS3G5(MO, OC)
Holcus lanatus L. ><Holcus lanatus L. ><763.1Holcus lanatus ><176.3
Aira praecox L. ><Aira praecox L. ><763.2Aira praecox L. ><176.1Early hair-grass
Phalaris arundinacea L.Phalaris arundinacea L.764Phalaris arundinacea L.216.2Reed canarygrass
Hierochloe odorata (L.) Beauv.Hierochloe odorata (L.) Beauv.764Savastana odorata (L.)216.3Hierochloe hirta (Schrank) Borb?s ssp. arctica (J. Presl) G. Weim. ??
Anthoxanthum odoratum L. ><Anthoxanthum odoratum L. ><764Anthoxanthum odoratum L. ><174Sweet vernal grass
Calamagrostis coarctata (Torr.) Eat. `Calamagrostis cinnoides (Muhl.) Barton. `765Calamagrostis cinnoides (Muhl.) `227.2Arctic reedgrass
Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) Beauv. var. canadensis 'Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) P. Beauv. var. canadensis '766Calamagrostis canadensis (Michx.) '227.1Bluejoint
Calamagrostis pickeringii Gray +:Calamagrostis pickeringii Gray +:766not found0SPA.S1G4EBU(4), MO(1)Pickering's reedgrass
Ammophila breviligulata Fern. ((Ammophila breviligulata Fern. ((767Ammophila arenaria (L.) ((228.1American beachgrass
Agrostis perennans (Walt.) Tuckerman var. perennansAgrostis perennans (Walter) Tuckerman var. perennans768Agrostis perennans (Walt.)226.2Upland bentgrass
Agrostis stolonifera L. ^Agrostis stolonifera L. var. palustris (Hudson) Farw. ^768.1Agrostis maritima Lam. ^225.3Agrostis alba var. palustrisalien; Folsom
Agrostis gigantea Roth ><Agrostis gigantea Roth ><768.1Agrostis alba L. ><225.1Appears within the key. Stone notes, "Red-top or Herdgrass, abundantly introduced.
Agrostis perennans (Walter) Tuckerman var. elata (Pursh) A. Hichc. ~Agrostis perennans (Walter) Tuckerman var. elata (Pursh) A. Hichc. ~768.2Agrostis elata Pursh ~225.4A. altissimaUpland bentgrass
Agrostis capillaris L.Agrostis capillaris L.768.2Agrostis alba L. aristata Gray225.2Agrostis tenuis Sibthorp var. aristata (Parnell) DruceRhode Island bent-grass
Agrostis hyemalis (Walt.) B.S.P. `Agrostis hyemalis (Walter) BSP var. hyemalis `768.3Agrostis hyemalis (Walt.) `226.3FACW-Winter bentgrass
Agrostis perennans (Walt.) Tuckerman var. perennans =Agrostis perennans (Walter) Tuckerman var. perennans =768.3Agrostis pseudointermedia Farwell <=226.1Upland bentgrass
Cinna arundinacea L. {|||Cinna arundinacea L. {|||769Cinna arundinacea L. {|||224shady groundSweet woodreed
Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. var. aequalis \+Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. \+770Alopecurus geniculatus aristulatus (Michx.) \+222.1Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. var. natans (Wahlenb.) Fern.SPA.S2G5TNR(CA), (GL), (MO), OC, SAShortawn foxtail
Alopecurus carolinianus Walt.Alopecurus carolinianus Walter770.2Alopecurus geniculatus aristulatus (Michx.)0NPLS2G5GL**, SA**Carolina foxtail
Phleum pratense L. ><Phleum pratense L. ><770.3Phleum pratense ><175.2Timothy
Bromus inermis Leyss. ssp. inermis var. inermis ><Bromus inermis Leysser ><772.1not found
Bromus ciliatus L. var. ciliatus ++Bromus ciliatus L. ++772.2Bromus purgans L. (misapplied)++245.1Bromus canadensis Michx.; Bromus dudleyi Fern.(SPA?) Stone merely refers to Knieskern's catalog for the distribution of B. purgans, exc. for the Benjamin Heritage specimen from Wildwood. Missing from current list, due to lack of data to substantiate the rank (D. Snyder, pers. com., 9/31/06)S2G5T5GL, MO, OCFringed brome
Bromus latiglumis (Shear) A.S. Hitchc. ++Bromus altissimus Pursh ++772.3Bromus purgans L. (misapplied) ++245.1Bromus purgans auct. non L. (misapplied)(SPA?) Stone merely refers to Knieskern's catalog for the distribution of B. purgans, exc. for the Benjamin Heritage specimen from Wildwood. Missing from current list, due to lack of data to substantiate the rank. (D. Snyder, pers. com., 9/31/06).S2S3G5(BU)Earlyleaf brome
Bromus pubescens Muhl. ex Willd.Bromus pubescens Muhl.772.4Bromus purgans L. (misapplied)245.1Bromus ciliatus L. var. laeviglumis Scribn. ex Shear; Bromus purgans auct. non L. [misapplied]; BromStone merely refers to Knieskern's catalog for the distribution of B. purgans, exc. for the Benjamin Heritage specimen from Wildwood.Hairy woodland brome
Bromus briziformis Fisch. & C.A. Mey. ><Bromus brizaeformis Fischer & C. A. Meyer ><772.5not found
Bromus hordeaceus L. ssp. hordeaceus ><Bromus hordeaceus L. ><773.1not foundBromus mollis auct. non L. [misapplied]
Bromus secalinus L. ><Bromus secalinus L. ><773.2not found
Bromus arvensis L. ><Bromus arvensis L. ><773.3not found
Bromus racemosus L. ><Bromus racemosus L. ><773.4not foundBromus commutatus Schrad.Upright brome
Bromus commutatus Schrader ><Bromus commutatus Schrader ><773.5not foundHairy chess
Bromus japonicus Thunb. ex Murr. ><Bromus japonicus Thunb. ><773.6not foundBromus arvensis L.Japanese chess
Bromus tectorum L. ><Bromus tectorum L. ><773.7not foundCheatgrass
Bromus sterilis L. ><Bromus sterilis L. ><774.1not foundPoverty brome
Bromus diandrus Roth ssp. rigidus (Roth) Lainz ><Bromus rigidus Roth ><774.2not found
Elymus villosus Muhl. ex Willd. {Elymus villosus Muhl. {775Elymus striatus Willd. {245.2Hairy wildrye
Elymus virginicus L. var. virginicus ,{Elymus virginicus L. ,{775Elymus virginicus L. ,{245.3Virginia wildrye
Elymus virginicus L. var. halophilus (Bickn.) Wieg. [Elymus virginicus L. [>775Elymus halophilus Bicknell [245.4Virginia wildrye
Elymus canadensis L.Elymus canadensis L.775Elymus canadensis L.246.1Canada wildrye
Elymus hystrix L. var. hystrixElymus hystrix L.775Hystrix hystrix (L.)246.2Eastern bottlebrush grass
Elymus repens (L.) Gould ><Elytrigia repens (L.) Nevski. ><776Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv. ><180.2
Hordeum jubatum L. ><Hordeum jubatum L. ><777Hordeum jubatum ><176.2Squirrel-tail barley
Chasmanthium laxum (L.) YatesChasmanthium laxum (L.) Yates779Uniola laxa (L.)239.1Uniola laxa (L.) B.S.P.Slender spike-grass
Danthonia spicata (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A. Schultes `Danthonia spicata (L.) F. Beauv. `780.1Danthonia spicata (L.) `231.1Common wild oat-grass
Danthonia compressa Austin ex PeckDanthonia compressa Austin780.2Danthonia compressa231.2"Dry, open, rocky woods ..." -Hough. Stone includes in a footnote, indicating specimens he has seen so identified are all D. spicata.(AT, CM, CU, SA)Flattened oatgrass
Danthonia epilis Scribn. ~Danthonia sericea var. epilis (Scribn.) Blomq. ~780.3Danthonia epilis Scribn. ~232.1
Danthonia sericea Nutt. `Danthonia sericea Nutt. var. sericea`780.3Danthonia sericea Nutt. `231.3Silky wild oat-grass
Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud.Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin.781.1Phragmites phragmites (L.)235.2Common reed
Aristida purpurascens Poir. `Aristida purpurascens Poiret `782.1Aristida purpurascens Poir.`218.4Aristida purpurascens Poir. var. purpurascens `Stone apparently misapplied the name to some specimens of A. virgata.Arrowfeather threeawn
Aristida virgata Trin. \+Aristida virgata Trin. \+782.2Aristida pupurascens Poir. >\+218.5Aristida purpurascens Poir. var. virgata (Trin.) AllredSPA. G&C, S&V indicate the habitat is dry, but this would seem to be innacurate. Also, if the concept presented by Allred (FNA) is adopted, many specimens may be mis-identified. Stone apparently misapplied several names to some specimens of A. virgata.S2G5T4T5AT, BU, CA, CM, {CU}, {GL}, {SA}
Aristida lanosa Muhl. ex Ell. _++Aristida lanosa Muhl. _++782.3Aristida lanosa Muhl. _++219.1(SPA)S1G5EBU, CA(1X), SAWoollysheath threeawn
Aristida oligantha Michx. ++Aristida oligantha Michx. ++782.4Aristida oligantha Michx. ++218.3Aristida ramosissima Engelm. ex Gray var. chaseana Henr.(SPA)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC, SA)Prairie threeawn
Aristida longespica Poir. var. longispica `Aristida longespica Poiret. var. longespica `782.5Aristida gracilis Ell. >`218.1Aristida gracilis Ell.MO, OC, AT, BU, CA, GL, SA, CMSlimspike threeawn
Aristida longespica Poir. var. geniculata (Raf.) Fern. ++Aristida longispica Poiret. var. var. geniculata (Raf.) Fern. ++782.5Aristida gracilis Ell. >++218.1Aristida geniculata Raf.; Aristida intermedia Scribn. & Ball; Aristida necopina Shinners(SPA) The difficulty of distinguishing the varieties makes any summary of their respective distribution unreliable.S3S4G5T5??Slimspike threeawn
Aristida dichotoma Michx. var. dichotoma `Aristida dichotoma Michx. `783.1Aristida dichotoma Michx. `217Poverty three-awn
Aristida tuberculosa Nutt.Aristida tuberculosa Nutt.783.3Aristida tuberculosa Nutt.218.2Seaside threeawn
Aristida dichotoma Michx. var. curtissii Gray ex S. Wats. & Coult. +Aristida basiramea Englem. var. curtissii (A.Gray) Shinners +783.3Aristida dichotoma Michx. >+217Aristida curtissii (Gray ex S. Wats. & Coult.) NashSPA.S2G5T5BU, CA, GL, OCPoverty three-awn
Distichlis spicata (L.) Greene [Distichlis spicata (L.) Greene var. spicata [783.5Distichlis spicata (L.) [239.2Saltgrass
Tridens flavus (L.) A.S. Hitchc. ,{Tridens flavus (L.) A. Hichc. ,{784.1Tridens flavus (L.) ,{236.1dryPurpletop
Tridens flavus (L.) A.S. Hitchc. var. chapmanii (Small) Shinners +Tridens flavus var. chapmanii (Small) Shinners +784.1Tridens flavus (L.) >+236.2Triodia chapmanii (Small) BushPNR.SHG5T?ECM, OCPurpletop
Triplasis purpurea (Walt.) Chapman `Triplasis purpurea (Walter) Chapman. `784.2Triplasis purpurea (Walt.) `236.3Purple sandgrass
Leptochloa fascicularis (Lam.) Gray var. maritima (Bickn.) Gleason (-++Leptochloa fascicularis (Lam.) A.Gray var. maritima (Bicknell) Gleason (-++785Diplachne fascicularis (Lam.) (-++237.1Leptochloa fusca (L.) Kunth ssp. fascicularis (Lam.) N. Snow ++(PNR?)S2G5T3T4Q(AT), (CA), CM, (OC), (SA)
Eragrostis spectabilis (Pursh) Steud. ((Eragrostis spectabilis (Pursh) Steudel ((786.1Eragrostis pectinacea spectabilis Gray ((238.2Purple love-grass
Eragrostis pilosa (L.) Beauv. ^Eragrostis pilosa (L.) P. Beauv. ^786.1Eragrostis pilosa (L.) ^237.4occ; MDIndia love-grass
Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees ex Steud. var. pectinacea 0^Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees. 0^786.2Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) 0^238.1RR; throughoutCarolina love-grass
Eragrostis cilianensis (All.) Vign. ex Janchen ><Eragrostis cilianensis (All.) Janchen ><786.3Eragrostis major ><237.2
Eragrostis frankii C.A. Mey. ex Steud.Eragrostis frankii C.A. Meyer787.1not found0NPL. "Similar to E. capillaris and has been confused with it" -Hough.S2G5(CA)Sandbar lovegrass
Eragrostis capillaris (L.) NeesEragrostis capillaris (L.) Nees787.2Eragrostis capillaris (L.)237.3Lace grass
Eragrostis hypnoides (Lam.) B.S.P.Eragrostis hypnoides (Lam.) B.S.P.787.3Eragrostis hypnoides (Lam.)238.3NPL.S3S4G5(CA) (GL) (SA)Teal lovegrass
Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn. ><Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertn. ><787.4Eleusine indica ><179
Sporobolus compositus (Poir.) Merr. var. compositus _Sporobolus asper (Michx.) Kunth. var. asper _789.1Sporobolus asper (Michx.) _223.1Composite dropseed
Sporobolus clandestinus (Biehler) A.S. Hitchc. ++Sporobolus clandestinus (Biehler) A.S. Hitchc. ++789.2Sporobolus clandestinus (Spreng.) ++223.2(SPA)S3G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC, SA)Rough dropseed
Sporobolus vaginiflorus (Torr. ex Gray) WoodSporobolus vaginiflorus (Torr.) A. Wood.789.3Sporobolus vaginaeflorus (Torr.)222.2Poverty dropseed
Calamovilfa brevipilis (Torr.) Scribn. ~\+Calamovilfa brevipilis (Torr.) Scribn. ~\+790Calamovilfa brevipilis (Torr.) ~\+228.2SPA.S4G4AT, BU, CA, CM, MI, MO, OCPine barren sandreed
Muhlenbergia mexicana (L.) Trin. =Muhlenbergia mexicana (L.) Trin. =791.1Muhlenbergia foliosa Trin. =220.1Mexican muhly
Muhlenbergia sylvatica Torr. ex Gray var. sylvatica ++Muhlenbergia sylvatica Torr. ex Gray ++791.2Muhlenbergia sylvatica (Torr.) ++220.3Muhlenbergia umbrosa Scribn.(SPA?) Stone cites Knieskern for MO and OC, and a State Museum record for AT (Landisville, "probably intorduced"). Presumably, var. robusta is restricted to n. Jersey.S3G5TNR(AT, CA, MO, OC)Woodland muhly
Muhlenbergia tenuiflora (Willd.) B.S.P.Muhlenbergia tenuiflora (Willd.) B.S.P. var. tenuiflora791.3Muhlenbergia tenuiflora (Willd.)221.1Slimflower muhly
Muhlenbergia sobolifera (Muhl. ex Willd.) Trin.Muhlenbergia sobolifera (Muhl.) Trin.791.4not found0Specimens at PH from CU and GL.Rock muhly
Muhlenbergia frondosa (Poir.) Fern.Muhlenbergia frondosa (Poiret) Fern.791.5Muhlenbergia mexicana (L.) [misappl]220.2Wirestem muhly
Muhlenbergia schreberi J.F. Gmel.Muhlenbergia schreberi J.F.Gmelin792.1Muhlenbergia diffusa Willd.221.2Nimblewill
Muhlenbergia capillaris (Lam.) Trin. var. capillaris ^+:Muhlenbergia capillaris (Lam.) Trin. var. capillaris ^+:792.2Muhlenbergia capillaris (Lam.) ^+:221.3SPA.S1G5T?EAT(1X), (CA), (CM), GLHairawn muhly
Muhlenbergia uniflora (Muhl.) Fern. ~Muhlenbergia uniflora (Muhl.) Fern. ~792.3Sporobolus serotinus (Torr.) ~223.4Bog muhly
Muhlenbergia torreyana (J.A. Schultes) A.S. Hitchc. ~\+Muhlenbergia torreyana (Schultes) A. Hitchc. ~\+792.4Sporobolus torreyanus (R.& S.) ~\+223.3SPA.S3G3AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OCNew jersey muhly
Gymnopogon ambiguus (Michx.) B.S.P. 0^++Gymnopogon ambiguus (Michx.) BSP 0^++794.1Gymnopogon ambiguus (Michx.) 0^++234.3(SPA)S3G4(MO BU** OC AT CA GL SA CU CM)Bearded skeletongrass
Gymnopogon brevifolius Trin. _\++Gymnopogon brevifolius Trin. _\++794.2Gymnopogon brevifolius Trin. _\++235.1(PNR?) "Known from only two localities" -Stone. These two stations apparently still the only ones recorded.S1G5ECM(1&1X), GLShortleaf skeletongrass
Spartina pectinata Bosc ex LinkSpartina pectinata Link.795Spartina michauxiana Hitchc.232.2Prairie cordgrass
Spartina cynosuroides (L.) Roth (-Spartina cynosuroides (L.) Roth (-795Spartina cynosuroides (L.) (-233.1Big cordgrass
Spartina patens (Ait.) Muhl. (-Spartina patens (Aiton) Muhl. (-795Spartina patens Ait. (-233.2Saltmeadow cordgrass
Spartina alterniflora Loisel. =Spartina alterniflora Loisel. =795.1Spartina glabra pilosa Merrill =234.1Smooth cordgrass
Spartina alterniflora Loisel. (-Spartina alterniflora Loisel. (-795.1Spartina glabra alterniflora (Lois.) (-234.2Smooth cordgrass
Bouteloua curtipendula (Michx.)Bouteloua curtipendula (Michx.) Torr.795.5not found0(SPA) Artificial populations may occur with the PNR. Has been indiscriminately planted in restoration/habitat manipulation, e.g., at Atlantic City Airport, 2005.S1G5T5EGL(1X)Sideoats grama
Panicum hemitomon J.A. Schultes _\+Panicum hemitomon Schultes _\+799.1Panicum hemitomon Schultes _\+194.1SPA. Stone knew only from Bennett. Now also at least as far north as Atlantic Co.S2G5?(AT), CM, CUMaidencane
Panicum verrucosum Muhl. `Panicum verrucosum Muhl. `799.2Panicum verrucosum Muhl. `194.2Warty panicgrass
Panicum anceps Michx. ++Panicum anceps Michx. ++800.1Panicum anceps Michx. ++198.1(SPA?)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC, SA)Beaked panicgrass
Panicum rigidulum Bosc ex Nees var. pubescens (Vasey) Lelong ~Panicum longifolium Torr. ~800.2Panicum longifolium Torr. ~197.3Redtop panicgrass
Panicum rigidulum Bosc ex Nees var. rigidulum ^Panicum rigidulum Nees ^800.3Panicum agrostoides Spreng. ^196.4Redtop panicgrass
Panicum rigidulum Bosc ex Nees var. elongatum (Pursh) Lelong 0Panicum rigidulum Nees 0800.3Panicum stipitatum Nash 0197.1Redtop panicgrass
Panicum rigidulum Bosc ex Nees var. condensum (Nash) Mohlenbrock _++Panicum rigidulum Nees _++800.3Panicum condensum Nash _++197.2Panicum agrostoides Spreng. var. condensum (Nash) Fern.(PNR?)S2G5TNR(CM)Redtop panicgrass
Panicum amarum Ell. var. amarulum (A.S. Hitchc. & Chase) P.G. Palmer ((++Panicum amarulum A. Hitchc. & Chase ((++800.4Panicum amarum Ell. >((++196.3(PNR)S3G5T3T5?Bitter panicgrass
Panicum amarum Ell. var. amarum ((Panicum amarum Elliott ((800.5Panicum amarum Ell. ((196.3Bitter panicgrass
Panicum virgatum L. var. cubense `Panicum virgatum L. `800.6Panicum virgatum cubense Griseb. `196.2Along salt marshes and rivers, and farther inland than P. virgatum acc. to Stone.Switchgrass
Panicum virgatum L. {{^Panicum virgatum L. {{^800.6Panicum virgatum L. {{^196.1abundant along salt marshes & rivers; casual elsewhere, prob. intr. in PB.Switchgrass
Panicum dichotomiflorum Michx.Panicum dichotomiflorum Michx.800.7Panicum dichotomiflorum Michx.195.3Spreading panic-grass
Panicum philadelphicum Bernh. ex Trin. ^Panicum philadelphicum Bernh. ^800.8Panicum philadelphicum Bernh. ^195.2more freq in MD & CMPhiladelphia panicgrass
Panicum linearifolium (Scribn.) {{++Panicum linearifolium (Scribn.) {{++801Panicum linearifolium Scribner. {{++198.3Dichanthelium linearifolium (Scribn. ex Nash) Gould(PNR?)S3S4G5(CM)
Panicum capillare L.Panicum capillare L.801.1Panicum capillare L.195.1"?essentially a weed abounding in cultivated and waste ground?" -Stone.Witchgrass
Panicum depauperatum Muhl. 0^Panicum depauperatum Muhl. 0^801.2Panicum depauperatum Muhl. 0^198.2Dichanthelium depauperatum (Muhl.) Gould ^Starved panic-grass
Panicum commonsianum Ashe ~Panicum commonsianum Ashe var. commonsianum ~801.3Panicum commonsianum Ashe ~205.2Dichanthelium ovale (Ell.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. addisonii (Nash) Gould & C.A. Clark ~Commons' panic-grass
Panicum commonsianum Ashe var. addisonii (Nash) Fern. `Panicum commonsianum Ashe var commonsianum `801.3Panicum commonsianum addisonii Nash `205.3Dichanthelium ovale (Ell.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. addisonii (Nash) Gould & C.A. Clark `Commons' panic-grass
Panicum lanuginosum Ell. var. fasciculatum (Torr.) Fern. ,{Panicum lanuginosum Ell. var. fasciculatum (Torr.) Fern. ,{802Panicum huachucae Ashe ,{203.1Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. fasciculatum (Torr.) Freckmann
Panicum lanuginosum Ell. var. fasciculatum (Torr.) Fern.Panicum lanuginosum Ell. var. tennesseenese (Ashe) Gleason802Panicum tennesseense Ashe203.2Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. fasciculatum (Torr.) Freckmann
Panicum lanuginosum Ell. {{Panicum lanuginosum Ell. var. lanuginosum {{802Panicum lanuginosum Ell. {{204.2Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. fasciculatum (Torr.) Freckmann {
Panicum meridionale Ashe ~Panicum columbianum Scribn. ~802.1Panicum columbianum thinium Hitch. & Chase ~207.1Dichanthelium sabulorum (Lam.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. thinium (A.S. Hitchc. & Chase) Gould
Panicum columbianum Scribn. `Panicum columbianum Scribn. `802.1Panicum columbianum Scribn. `206.2Dichanthelium sabulorum (Lam.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. thinium (A.S. Hitchc. & Chase) Gould American panic-grass
Panicum columbianum Scribn. `Panicum columbianum Scribn. `802.1Panicum tsugetorum Nash `206.1Dichanthelium sabulorum (Lam.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. patulum (Scribn. & Merr.) Gould &American panic-grass
Panicum columbianum Scribn. var. oricola (Hitchc. & Chase) Fern. {{^Panicum columbianum Scribn. {{^802.1Panicum oricola Hitch. & Chase {{^204.1Dichanthelium sabulorum (Lam.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. thinium (A.S. Hitchc. & Chase) Gould restricted to PB & CMAmerican panic-grass
Panicum meridionale Ashe ~Panicum leucothrix Nash ~802.2Panicum meridionale Ashe ~203.3Dichanthelium meridionale (Ashe) Freckmann ~
Panicum leucothrix Nash ~++Panicum leucothrix Nash ~++802.2Panicum leucothrix Nash ~++202.3Dichanthelium leucothrix (Nash) Freckmann(SPA)S2G4?Q{AT}, {BU}, {CA}, {CM}, {CU}, OC, {SA}
Panicum spretum Schultes ~Panicum spretum Schultes ~802.3Panicum spretum Schultes ~202.1Dichanthelium spretum (J.A. Schultes) Freckmann ~
Panicum wrightianum Scribn. _\+Panicum wrightianum Scribn. _\+802.4Panicum wrightianum Scribn. _\+201.3Dichanthelium wrightianum (Scribn.) FreckmannSPA.S2G4AT, {CA}, CM, {CU}
Panicum lanuginosum var. lindheimeri (Nash) Fern. `Panicum lanuginosum var. lindheimeri (Nash) Fern. `802.5Panicum lindheimeri Nash `202.2Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. lindheimeri (Nash) Gould & C.A. Clark
Panicum acuminatum Sw. var. acuminatumPanicum sp.802.9Panicum auburne204.4Dichanthelium acuminatum (Sw.) Gould & C.A. Clark var. acuminatum(PNR?) Stone includes in a footnote, indicating H&C had published conflicting info regarding the range.SHG5T5(BU, CA, CM)
Panicum mattamuskeetense Ashe {{Panicum dichotomum (L.) {{803Panicum mattamuskeetense Ashe {{201.1Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum {
Panicum villosissimum Nash `Panicum villosissimum Nash `803.1Panicum villosissimum Nash `204.3Dichanthelium villosissimum (Nash) Freckmann var. villosissimum `White-haired panic-grass
Panicum villosissimum Nash var. pseudopubescens (Nash) Fern.`Panicum villosissimum Nash `803.1Panicum pseudopubescens Nash `205.1Dichanthelium villosissimum (Nash) Freckmann var. villosissimum `White-haired panic-grass
Panicum mattamuskeetense Ashe var. clutei (Nash) Fern. ~Panicum dichotomum L. ~803.2Panicum clutei Nash ~201.2Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum ~
Panicum lucidum Ashe ~Panicum dichotomum L. ~803.2Panicum lucidum Ashe ~200.3Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum ~
Panicum dichotomum var. roanokense _++Panicum dichotomum L. _++803.2Panicum caerulescens Hack. _++200.1Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould subsp. roanokense (Ashe) Freckmann & Lelong(PNR?) Hough includes under Panicum roanokense.SHG5T4?(AT, BU, CM)
Panicum dichotomum L. var. barbulatum (Michx.) 0^Panicum dichotomum L. 0^803.2Panicum barbulatum Michx. 0^200.2Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum ^
Panicum dichotomum L. 0^Panicum dichotomum L. 0^803.2Panicum dichotomum L. 0^199.3Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould ^found mostly along railroads in Stone's time.
Panicum microcarpon Muhl. 0Panicum dichotomum L. 0803.2Panicum microcarpon Muhl. 0200.4Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum 0
Panicum ensifolium Baldw. ~Panicum ensifolium Baldwin ~803.3Panicum ensifolium Baldwin ~207.2Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. ensifolium (Baldw. ex Ell.) Gould & C.A. Clark ~Small-leaved panic-grass
Panicum dichotomum L. var. yadkinense (Ashe) Lelong ++Panicum yadkinense Ashe ++803.9not found0Dichanthelium yadkinense (Ashe) Mohlenbrock(PNR?)SHG5T3T4Q?
Panicum commutatum Schultes _Panicum commutatum Schultes _804Panicum commutatum Schultes _208.2Dichanthelium commutatum (J.A. Schultes) Gould"Our only record is at Bennett, Cape May County?" -Stone.
Panicum latifolium (L.)Panicum latifolium (L.)804Panicum latifolium L.211.3Dichanthelium latifolium (L.) Gould & C.A. Clark"... Common in the northern part of the State, but rare within our region and confined to the Middle district." -Stone.
Panicum scabriusculum Elliott ~\+Panicum scabriusculum Elliott ~\+804.1Panicum scabriusculum Ell. ~\+210.3Panicum aculeatum Hitchc. & Chase; Panicum cryptanthum Ashe; Dichanthelium scabriusculum (Ell.) SPA. First discovered in the state ... 1909" -Stone.S2G4AT, BU, (OC)
Panicum aculeatum Hitchc. & ChasePanicum scabriusculum (Ell.)804.1Panicum aculeatum Hitchcock & Chase210.2Dichanthelium scabriusculum (Ell.) Gould & C.A. ClarkStone knew two sites. Taxon apparently now generally considered syn. w/P. scabriusculum.
Panicum cryptanthum Ashe ~\Panicum scabriusculum Elliott ~\804.1Panicum cryptanthum Ashe ~\210.1Dichanthelium scabriusculum (Ell.) Gould & C.A. Clark ~"Reported only from Atlantic County." -S&V. Apparently now generally considered syn. w/P. scabriusculum.
Panicum scoparium Lam. {{^Panicum scoparium Lam. {{^804.2Panicum scoparium Lam. {{^209.3Dichanthelium scoparium (Lam.) Gould {^following larger streams into PBVelvety panic-grass
Panicum aciculare Desv. _+:Panicum aciculare Desv. _+:804.3Panicum aciculare Desv. _+:199.1Dichanthelium aciculare (Desv. ex Poir.) Gould & C.A. ClarkSPA.S1G4G5EBU, CM(1&1X), GL
Panicum hirstii Swallen \+Panicum aciculare Desv. \+804.3not found0Dichanthelium hirstii (Swallen) Kartesz, comb. nov. ined.SPA. Known from a pond in Atlantic County since 1959. New population discovered in a pond in BU in Wharton State Forest in 2003.S1G1EAT, BU**
Panicum aciculare Desv. _=Panicum aciculare Desv. _=804.3Panicum angustifolium Ell. _=199.2Dichanthelium aciculare (Desv. ex Poir.) Gould & C.A. Clark
Panicum commutatum Schultes var. ashei (Pearson) Fern. `Panicum commutatum Schultes `804.4Panicum ashei Pearson `208.3Dichanthelium commutatum (J.A. Schultes) Gould `"Plentiful in dry sandy woodland of the Pine Barrens and Cape May districts?" -Stone.
Panicum clandestinum L. |||Panicum clandestinum L. |||804.5Panicum clandestinum L. |||211.1Dichanthelium clandestinum (L.) Gouldmoist woods & thickets.Deertongue grass
Panicum sphaerocarpon Ell. var. isophyllum (Scribn.) C. F. Reed ++Panicum polyanthes Schultes ++805Panicum polyanthes Schultes ++208.1Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon (Ell.) Gould var. isophyllum (Scribn.) Gould & C.A. Clark(PNR?)S3S4G5T5(BU, CA, CM, MO, SA)Round-fruited panic-grass
Panicum boscii Poir.Panicum boscii Poir.805Panicum boscii Poir.211.2Dichanthelium boscii (Poir.) Gould & C.A. Clark
Panicum sphaerocarpon Ell. var. sphaerocarpon `Panicum sphaerocarpon Elliott `805.1Panicum sphaerocarpon Ell. `207.3Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon (Ell.) Gould var. sphaerocarpon `Round-fruited panic-grass
Panicum oligosanthes Schultes var. oligosanthes `\++Panicum oligosanthes Schultes `\++805.2Panicum oligosanthes Schultes `\++209.2Dichanthelium oligosanthes (J.A. Schultes) Gould var. oligosanthes(SPA?) Taxon not distinguished at var. level in S&V.S1S2G5T5?BU, (CM)
Panicum oligosanthes Schultes var. scribnerianum (Nash) Fern. 0 ++Panicum oligosanthes Schultes 0++805.2Panicum scribnerianum Nash 0+++209.1Dichanthelium oligosanthes (J.A. Schultes) Gould var. scribnerianum (Nash) Gould(SPA?) Taxon not distinguished at var. level in S&V.S2G5T5(BU, CA, GL)
Sacciolepis striata (L.) Nash _Sacciolepis striata (L.) Nash _806Sacciolepis striata (L.) _211.4American cupscale
Amphicarpum purshii Kunth ~Amphicarpum purshii Kunth ~806.1Amphicarpon amphicarpon (Pursh) ~188Amphicarpum amphicarpon (Pursh) NashPursh's millet-grass
Sacciolepis striata (L.) Nash \++Sacciolepis striata (L.) Nash \++806.2not found0(PNR?)SHG5ECM(1)American cupscale
Echinochloa muricata (Beauv.) Fern. var. muricata |||Echinochloa muricata (P. Beauv.) Fern. var. muricata |||807Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) (misapp)212.2w., damp or muddy; Native, frequent, per Hough. Stone applied the name E. crus-galli to this?American barnyard grass
Echinochloa muricata (Beauv.) Fern. var. microstachya Wieg.Echinochloa muricata (P. Beauv.) var. microstachya Wieg.807Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) (misapp)212.2Echinochloa microstachya (Wieg.) Rydb.(SPA?) Hough indicates current verified records from Ocean County and a sight record from Hunterdon, and adds, "Reported to be more widespread, but I have no data."S1S2G5T5(OC)American barnyard grass
Echinochloa walteri (Pursh) Heller {[Echinochloa walteri (Pursh) Heller {[807.1Echinochloa walteri (Pursh) {[212.1"Common along the edge of salt marsh salt marshes on the entire coast and introduced at a few spots in west Jersey." -Stone.Coast cockspur grass
Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) Beauv. ><Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P. Beauv. ><807.3Echinochloa crus-galli (L.)212.2Naturalized, common.
Paspalum dissectum (L.) L. _\+Paspalum dissectum (L.) L. _\+808Paspalum dissectum L. _\+185.1Paspalum membranaceum WalterSPA.S2G4?AT, BU, {CM}, CU, {GL}, OC, {SA}Mudbank crowngrass
Paspalum setaceum Michx. ^Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. muhlenbergii (Nash) D. Banks.^809Paspalum muhlenbergii Nash ^187.3dry or moist; very rareSlender paspalum
Paspalum floridanum Michx. _Paspalum floridanum Michx. _809Paspalum glabratum (Engelm.) _185.2(PNR?)S3G5(CM)Florida paspalum
Paspalum laeve Michx. =Paspalum laeve Michx. =809.1Paspalum laeve angustifolium (LeConte) =186.4Field paspalum
Paspalum laeve Michx. _Paspalum laeve Michx. _809.1Paspalum plenipilum Nash. _186.1(SPA?)S3S4G4T?Q(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SA)Field paspalum
Paspalum laeve Michx.Paspalum laeve Michx.809.1Paspalum laeve australe (Nash)186.3Field paspalum
Paspalum laeve Michx. =Paspalum laeve Michx. =809.1Paspalum laeve circulare (Nash.) =187.1Field paspalum
Paspalum setaceum Michx. `Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. setaceum `809.2Paspalum setaceum Michx. `187.4Slender paspalum
Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. ciliatifolium (Michx.) Vasey ^++Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. ciliatifolium (Michx.) Vasey ^++809.2Paspalum pubescens Muhl. ^187.2(SPA)S2G5T5Q(AT, BU, CA, CM, GL, MO, OC, SA)Slender paspalum
Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. psammophilum (Nash) D. Banks. 0^++Paspalum setaceum Michx. var. psammophilum (Nash) D. Banks. 0^809.2Paspalum psammophilum Nash 0^186.2(SPA)S2S3G5T4?(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SA)Slender paspalum
Setaria parviflora (Poir.) Kergu?lenSetaria geniculata (Lam.) P. Beauv.810Chaetochloa imberbis R. & S.213.1Marsh bristlegrass
Setaria parviflora (Poir.) Kergu?len [Setaria geniculata (Lam.) P.Beauv. [810Chaetochloa imberbis versicolor (Bicknell) <[213.2Marsh bristlegrass
Setaria pumila (Poir.) Roemer & J.A. Schultes ssp. pumilaSetaria glauca (L.) P. Beauv.811.1Chaetochloa glauca ><212.7
Setaria verticillata (L.) Beauv.Setaria verticillata (L.) P. Beauv.811.2Chaetochloa verticillata ><212.4
Setaria faberi Herrm.Setaria faberi R. Herrm. ><811.3not found0Nodding foxtail
Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv. var. viridis ><Setaria viridis (L.) P. Beauv. var. viridis ><811.4Chaetochloa viridis ><212.6
Setaria italica (L.) Beauv.Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.811.5Chaetochloa italica ><212.5
Setaria magna Griseb. [_++Setaria magna Griseb. [_++811.6Chaetochloa magna (Griseb.) [_++213.3(PNR?)S2G4G5(CA), CM, (CU), (SA)Giant bristlegrass
Digitaria filiformis (L.) Koel. ^Digitaria filiformis (L.) Koeler. var. filiformis ^812Syntherisma filiformis (L.) ^189frequentSlender crabgrass
Digitaria ischaemum (Schreb.) Schreb. ex Muhl. ><Digitaria ischaemum (Schreber) Muhl. ><812.2Syntherisma linearis ><188.2
Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop. ><Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop. ><812.3Syntherisma sanguinalis ><188.3Hairy crabgrass
Digitaria serotina (Walt.) Michx.Digitaria serotina (Walt.) Michx.812.4not found0"two historic specimens from Kaigns Point" -Moore
Cenchrus tribuloides L. ((Cenchrus tribuloides L. ((813Cenchrus tribuloides L. ((214.2Sanddune sandbur
Digitaria cognata (J.A. Schultes) Pilger var. cognata )(Leptoloma cognatum (J.A. Schultes) Chase )(813.1not found0dry, sandyFall witchgrass
Cenchrus longispinus (Hack.) Fern. ^Cenchrus longispinus (Hackel) Fern. ^813.2Cenchrus carolinianus Walt. ^214.1prob intr ?Mat sandbur
Saccharum alopecuroidum (L.) Nutt. +Erianthus alopecuroides (L.) Elliott +814.1Erianthus divaricatus (L.) +182.1SPA.SHG5AT, (BU)
Saccharum giganteum (Walt.) Pers. ~{{Erianthus giganteus (Walter) Muhl. ~{{814.2Erianthus saccharoides Mich. ~{{181.2Sugarcane plumegrass
Microstegium vimineum (Trin.) A. Camus ><|||Microstegium vimineum (Trin) A. Canys. ><|||815.1not found0Alien. Disturbance indicator in Pinelands.
Sorghastrum nutans (L.) Nash 0^Sorghastrum nutans (L.) Nash 0^815.2Sorghastrum nutans (L.) (Michx.) 0^184.3rare or casual in PBIndiangrass
Andropogon gerardii VitmanAndropogon gerardii Vitman816.1Andropogon furcatus Muhl.184.1Big bluestem
Andropogon virginicus L. var. virginicus `Andropogon virginicus L. var. virginicus `816.2Andropogon virginicus L. `183.2Broomsedge bluestem
Andropogon glomeratus (Walt.) B.S.P. var. glomeratus `Andropogon virginicus L. var. abbreviatus (Hackel) Fern. & Griscom `816.3Andropogon corymbosus abbreviatus Hackel. `183.1A. glomeratus var. hirsutior is SH.1.
Andropogon glomeratus (Walt.) B.S.P. var. hirsutior (Hack.) C. Mohr ++Andropogon virginicus L. var. abbreviatus (Hackel) Fern. & Griscom >++816.4Andropogon virginicus L. >++ (?)183.3(SPA?) Following Campell's treatment, this may be more frequent that previously thought.SH.1G5T5?
Andropogon gyrans Ashe ++Andropogon gyrans Ashe ++816.5Andropogon elliottii Chapman ++184.2(SPA?)S2G5(AT), CA, (CM), (GL), (MO), (OC), (SA)Elliott's bluestem
Andropogon ternarius Michx. var. ternarius \+Andropogon ternarius Michx. \+817.1not found0PNR.S2G5TNR(BU), CM, (MO)Splitbeard bluestem
Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash var. scoparium `Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash var. scoparium `817.2Andropogon scoparius Michx. `182.2Little bluestem
Schizachyrium littorale (Nash) Bickn. ((Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash var. littoralis (Nash) Gould ((817.3Andropogon littoralis Nash. ((182.3
Coelorachis rugosa (Nutt.) Nash _\+:Coelorachis rugosa (Nutt.) Nash _\+:818Coelorachis rugosa (Nutt.) _\+:181.1Manisuris rugosa (Nutt.) KuntzeSPA.S1G5EAT(1), CM(1)Wrinkled jointtail grass
Tripsacum dactyloides (L.) L. {{Tripsacum dactyloides L. {{818Tripsacum dactyloides L. {{180.3Gama-grass
Sparganium eurycarpum Engelm. ex Gray ++Sparganium eurycarpum Engelm. ++818.3Sparganium eurycarpum Engelm. ++159.1(SPA?)S3S4G5(AT, CA, MO)Giant bur-reed
Sparganium androcladum (Engelm.) Morong `Sparganium androcladum (Engelm.) Morong `819.1Sparganium americanum androcladum (Engelm.) `160Branching bur-reed
Sparganium americanum Nutt. ~Sparganium americanum Nutt. ~819.2Sparganium americanum Nutt. ~159.2Slender bur-reed
Typha latifolia L. |||^Typha latifolia L. |||^820Typha latifolia L. |||^158.1rare in PB;Broad-leaved cat-tail
Typha angustifolia L.Typha angustifolia L.820Typha angustifolia L.158.2Narrow-leaved cat-tail
Pontederia cordata L. `Pontederia cordata L. `821Pontederia cordata L. `327.1Pickerel-weed
Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.) MacM.Zosterella dubia (Jacq.) Small822.1Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.)327.3Mud-plantain
Heteranthera multiflora (Griseb.) Horn ++Heteranthera multiflora (Griseb.) Horn ++822.2Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav?n ++327.2Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav?n var. multiflora Griseb.(PNR?) "This species has in the past been incorrectly identified as either Heteranthera reniformis (J. A. Steyermark 1963) or H. peduncularis (R. B. Kaul and C. N. Horn 1986)." -FNA. Hough distribution apparently reflects this earlier error.S2G4BU*, CA*, GL, SAMud-plantain
Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav?nHeteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav?n822.3Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav?n327.2Mud-plantain
Lophiola aurea Ker-Gawl. ~Lophiola aurea Ker Gawler. ~823.1Lophiola aurea Kerr. ~355.2L. americanaGold-crest
Lachnanthes caroliana (Lam.) Dandy ~Lachnanthes caroliniana (Lam.) Dandy ~823.2Gyrotheca tinctoria (Walt.) ~354.2Lachnanthes tinctoriaRed-root
Xerophyllum asphodeloides (L.) Nutt. ~Xerophyllum asphodeloides (L.) Nutt. ~825.1Xerophyllum asphodeloides (L.) ~340.1Turkeybeard
Tofieldia racemosa (Walt.) B.S.P. ~\+Tofieldia racemosa (Walt.) BSP ~\+825.2Tofieldia racemosa (Walt.) ~\+337Triantha glutinosa X racemosaSPA. "The Burlington County population is a surviving disjunct remnant with attributes of both species. The specimens have been annotated T. glutinosa × T. racemosa" -FNAS1G5EBU(5)False asphodel
Amianthium muscitoxicum (Walt.) Gray ^\+Amianthium muscitoxicum (Walt.) Gray ^\+826Chrosperma muscaetoxicum (Walt.) ^\+341.2SPA; highly toxic.S2G4G5{AT}, BU, CA, (CU), GL, OC, SAFlypoison
Zigadenus leimanthoides Gray `\+Zigadenus leimanthoides Gray `\+827.1Zygadenus leimanthoides Gray `\+342.1Oceanoros leimanthoides (A. Gray) Small; Zigadenus densus (Desrousseaux) Fernald >PNR. (SPA?) As treated in FNA, " Zigadenus densus includes Z. leimanthoides (W. W. McDearman 1984). These two entities are distinct in some parts of the range, but intergrade in size, inflorescence morphology, and flowering time in the Gulf coast region."S1G4QE{BU}, {CA}, {GL}, MI, {MO}, OC(1)Pine barren deathcamas
Melanthium virginicum L. ^+:Melanthium virginicum L. ^+:827.2Melanthium virginicum L. ^+:342.2Veratrum virginicum (L.) Ait. f.SPAS1G5EBU(1X), CA(1X), GL(1X), MI, OC, SA
Melanthium latifolium Desr.Melanthium hybridum Walter827.3Melanthium latifolium Desr.342.3
Veratrum viride Ait. 'Veratrum viride Ait. '827.4Veratrum viride Ait. '343.1Green false hellebore
Narthecium americanum Ker-Gawl. ~\+Narthecium americanum Ker. Gawler ~\+828.1Abama americana (Ker Gawl) Morong ~\+338SPA. Now apparently extant only in the New Jersey PB.S2G2EAT(6), BU(28&7X), (GL), OC(9&3X)Yellow asphodel
Helonias bullata L. `\+Helonias bullata L. `\+828.2Helonias bullata L. `\+340.2SPA.S3G3EAT(2), BU(8&1X), CA(27&3X), CM(9), CU(11&2X), GL(12&1X), MI, MO(9), OC(20&1X), SA(12&1X)Swamppink
Chamaelirium luteum (L.) GrayChamaelirium luteum (L.) Gray828.3Chamaelirium luteum (L..)341.1NPL. "Woods in the Northern Counties occasional; and very rare in the upper Middle district" -Stone.S3G5(BU), (GL), (SA)Fairywand
Aletris farinosa L. `Aletris farinosa L. `829Aletris farinosa L. `347White colicroot
Ornithogalum umbellatum L. ><Ornithogalum umbellatum L. ><829.2Ornithogalum umbellatum ><344.3"introduced in damp meadows." -StoneSleepydick
Muscari botryoides (L.) P. Mill. ><Muscari botryoides (L.) Miller ><830.1Muscari botryoides ><344.1"Occasionally escaped from gardens." -StoneCommon grape hyacinth
Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L. ><Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L. ><830.2Hemerocallis fulva ><344.2"often escapes from cultivation." -Stone
Allium canadense L. 'Allium canadense L. '831.1Allium canadense L. '345.1Meadow garlic
Allium tricoccum Ait.Allium tricoccum Ait.831.3Allium tricoccum Ait.344.5Ramp
Allium vineale L. ><Allium vineale L. ><832.2Allium vineale L. ><344.4"a frequent and well-known weed." -StoneWild garlic
Lilium superbum L. `Lilium superbum L. `833Lilium superbum L. `346.2Turk's cap lily
Lilium philadelphicum L. var. philadelphicum \++Lilium philadelphicum L. var. philadelphicum \++833Lilium philadelphicum L. \++345.2(SPA?) "Frequent in open ground in the northern counties, but very rare in the Middle District," -Stone. "Currently known from a very few plants at scattered sites in the state" -S&VS3G5T4T5(AT), (GL), (MO)Wood lily
Lilium canadense L.Lilium canadense L.833.2Lilium canadense L.346.1Canada lily
Erythronium americanum Ker-Gawl.Erythronium americanum Ker-Gawler834Erythronium americanum Ker.346.3Common in n. Jersey, but in the s. rare and local in the MD only. -Stone.Dogtooth violet
Trillium erectum L.Trillium erectum L.836.1Trillium erectum L.350.2Red trillium
Trillium cernuum L.Trillium cernuum L. var. cernuum836.2Trillium cernuum (L.)350.3Whip-poor-will flower
Medeola virginiana L. 0^Mediola virginiana L. 0^837.1Mediola virginiana L. 0^350.1very rare in PB; N, MD, CMIndian cucumber
Uvularia puberula Michx. var. nitida (Britt.) Fern. ~\+:Uvularia puberula Michx. var. nitida (Britton) Fern. ~\+:837.2Uvularia nitida (Britton.) ~\+:343.4Uvularia carolina (J.F. Gmel.) Wilbur; Uvularia nitida (Britt.) Mackenzie; Uvularia pudica sensu FerSPA.S2G5T3?EAT, BU(1), MO, OCMountain bellwort
Uvularia sessilifolia L. 0^Uvularia sessilifolia L. 0^837.3Uvularia sessilifolia L. 0^343.3very rare in PB; N, MDSessileleaf bellwort
Uvularia perfoliata L. 0'Uvularia perfoliata L. 0'838Uvularia perfoliata L. 0'343.3Perfoliate bellwort
Maianthemum stellatum (L.) Link {Smilacina stellata (L.) Desf. {839.1Vagnera stellata (L.) {348.3Starry false lily of the valley
Maianthemum racemosum (L.) Link ssp. racemosum ,{Smilacina racemosa (L.) Desf. var. racemosa ,{839.1Vagnera racemosa (L.) ,{348.2Feathery false lily of the valley
Maianthemum canadense Desf. {Maianthemum canadense Desf. {839.2Unifolium canadense (Desf.) {349.2Canada mayflower
Polygonatum biflorum (Walt.) Ell. var. commutatum (J.A. & J.H. Schultes) Morong 0^++Polygonatum biflorum (Walter) Elliott. 0^++840Polygonatum commutatum (R. & S.) 0^++349.1Polygonatum canaliculatum auct. non (Muhl. ex Willd.) Pursh(SPA?) "...Northern, Middle and Coast districts rather common; rare and perhaps recently introduced in the Pine Barrens" -Stone. Hough's distrib. is for the the binomial.S3S4G5T5(BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SA)?Smooth solomon's seal
Polygonatum pubescens (Willd.) PurshPolygonatum pubescens (Willd.) Pursh840.1not found0Not in Stone's list, but documented since the publication of his book.BU, MO, OCHairy solomon's seal
Asparagus officinalis L. ><Asparagus officinalis L. ><840.3Asparagus officinalis ><348.1"escaped from cultivation in some places." -Stone.Asparagus
Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) Coville `Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) Cov. `841Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) `355.1Yellow stargrass
Yucca filamentosa L. |||Yucca filamentosa L. |||842not found0dry, sandyAdam's needle
Smilax pseudochina L. ~++Smilax pseudochina L. ~++843.1Smilax tamnifolia Michx. ~++352.1(SPA)S3G4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC)
Smilax herbacea L.Smilax herbacea L. var. herbacea843.2Smilax herbacea L.351.1Smooth carrionflower
Smilax pulverulenta Michx.Smilax herbacea L. var. pulverulenta (Michx.) A. Gray843.3Smilax pulverulenta (Michx.)351.2
Smilax glauca Walt. `Smilax glauca Walter `844.1Smilax glauca Walt. `353.1Glaucous greenbrier
Smilax laurifolia L. ~++Smilax laurifolia L. ~++844.2Smilax laurifolia L. ~++353.2(SPA)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CM, CU, MO, OC)Laurel-leaved green-brier
Smilax rotundifolia L. `Smilax rotundifolia L. `844.3Smilax rotundifolia L. `352.2Common greenbrier
Smilax walteri Pursh ~++Smilax walteri Pursh ~++844.4Smilax walteri Pursh ~++354.1(SPA)S3S4G5(AT, BU, CM, GL, SA)Coral greenbrier
Dioscorea villosa L. 0^|||Dioscorea villosa L. 0^|||845.1Dioscorea villosa glabrifolia (Bartlett) 0^|||<358.2CMCommon wild yam
Dioscorea villosa L. var. hirticaulis (Bartlett) Ahles \+Dioscorea villosa L. var. hirticaulis (Bartlett) Ahles \+845.2not found0Dioscorea hirticaulis BartlettSPA. Formerly ranked S2; apparently a victim of taxonomical and nomenclatural confusion, not entirely resolved.SNRCM, CUCommon wild yam
Dioscorea villosa L.=Dioscorea villosa L.=845.2Dioscorea villosa L =358.1Common wild yam
Sisyrinchium mucronatum Michx. ^Sisyrinchium mucronatum Michx. ^846.1Sisyrinchium mucronatum Mich. ^360.1May's Landing; occasional MDBlue-eyed grass
Belamcanda chinensis (L.) DC.Belamcanda chinensis (L.) DC.846.1Gemmingia chinensis ><359.1
Sisyrinchium fuscatum Bickn. ++Sisyrinchium fuscatum E. Bickn. ++846.2Sisyrinchium arenicola Bicknell ++361(SPA?) Stone gave only MD sites. Hough shows records in every s. Jersey county.S2G5?{BU}, {CA}, {CM}, {CU}, {GL}, {MI}, {MO}, {OC}, {SA}Coastal plain blue-eyed grass
Sisyrinchium atlanticum Bickn. `Sisyrinchium atlanticum E. Bickn. `847.1Sisyrinchium atlanticum Bicknell `360.4Eastern blue-eyed grass
Sisyrinchium angustifolium P. Mill.Sisyrinchium angustifolium Miller847.2Sisyrinchium angustifolium Mill.360.2Stout blue-eyed grass
Sisyrinchium angustifolium P. Mill.Sisyrinchium angustifolium Miller847.2Sisyrinchium graminoides Bicknell360.3Stout blue-eyed grass
Iris prismatica Pursh ex Ker-Gawl. `Iris prismatica Pursh. `848.1Iris prismatica Pursh. `359.3Slender blue flag
Iris versicolor L. )(Iris versicolor L. )(848.2Iris versicolor L. )(359.2wetHarlequin blueflag
Cypripedium pubescens Willd. \++Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens (Willd.) Correll \++851.1Cypripedium pubescens Willd. \++364.1(SPA?) Frequent in northern counties, rare & local southward in the MD" -Stone.S3S4G5T4T5(MO, OC, GL, CM)Yellow lady-slipper
Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb.Cypripedium calceolus var. parviflorum (Salisb.) Fern.851.1Cypripedium parviflorum Salisb.364.2Very rare in the MD?"Yellow lady-slipper
Cypripedium acaule Ait. `Cypripedium acaule Ait.`851.2Cypripedium acaule Ait. `363Pink lady-slipper/Moccasin-flower
Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz ><Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz. ><851.3not found0Helleborine/Weed orchid
Listera australis Lindl. `\+Listera australis Lindl. `\+852Listera australis Lindl. `\+375.3SPA. Stone knew of only three stations. Possibly more abundant now, or, possibly it had been overlooked, as the plant is extremely cryptic.S2G4AT, BU, CA, CM, MI, MO, OCSouthern twayblade
Spiranthes lucida (H.H. Eat.) Ames {++Spiranthes lucida (H.Eaton) Ames {++853.1Gyrostachys plantaginea (Raf.) {++373.1(PNR?)S2G5{BU, CM}Shining ladies' tresses
Spiranthes cernua (L.) L.C. Rich. `Spiranthes cernua (L.) Rich. var. cernua `853.2Gyrostachys cernua (L.)`373.2"least abundant in the PB." (8 sites listed by Stone)Nodding ladies' tresses
Spiranthes ochroleuca (Rydb.) Rydb. ++Spiranthes cernua (L.) Rich. var. ochroleuca (Rydb.) Ames ++853.2Gyrostachys cernua (L.) >++373.2(PNR?) Apparently recent work has shown that this taxon is much more common than previously thought. Stone applied the name G. cernua to material that has since been determined to include vars. ochroleuca and odorata. -MooreS3G4?Yellow nodding lady's tresses
Spiranthes odorata (Nutt.) Lindl. +Spiranthes cernua var. odorata (Nutt.) Correll +853.2Gyrostachys cernua (L.) +>373.2SPA. Stone applied the name G. cernua to material that has since been determined to include vars. ochroleuca and odorata. -MooreS2G5AT, CA(1X), CM, CU, GL, OC, SAMarsh lady's tresses
Spiranthes vernalis Engelm. & Gray ~++Spiranthes vernalis Engelm. & A Gray ~++854.1Gyrostachys vernalis (Engelm. and Gray) ~++374.2(SPA)S3S4G5(AT), (BU), (CM), (CU), (GL), (MO), (OC)Spring ladies' tresses
Spiranthes laciniata (Small) Ames ~+:Spiranthes laciniata (Small) Ames ~+:854.2Gyrostachys praecox (Walt.) ~+:374.1SPA. Confusion between this and S. praecox make distribution summaries tenuousS1G4G5EAT(1?), BU(extant), CM, (GL), OCLace-lipped ladies' tresses
Spiranthes praecox (Walt.) S. Wats. \++Spiranthes praecox (Walter) S. Wats. \++854.3Gyrostachys praecox (Walt.) \++374.1(SPA?) Not currently listed by Snyder, possibly due to taxonomical controversy? Confusion between this and S. laciniata make distribution summaries tenuous.S( )(AT), (BU), (CM), (GL), (MI), (OC)Giant ladies' tresses
Spiranthes lacera (Raf.) Raf. var. gracilis (Bigelow) LuerSpiranthes lacera (Raf.) Raf. var. gracilis (Bigelow) Luer854.4Gyrostachys gracilis (Bigel.) >375.2Slender ladies' tresses
Spiranthes lacera (Raf.) Raf. var. laceraSpiranthes lacera (Raf.) Raf. var. lacera854.4Gyrostachys gracilis (Bigel.) >375.2Slender ladies' tresses
Spiranthes tuberosa Raf. `\+Spiranthes tuberosa Raf. `\+854.5Gyrostachys beckii (Lindley) `\+375.1SPA.S3G5(AT), (BU), (CA), CM, (CU), (GL), (MO), (OC)Little ladies' tresses
Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R. Br. ex Ait. f. '^Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R. Br. '^855.1Peramium pubescens (Willd.) '^376.1not common; N, MD, CMMO BU CA GL CM ATDowny Rattlesnake-plantain
Galearis spectabilis (L.) Raf.Orchis spectabilis L.855.2Galearis spectabilis (L.)364.3Showy orchis
Coeloglossum viride (L.) Hartman var. virescens (Muhl. ex Willd.) LuerHabenaria viridis (L.) R.Br.856not found0NPLS2G5T5CABracted orchid
Platanthera clavellata (Michx.) Luer `Habenaria clavellata (Michx.) Sprengel.`857.1Gymnadeniopsis clavellata` (Michx.)365.2Club-spur orchid
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. var. herbiola (R. Br. ex Ait. f.) Luer \++Habenaria flava (L.) R. Br. var. herbiola (R.Br.) Ames & Corell \++857.2Perularia flava (L.) \++>364.4(SPA?) Stone, Hough, did not distinguish the varieties.S2G4T4Q(CA), (MO), (OC), SATubercled orchid
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. var. flava ++Habenaria flava (L.) R. Br. var. flava ++857.3Perularia flava (L.) ++>364.5(PNR?) Stone, Hough, did not distinguish the varieties.S1G4T4?QECA(1X), CM, MITubercled orchid
Platanthera integra (Nutt.) Gray ex Beck ~\+Habenaria integra (Nutt.) Sprengel ~\+857.4Gymnadeniopsis integra (Nutt.) ~\+365.1SPA.S1G3G4EAT(1?), BU(extant), CMSouthern yellow orchid
Platanthera nivea (Nutt.) Luer _\++Habenaria nivea (Nutt.) Sprengel _\++857.5Gymnadeniopsis nivea (Nutt.) _\++366(PNR?) "It was hard to imagine that in a region so frequently scoured by botanists an undetected and conspicuous orchid had been blooming all these years ..." -Stone.SHG5ECMSnowy orchid
Platanthera cristata (Michx.) Lindl. ~\+Habenaria cristata (Michx.) R.Br. ~\+858.1Blephariglottis cristata (Michx.) ~\+367.1SPA.S3G5AT, BU, (CA), CM, (CU), (GL), (MI), (MO), (OC)Crested fringed orchid
Platanthera × canbyi (Ames) LuerHabenaria X canbyi Ames858.2Blephariglottis canbyi Ames368.3A hybrid between P. cristata and P. blephariglottis. moist to w. (?)?
Platanthera ciliaris (L.) Lindl. `\+Habenaria ciliaris (L.) R.Br. `\+858.3Blephariglottis ciliaris (L.) `\+367.2SPA. "Most abundant in acid bogs and swamps of the Pine Barrens?.Vulnerable and declining?" -S&VS2G5AT, (BU), CM, CU, (GL), (MI), (MO), (OC), (SA)Yellow fringed orchid
Platanthera × bicolor (Raf.) Luer (pro sp.)Habenaria sp.858.4Blephariglottis x bicolor Rafinesque368.2P. ciliaris x blephariglottis
Platanthera blephariglottis (Willd.) Lindl. var. blephariglottis ~Habenaria blephariglottis (Willd.) Hook. var. blephariglottis ~858.5Blephariglottis blephariglottis (Willd.) ~>368.1MO BU OC AT CA CU CMWhite fringed orchid
Platanthera blephariglottis (Willd.) Lindl. var. conspicua (Nash) LuerHabenaria blephariglottis var. conspicua (Nash) Ames.858.6Blephariglottis blephariglottis (Willd.) >368.1Though reportedly occuring as far north as NJ, apparently it remains unconfirmed. NatureServe rank is SNR. FNA does not include NJ in the distr.White fringed orchid
Platanthera lacera (Michx.) G. Don 'Habenaria lacera (Michx.) Lodd. '858.7Blephariglottis lacera (Michx.) '369.1OC BU CA GL CMRagged fringed orchid
Platanthera peramoena (Gray) Gray _\++Habenaria peramoena A. Gray _\++858.8Blephariglottis peramoena (Gray) _\++369.4(PNR?) "The species appears erratically in the state, which makes field work difficult." -S&VS1G5E(CA), CM, MI, MOPurple fringless orchid
Platanthera grandiflora (Bigelow) Lindl. \+Habenaria psycodes var. grandiflora (Bigelow) A. Gray \+859.1Blephariglottis grandiflora (Bigel.) \+369.2NPL. Hough's distribution does not distinguish the varieties.S2G5(CA), (GL)Purple fringed orchid
Platanthera psycodes (L.) Lindl.Habenaria psycodes (L.) Sprengel var. psychodes859.1Blephariglottis psycodes (L.)369.3NPL.S2G5(CA, GL, MO)Purple fringed orchid
Pogonia ophioglossoides (L.) Ker-Gawl. `Pogonia ophioglossoides (L.) Ker Grawler. `859.2Pogonia ophioglossoides (L.)`370Rose pogonia
Cleistes divaricata (L.) Ames ~\+Cleistes divaricata (L.) Ames ~\+859.3Pogonia divaricata (L.) ~\+371.1SPA.S1G4EBU(extant), CMSpreading pogonia
Isotria verticillata Raf. ^Isotria verticillata (Willd.) Raf. ^860.1Isotria verticillata (Willd.) ^371.2MO BU OC AT CA GL SA CU CMWhorled pogonia
Calopogon tuberosus (L.) B.S.P. var. tuberosus `Calopogon tuberosus (L.) BSP. `860.2Limodorum tuberosum L.`372.2Grass-pink
Arethusa bulbosa L. `+Arethusa bulbosa L. `+860.3Arethusa bulbosa L.` +372.1SPA.S2G4AT, BU, CU, {MO}, OCDragon's mouth
Malaxis unifolia Michx. \+Malaxis unifolia Michx. \+861.1Acroanthes unifolia (Michx.) Raf. \+376.2SPA. "At present, the only extant station known is one discovered in 1979 by Richard Radis in Cape May Co." -S&VS2G5AT, (BU), (CA), (CM), (GL), (MI), (MO), (OC), (SA)Green adder's mouth
Liparis liliifolia (L.) L.C. Rich. ex Ker-Gawl. +Liparis liliifolia (L.) Rich. +861.2Leptorchis liliifolia (L.) +377.1SPA.S3S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, MO, OC, SA)Large twayblade
Liparis loeselii (L.) L.C. Rich. {^+Liparis loeselii (L.) Rich. {^+862.1Leptorchis loeselii (L.) {^+377.2SPA.S4G5(AT, BU, CA, CM, CU, GL, OC, SA)Loesel's twayblade
Aplectrum hyemale (Muhl. ex Willd.) Torr. \++Aplectrum hyemale (Muhl.) Torr. \++862.2Aplectrum hyemale Muhl. \++378.2(SPA?) Howard Boyd (2001) cites an unspecified report of an occurrence in Wharton S.F. "Reported to be extant at one site in Gloucester and one in Sussex Co.." -S&VS1G5EGL(1), (SA)Putty-root/Adam and Eve
Tipularia discolor (Pursh) Nutt. _\+Tipularia discolor (Pursh) Nutt. _\+862.3Tipularia discolor (Pursh) _\+378.1PNR.S3G4G5AT, (BU), CM, (CU), GL, (MO), OC, SACrane-fly orchid
Corallorrhiza maculata (Raf.) Raf. var. maculataCorallorhiza maculata (Raf.) Raf.863.1Corallorhiza maculata Raf.379.3G5OC CA CMSpotted coral-root
Corallorrhiza wisteriana Conrad \Corallorhiza wisteriana Conrad \863.2Corallorhiza wisteriana Conrad \379.1NPL. "Last collected at it's only known NJ station in 1892" -S&VSXG5GLSpring coral-root
Corallorrhiza trifida Chatelain \++Corallorhiza trifida Chatel. \++863.2not found0(SPA?) "one old collection from western edge of Pine Barrens" -S&V.S2G5BUNorthern coral-root
Corallorrhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Poir. 'Corallorhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Nutt. '863.3Corallorhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Nutt. '379.2MO BU CA GL CU CMAutumn coral-root
&A problem character that does not display correctly in HTML browsers unless encoded. Stored in database as &amp;. Search for using &amp;.
×1. hybrid
2. A problem character that does not display correctly in HTML browsers unless encoded. Stored in database as &times;. Search for using &times;.
'_Included in Stone's list of plants common to the northern Middle District and southern Cape May
+Additional species listed by the NJ Natural Heritage Program as rare, with evidence that the taxon has been documented within the Pinelands National Reserve (PNR), and, in some cases, specifically within the "State Pinelands Area" (SPA)
++Additional species listed by the NJ Natural Heritage Program as rare. Other sources document or suggest the taxon may occur within the Pinelands National Reserve (PNR)
,{Included in Stone's list of species common to the Coast and 'West Jersey'
0Included in Stone's list of characteristic Middle District species
:Taxon is specifically acknowledged as a State-listed Endangered species that has been documented in the Pinelands Protection Area (that portion of the PNR under the jurisdiction of the Pinelands Commission).
<1. I am lumping. The taxon name represents a segregate of my accepted name (column titled simply "NAME")--a split that I have decided not to acknowledge, usually for carefully considered reasons. For example, Stone sometimes listed varieties or even species that have been, subsequently, universally acknowledged to be unmerited.
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>1. I am splitting. The taxon name represents a lump that I have concluded is inappropriate. For example, in the GC_Name column, you will often run across these lumps. So the GC_Name associated with Panicum hirstii, for example, is a lump compared to what I have adopted as a legitimate taxon.
2. A problem character that does not display correctly in HTML browsers unless encoded. Stored in database as &gt;. Search for using &gt;.
[Included in one of Stone's lists of maritime flora
\Included in Rare and Endangered Vascular Plant Species in New Jersey; Snyder and Vivian; 1981. The authors indicated that the taxon has been documented in south Jersey.
^Included in neither ~ nor ` but Stone reported records within the Pine Barrens
_Included in Stone's list of species restricted or nearly restricted to Cape May
`Included in Stone's list of Species common to the Pine Barrens and Middle District
{Included in Stone's list of Coastal strip flora
|||Considered a "disturbance indicator" by Pinelands Commission
~Included in Stone's list of Characteristic Pine Barrens Species (The Plants of Southern New Jersey, With Especial Reference to the Flora of the Pine Barrens and the Geographical Distribution of the Species. N.J. State Museum Annual Report, 1910
( )Parens around county -
FNAFlora of North America - www.fna.org
GCGleason, Henry A. and Arthur Cronquist, 1991, Manual of the Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada, Second Edition
HoughHough, Mary Y., 1983, New Jersey Wild Plants
M&FMontgomery, James and David Fairbrothers, 1992, New Jersey Ferns and Fern-Allies
PBPine Barrens of NJ
PNRPinelands National Reserve
S&VSnyder, David and Eugene Vivian, 1981, Rare and Endangered Vascular Plant Species in New Jersey
SPAState Preservation Area (NJ)
StoneStone, Witmer,1911, The Plants of Southern New Jersey, With Especial Reference to the Flora of the Pine Barrens and the Geographical Distribution of the Species. N.J. State Museum Annual Report 1910
ATAtlantic county NJ
BEBergan county NJ
BUBurlington county NJ
CACamden county NJ
CMCape May county NJ
CUCumberland county NJ
ESEssex county NJ
GLGloucester county NJ
HDHudson county NJ
HTHunterdon county NJ
MCMercer county NJ
MDMiddlesex county NJ
MIMiddlesex county NJ
MNMonmouth county NJ
MOMonmouth county NJ
MSMorris county NJ
OCOcean county NJ
ONOcean county NJ
PCPassaic county NJ
SASalem county NJ
SMSalem county NJ
STSomerset county NJ
SXSussex county NJ
UNUnion county NJ
WNWarren county NJ


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