Waterworks Board Utilities Panel in our 2008 Coachmen Pathfinder RV

I am still searching for the detailed information about the routing of the water flow through this valve. If you have further information please forward to me, mike@mikebaker.com  THANKS!!!

We bought a wonderfully clean, used 2008 Pathfinder in January 2014. Even though exceptionally clean, it is used and there are some things that are not quite as I would like. I am sure this would also be true of a brand new coach!

One item that has my attention is the water system. The regulator switch does not work correctly so it is forcing my attention. We have not been able to dry camp but this was not absolutely necessary so far. Another reason is that I needed to winterize the coach for the first time and the one and only 'port' has NO residue of any pink anti-freeze from previous years. As this port hangs down, if there had ever been any anti-freeze in this line, gravity would keep it there. It would be really great if there was sufficient explaination in the manuals to describe the water flow but alas, all detailed information is completely missing. The picture of the water control panel in the manual is a different panel than is in our coach!

Waterworks Board Utilities Panel

Our Pathfinder has a Waterworks Board Utilities Panel water distribution control valve. So far, I have NOT been able to find a diagram or detailed description of how this routes the water through the 4 valve positions. I have been able to determine that the valve itself is an Anderson Brass, 'RV Water Management Manifold' value. Notice the "ABCO" and "KANTLEAK"  on the valve handle. Im guessing that ABCO stands for Anderson Brass Company. KANTLEAK is an offering by Anderson Brass.
Waterworks Board Utilities Panel

Anderson Brass, RV Water Management Manifold

The actual valve of the Waterworks Baord Utilities Panel is an Anderson Brass, 'RV Water Management Manifold' valve. So far, I have not been able to find a detailed descriptioon or diagram of the value function.
Anderson Brass web: page http://www.andersonbrass.com/R_V_MANIFOLD.PHP
includes the following picture and text:

 In a Recreation Vehicle (RV) there are six functions that are desired to service holding tanks, fixtures, and the on-board pump.  In previous RV system designs the water was fed by gravity into the holding tank with a separate feed for a pressurized fitting from the city water tap directly to the fixtures.  The water could then be pumped with the onboard pump to the fixtures when not connected to the city pressure fitting. 

            Modern RV designs are requiring a higher degree of functionality with the following six functions: 

(1).        Fill the On-Board Tanks
(2).        Pressurized Water Directly to the Fixtures
(3).        Pump from the Holding Tank to the Fixtures
(4).        Draw Winterizing Fluid from a Bucket into the Holding Tank, Lines and Fixtures.
(5).        Sanitize the Tanks, Lines and Fixtures with the On-Board Pump
(6).        Fill the Holding Tank from a Bucket or Stream when City Pressure is not Available 

   In the Anderson Brass solution a single valve with internal porting simplifies the customer interface with a four position handle  to fulfill all five functions.        

The Waterworks Board Utilities Panel has four valve positions labeled

CITY FILL - This valve position, routes water from the external water hose connection to the various water appliances.
TANK FILL - This position fills the fresh water tank from the external water hose connection.
SANITIZE/WINTERIZE/DRAIN - I used this position to winterize the water system. The existing 'port' never created a vaccuum in any position to suck in the anti-freeze. I fabricated an adapter to the pump inlet side that I used to suck in the anti-freeze. With the valve in this position and sucking the anti-freeze directly into the pump input side, distribution of the anti-freeze throughout the water system worked correctly.
PUMP/POWER TANK DRAIN - I have never used this position. When I want to drain the fresh water tank, I open the fresh tank drain valve and it drains from gravity.